• News NVIDIA CEO Talks Up 'Incredible' Nintendo Switch

    Expects people to be "amazed by it"

    The Nintendo Switch, as we found out during its reveal, is going to be powered by a custom Tegra GPU by NVIDIA. For a few years the 'Tegra' range has aimed to deliver powerful portable graphics while suiting handheld / mobile formats; with the impressive work seen in older chips in the 'Shield' devices, it'll be...





  • News 3DS Will Supposedly Not Use NVIDIA's Tegra Technology

    Digital Foundry's sources 'corroborates' what was claimed by IGN's insiders

    When rumblings of a new generation of handheld from Nintendo were first felt last year, there were reports of industry insiders leaking information on the 3DS hardware architecture. Claims of NVIDIA's Tegra chip being used in the 3DS are now being contradicted by Digital Foundry's sources, who claim that a Nintendo/NVIDIA..

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