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  • News Nintendo Releases Unlock Code Hint for NES Remix 2

    So many winking Mii characters!

    NES Remix 2 may have been around nearly a month now, but there's a decent chance that a number of gamers are yet to unlock all of the different game challenges that are available. Maybe some of us are particularly rubbish at Dr. Mario, for example. Aware that some may need a helping hand, game director Koichi...


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    Wii U eShop

    Review NES Remix 2

    Electric boogaloo

    Shortly before the end of 2013 Nintendo suddenly surprised us — during a Nintendo Direct, it announced and then immediately released NES Remix, a very unusual but, we thought, very fun collection of small challenges based on various games from Nintendo's NES catalogue. A few months later and, in a different Nintendo Direct,...

  • News NES Remix 2 Features A Mode Which Mimics The 1990 Nintendo World Championship

    Retro sequel hits the Wii U eShop April 25th

    It has been revealed today that NES Remix 2 will be looking to the past in more ways than one. The Wii U eShop exclusive features bite-sized mini-games based on old NES titles — just like its forerunner — but will also include a mode which attempts to replicate the 1990 Nintendo World Championship, in...


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