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News: Creating La Mulana Room Guardians

Creating La Mulana Room Guardians

Find out where bosses really come from.

The official La Mulana Blog has just released a new post regarding the creation of Room Guardians for the game that should be of interest to fans of the game and those who are curious about the upcoming WiiWare release of La Mulana. If you've ever wondered how..

News: Cave Story Coming March 22nd

Cave Story Coming March 22nd

The long-awaited WiiWare release is finally dated!

Cave Story fans can now breath a sigh of relief as Nicalis has just announced that Cave Story will be released in North America on March 22nd. It seems the wait is finally over. You can check out the official press release below for more information and we'll have some new screenshots up soon...

News: New La-Mulana Test Play Video

New La-Mulana Test Play Video

Check out brand new footage of the game in action!

Tyrone Rodriguez of Nicalis has just sent over a link to their brand new Test Play 2 video showing their upcoming WiiWare title La-Mulana in action. In this brand new video you can see quite a large number of levels found throughout the game, along with some amazing in-game music being played in the...

News: Cave Story Development Update

Cave Story Development Update

Nicalis release some new information on the game.

The guys at Nicalis have just posted a new post on their official blog that gives a bunch of new details about their upcoming WiiWare title Cave Story. As many of you know, the game will now slip into 2010, but the game is now completed and ready to go when Nintendo decides to release it on the WiiWare service. We'll just have to be patient for the..

News: Official La-Mulana Site Goes Live

Official La-Mulana Site Goes Live

Now you can check out all things La-Mulana!

We've just received word from Nicalis that their brand new official La-Mulana Website is now live and ready for you to check out! There you'll find everything from the official gameplay trailer to screenshots and even an ongoing blog that will keep you up-to-date on all La-Mulana happenings. The beloved...

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