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Month of Kirby: The Uncopyable and Vital Mascot

The Uncopyable and Vital Mascot

Before he could be anything, Kirby was one thing

The Hypernova power is a fantastic addition to Kirby: Triple Deluxe. Dynamic and stage-altering, it’s a continued step up from the heightened inhaling power Kirby was granted in his Return to Dreamland. “But what’s really so special about that?” one might ask. “Kirby has always been a...

Month of Kirby: A Series With Rewarding Game Design

A Series With Rewarding Game Design

The Great Cave Offensive, anyone?

It’s been 22 years since Kirby made his debut in the 1992 Game Boy confection Kirby’s Dream Land. In that time, players have seen the lovable pink puffball grow to become one of Nintendo’s biggest stars, scoring it big in hit after hit on both consoles and portables. Those not quite in the know about...

Month Of Kirby: Minigame Mania

Minigame Mania

Look cute, lose friends

Kirby’s now comfortably over twenty years old at this point; HAL’s pink puffball is firmly entrenched in gamer’s minds as a Nintendo icon and the star of many, many games. When he’s not off saving Dreamland from the gluttonous King DeDeDe or going toe-to-toe with Mario in the latest Super Smash Bros., however, Kirby...

Month Of Kirby: Kirby's Lost Levels

Kirby's Lost Levels

Kirby's Cancelled Curse?

In the first of a series of features that'll form a mini Month of Kirby — ahead of the release of Kirby: Triple Deluxe in May — we look at a few games starring the pink mascot that never saw the light of day. Kirby has had a storied run as one of Nintendo’s most recognizable characters, having appeared in traditional...