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News: Tales of the Abyss Coming to 3DS

Tales of the Abyss Coming to 3DS

3DS port in the works for Japan

Namco Bandai has just announced that their Playstation 2 RPG Tales of the Abyss will be making its way to Nintendo's new 3DS system in Japan. They've also stated that the game will be an updated port in full 3D glory. We've seen speculation and rumors in the past about the game coming to various platforms, but it seems the company is finally ready to commit to this..

E3 2010: Namco Bandai Games Announces its Initial 3DS Line-Up

Namco Bandai Games Announces its Initial 3DS Line-Up

Pixel chomping, rubber burning, super saiyan, metal-suited.... er...super robot goodness.

Of the many peaks at this year's E3 event, the unveiling of the 3DS and the wave of game announcements that came with it were certainly up there. Namco Bandai Games is carrying on that momentum by announcing the five games it is currently working on for the new system. The following games all carry working..

News: Mr Driller to Burrow Into DSiWare

Mr Driller to Burrow Into DSiWare

Drill Till you Drop, chums

We love a bit of drilling action here at Nintendo Life – in fact, we recently called Mr Driller Drill Spirits one of our favourite ever ways to pass time on the big white throne. Well, soon you'll be able to get your drill on with no cartridge required, as the previously Japanese-only title Drill Till You Drop for DSiWare has been confirmed for a Western release. Coming..

Interviews: Namco Bandai Games - Fragile Dreams

Namco Bandai Games - Fragile Dreams

Some interesting insights into the unique Wii release.

With Fragile Dreams: Farewell Ruins of the Moon recently released in North America and hitting Europe today, we thought it would be a good time to get in touch with some of the guys at Namco Bandai in order to find out a little more information about this rather unique Wii title. Kentaro Kawashima, Producer at Namco Bandai Games and Tomoni..

News: Muscle March Coming to WiiWare on Monday

Muscle March Coming to WiiWare on Monday

The excruciating wait is finally over.

Namco Bandai has announced that its quirky WiiWare title Muscle March will be hitting the North American WiiWare service on Monday, January 18th. As if this amazing news wasn't enough, the 800 Wii Point price tag of the Japanese release has been dropped by 300 Points to a very manageable 500 Wii Points. If you...

News: Ultraman Fights his Way onto the Wii

Ultraman Fights his Way onto the Wii

"Here he comes from the sky!" -- Namco Bandai are planning to release a new Ultraman fighting game on the Wii in 2010.

Ultraman is the silver-suited hero who stars in the television program: Ultra Q: Ultraman: Special Effects Fantasy Series, which was a spin-off of the television series Ultra Q. Due to its initial popularity in Japan the show has spawned numerous imitators, sequels and remakes --..

News: New Sky Crawlers Screens Promise High-Flying Adventure

New Sky Crawlers Screens Promise High-Flying Adventure

Developers XSEED Games set their sights on the Western market

Although it's been out for over a year in Japan, The Sky Crawlers: Innocent Ages for the Wii has so far failed to drum up much excitement over on Western shores. However, with a North American release date now set for January 5th 2010 and a European release planned for February, that could all be about to change. Looking at these latest..

News: Muscle March Marches Westward

Muscle March Marches Westward

Namco Bandai's crazy WiiWare game gets a USK rating.

There's a whole lot of Japan-exclusive WiiWare games we'd love to see released elsewhere, as unlikely as some of them are. However, the USK has rated a certain game which is a real shocker - We thought it would be the absolute least likely game to be brought over. Muscle March was released on WiiWare in Japan last May, after being scrapped for..

News: The Munchables Ships to Retailers

The Munchables Ships to Retailers

Namco-Bandai's new Wii title hits North American store shelves tomorrow.

We've just received word that Namco-Bandai's new Wii title The Munchables has just shipped to North American retailers. That means the game should be on store shelves by tomorrow morning. The game looks to continue to wacky tradition of the Katamari Damacy series with it's over-the-top visual flare and zany musical score. Of..

News: Namco Bandai Turns Up The Heat With Cook Or Be Cooked

Namco Bandai Turns Up The Heat With Cook Or Be Cooked

A realistic Cooking Mama?

'Casual' gaming on the Wii is currently big business so we probably shouldn't be surprised that Namco Bandai - along with Ghostbusters developer Red Fly Studios - is working on a 'serious' cooking title. Food Network: Cook or be Cooked contains a fully-stocked kitchen and will attempt to give a more true-to-life representation of the art of cuisine than fellow Wii title..

News: Klonoa Remake Coming to US Next Week

Klonoa Remake Coming to US Next Week

The remake of the classic Playstation platformer is coming to Wii

Playstation fans might remember that Klonoa: Door to Phantomile first made its appearance back on the original Playstation console in 1998. The game was a 2.5D side-scrolling platform title that featured a floppy-eared protagonist named Klonoa. The game featured some beautiful polygon visuals that were quite impressive by Playstation..

First Impressions: Mr. Driller World

Mr. Driller World

The plucky arcade star comes to WiiWare!

The gameplay is so simple you would be right to wonder why a game like this wasn't released for the Atari 2600, and this is a large part of the attraction and part of the novelty: the idea of what is essentially a classic arcade game being released in 1999 when arcade games were almost exclusively lightgun shooters and driving games seems bizarre..

News: Mr Driller Tunnelling His Way To WiiWare and DSiWare

Mr Driller Tunnelling His Way To WiiWare and DSiWare

According to the latest issue of Japanese magazine Famitsu, Namco is set to release a new version of its successful Mr Driller franchise on the Japanese WiiWare service this month.

Entitled Mr Driller World, the game will retail for 800 Wii Points and should be digging its way to sunlight on the 24th February. In addition to this, another Mr Driller game is due to emerge from solid ground on..