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  • News Nikkei Report Suggests That Wii U Production Will End in 2016

    UPDATE: "The report didn't come from us", claims Nintendo

    UPDATE: Nintendo has commented on this news, stating that "the report didn't come from us". ORIGINAL STORY: The Wii U has underperformed for Nintendo, failing to gain early momentum and only achieving modest sales each year since its arrival in late 2012. Though momentum in this financial...



  • News Iwata Hits Out at Nikkei's "Gossip Magazine" Tactics

    Don't annoy the big man

    Nintendo president Satoru Iwata was very unhappy a quote attributed to him in Nikkei's report about Nintendo resurrecting Seaman for 3DS, and took to Twitter to give his side of the story. While most outlets — including this one — picked up just on the Seaman story, apparently the original Japanese article quoted Iwata as...


  • E3 2010 Rumour: 3DS May Allow Game Installs

    Off the cart, on the move

    Japanese paper Nikkei, a source of many rumours that have been true in the past, is reporting that one new feature of the 3DS will be the ability to copy software from game cartridges onto the 3DS's internal memory, opening up the possibility of a console packed with games and no more lost cartridges. Of course, this raises...

  • News Capcom CEO Thinks 3DS Could Learn from Apple

    Business model the key with upcoming handheld

    Although nobody expects Nintendo to ignore boxed retail games with its 3DS handheld, the smart money is on the company announcing a greater focus on download titles than before. Capcom CEO Haruhiro Tsujimoto believes the system has the potential to introduce a new business model to the hardware landscape. Speaking to Japanese newspaper Nikkei, Mr..


  • News Nintendo Cutting Back On Wii Production?

    Has the machine reached its zenith?

    The Nintendo Wii may have sold a shed-load of units over the past few weeks but reports from Japan indicate that even this increase in revenue is unlikely to completely turnaround the machine's flagging fortunes. A report issued by Japanese news firm Nikkei has revealed that two Japanese companies involved with the production of the Wii - Mitsumi and Hosiden -..


  • News Japan to Receive Widescreen DSi

    Another variant of the console heading to Japan soon

    Just as we were reporting on the possible development of an nVidia-powered DSi successor, Japanese website Nikkei has published a news story claiming Nintendo are ready to launch another variant of the console's current iteration, the DSi. According to the report, the console will boast screens...


  • E3 New Wii Mario Game In The Works?

    Plus more Wii Fit for you old timers

    The E3 rumour-mill is in full swing now and one of the more interesting bits of speculation is related to an all-new Mario adventure on the Wii. Japanese news service Nikkei has reported that everyone's favourite Italian plumber will be returning to the Wii before the year is out. The report also claims that a new version of Wii Fit is on the way which promises..

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