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  • News How to Check if You're an Australian Ambassador

    For 3DS, we mean

    Nintendo of Australia has released its tool to help you discover if you're in the Nintendo 3DS Ambassador programme or not. All you need to take the test is your 3DS serial number, located underneath the console itself. Type it into the special webpage and Nintendo will do the rest. Note that this does not register you in the free game promotion, only checks to see if you are..


  • News Australia 3DS Price Goes to $249.95 on 12th August

    Free games for everyone!

    So we know about the European 3DS price drop and cheaper North American 3DS too, and now we have the next big piece in the puzzle: Australia. Nintendo of Australia announced the 3DS will drop to AU $249.95 from 12th August, down from $349.95. New Zealanders, your price will be NZ $343.99. As with the other territories, those...


  • News Ocarina of Time 3D Soundtrack Coming to Australasia

    Club Nintendo members get ready

    Not to miss out on the soundtrack promotion for The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D, gamers down under will also be able to register the 3DS title and get their hands on that special CD. The remake of Link's classic Nintendo 64 adventure is scheduled for release in Australia and New Zealand on 30th June. Club Nintendo members who register their copy of the game..


  • News Nintendo Connection to Tour Down Under

    Get hands on with Super Mario Galaxy 2 in a few weeks

    Gamers in Australia and New Zealand, we feel your pain: whilst North American gamers have had Mario's latest for a few weeks, and European fans get to play it in ten days time, you must wait a whole month from today to enjoy blasting off. Nintendo wants to ease that stinging feeling by bringing...

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