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Nintendo 64x64: Diddy Kong Racing

Diddy Kong Racing

The single player was great and I loved the adventure element to it. I never really got into this on the multiplayer front though. I didn't really like the way the cars handled and the items weren't as fun as those in MK64. I really enjoyed the hovercrafts and planes however and the excellent and original single player adventure make this a Rare...

Nintendo 64x64: Buck Bumble

Buck Bumble

Stop the evil Herd Army!

Featuring the most annoying theme song to have ever graced the medium, Buck Bumble is an aerial combat game in which radioactive waste has transformed the insect world into a high-tech war zone. Playing as a gun-wielding bumblebee, the task of completing garden-based objectives is unusually appealing, yet a lack of polish...

Nintendo 64x64: Star Wars: Rogue Squadron

Star Wars: Rogue Squadron

I'm Hit! Rear shields down!

Rogue Squadron is awesome. The sense of achievement the first time you grapple hook around an AT-AT, bringing it to its knees feels exhilarating. The degree to which this game immerses you in an atmosphere of an underdog against the odds creates compelling missions and dogfight scenarios. The added Star Wars sounds and...

Nintendo 64x64: Star Fox 64

Star Fox 64

Do a barrel roll!

Do a barrel roll!" This and many other catchphrases gave Lylat Wars unforgettable character. Dramatic, sweeping on-rails space shoot-a-thons coupled with a vibrant cast of talking animals and engrossing multi-plotline. It's only downfalls - a lack of save feature and brevity - were overwhelmingly trumpeted by engrossing gameplay...

News: Motorola's New Smart Watch Features a Goldeneye-Style Interface Option

Motorola's New Smart Watch Features a Goldeneye-Style Interface Option

Dr. No way to resist

Who in their life hasn't pretended to be a secret agent on a daring mission to uncover and foil the plot of a notorious villain whose greed surpasses their humanity? Well now you can take one step closer thanks to a clever little Android developer. The Moto 360 smart watch from Motorola is one of the more traditional-looking...

Nintendo 64x64: Body Harvest

Body Harvest

Despite featuring one of the slowest protagonists in gaming, the huge locations filled with destructible villages and population, and the enormous range of vehicle types give this game a scope unheard of at the time of release. Although my copy became so full of bugs both intentionally and unintentionally that it became impossible I will never...

Nintendo 64x64: Bomberman 64

Bomberman 64

I love the bomber man games, before this one. The single player game was mediocre at best, and the multi-player did not compare to the SNES version, and definately not the glorious TG-16 version with a multitap. That's not to say this is not a fun game, the chaos of bomber man shines through and the core game play is still intact with charm.

Feature: The Nintendo 64 Controller and the Rise of 3D Gaming

The Nintendo 64 Controller and the Rise of 3D Gaming

The three-handled situation

The Nintendo 64 controller is one that has fallen out of favour with some gamers – its outdated control stick and limited number of buttons leaves it and its parent system in a state of being old but without necessarily being seen by the general public as 'retro'. You could easily say the same for Sony's original...

Nintendo 64x64: Mario Party

Mario Party

Ah, the stick-spinning minigames, I miss those (not). Being the first title in the series this was also the one I played first. Combining dice board game and minigames was a fun idea. Nowadays there's just too many MP-games. While some of the later games were better, original is still fun to play today. Maybe that's because MP-games are so similiar...

Nintendo 64x64: Castlevania


Castlevania 64 certainly has problems, most notably the camera and lack of music, but even so it doesn't deserve the bad reputation it gets. The controlls are solid, the level design is pretty good and there are lots of fun enemies to fight. It's not as good as the 2D games or the PS2 games but at least it's better than Lords of Shadow.

Nintendo 64x64: ISS 64

ISS 64

One of the first N64 games I played on a friend's console. As a football nut his face was constantly filled with glee as our players sprinted, tackled and nutmegged past each other. It stands as one of the greatest football games of all time with a fluidity and exciting pace thredded through its gameplay. A blast in multiplayer that leaves fond...

Nintendo 64x64: Blast Corps

Blast Corps

This is the kind of game that's not only fun to play but just watching someone else play it makes you smile. Powersliding buildings down has never been this much fun. Actually, there hasn´t really been a game like this since. It's an action/puzzle game with exploration and lots of secret levels to be found. Simply brilliant. The challenge is...

Nintendo 64x64: 1080° Snowboarding

1080° Snowboarding

The only game that could get my sister to get into videogames. This game was easy to pickup but difficult to master. Awesome graphics by the time and fun tricks system made me come back for more every time. Even if I have always dislike sports games, this was a rare exception and an awesome gem that I look forward to relieve one day.

Video: Turns Out Former James Bond Pierce Brosnan Isn't Very Good At GoldenEye 007

Turns Out Former James Bond Pierce Brosnan Isn't Very Good At GoldenEye 007

The Spy Who Karate-Chopped Me

GoldenEye 007 is arguably one of the finest video games ever made, and was a massive seller on its host platform, the N64. It recreated the events of the iconic 1995 James Bond movie of the same name, and starred a digital likeness of Pierce Brosnan (and a "square" Sean Bean, lest we forget). Just in case you're...

Weirdness: Check Out this LEGO Bob-Omb Battlefield Reconstruction

Check Out this LEGO Bob-Omb Battlefield Reconstruction

In more than 64 bits

Everybody likes to celebrate their passion in different ways, and one intrepid gamer has recreated the entirety of Bob-Omb Battlefield from Super Mario 64 entirely from LEGO bricks. The detail is phenomenal, the enormous Chain-Chomp taking centre place, and King Bob-Omb in his rightful place perched atop the hill. Goombas,...

News: The Nintendo 64 is Now 18 Years Old in Japan

The Nintendo 64 is Now 18 Years Old in Japan

Finally old enough to run Conker's Bad Fur Day

Time flies when you're having fun, especially for those of us who grew up spending excessive amounts of time playing GoldenEye 007 and Mario Kart 64. That's because the Nintendo 64 was released a whopping 18 years ago today in its native territory of Japan. Released on 23 June 1996, the N64 served as a...

Matters of Import: Ucchannanchan no Honō no Challenger: Denryū Iraira Bō

Ucchannanchan no Honō no Challenger: Denryū Iraira Bō

Down to the wire

The Nintendo 64 is fondly remembered for delivering groundbreaking titles such as Super Mario 64 and The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. However, in amongst the system's relatively small library of games are a few wacky, obscure and out-of-the-ordinary experiences to be had. Sadly, many of us in the West never got to play a...

News: Veronica Mars Star Kristen Bell Reveals Her Former Love for The Nintendo 64

Veronica Mars Star Kristen Bell Reveals Her Former Love for The Nintendo 64

As well as Mario Kart and other classic Nintendo systems

Actress Kristen Bell of Veronica Mars fame used to be a huge gamer according to a new interview she recently gave in Empire magazine. And it would appear that she had a soft spot for Nintendo systems, especially the Nintendo 64. "You know, I used to be , Super Nintendo, Sega, N64. My N64 was...