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  • News Pokéland Is The Next Pokémon Game Coming To Smart Devices

    Better than a poké in the eye

    The Pokémon Company has revealed a new Pokémon game for smart devices, which goes by the name Pokéland. The gameplay appears to look quite similar to Pokémon Rumble, which previously appeared on the Wii's WiiWare service. The game, which is planned for both iOS and Android, requires an internet connection and...

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    Review Magikarp Jump

    Super weak or beloved Pokémon?

    In one of the more unusual turns for Pokémon, the new mobile game Pokémon: Magikarp Jump has been released on mobile devices in a gradual international rollout. This game is developed by Select Button and is a Pokémon-themed spin on its game Survive! Mola Mola. The task? Raise a Magikarp to be as strong as it can...

  • News Pokémon: Magikarp Jump Splashes Onto iOS, But As a Limited Initial Release

    Awesome news for Italians

    After an initial reveal of Splash! Magikarp in February we had heard nothing about this strange mobile game, until yesterday. Seemingly out of nowhere the game, now titled Pokémon: Magikarp Jump after the hilarious mini-game from the Nintendo 64 classic Pokémon Stadium, was released. This is not a global launch however,...

  • News The Pokémon GO Adventure Week / Rock Event Starts 18th May

    For those about to Rock...

    More adventures await for Pokémon GO players, with Niantic giving an update on the next big in-game event. Starting on 18th May players will be able to encounter more Rock-type Pokémon than ever before due to the latest event. Players should expect to encounter more rock Pokémon like Omanyte, Omastar, Kabuto and...

  • Rumour The Pokémon Company is Planning a 'New Card-Game' App

    Gotta trade'em all

    According to the The Wall Street Journal, The Pokémon Company is planning on building from the success of Pokémon GO and is working on another mobile release. The information, sourced to a pair of unnamed sources, has told the WSJ that the company is looking at making a 'new card-game' app. The Pokémon Company has...

  • Rumour Nintendo Is Working On A Smartphone Legend Of Zelda Game

    Wall Street Journal reports development has started

    The Wall Street Journal is reporting that Nintendo is currently developing a smartphone title based on the Legend of Zelda series. The game is likely to follow Animal Crossing, another evergreen Nintendo franchise which has already been confirmed for smartphones. Nintendo has already published...

  • News Pokémon GO Just Got an Android-Exclusive Feature

    Promo codes, eh?

    Pokémon GO was quite the phenomenon last summer, positively shattering all popularity expectations and setting a landmark moment in the mobile gaming industry. Since then, the game has seen its userbase considerably shrink to normal numbers, but with summer just around the corner, perhaps there’ll be a resurgence in player...



  • News Fire Emblem Heroes Gets A Helping Of New Content

    Lunatic challenges & bonus login

    For those still picking up their daily bonus in Fire Emblem Heroes, you may have noticed a few more gifts than normal from simply signing into your account; This is because Nintendo of Japan has been running a special Fire Emblem Heroes quiz over on Twitter. After fans successfully answered 5 questions regarding the...

  • News Super Mario Run Is Finally Coming To Android Next Week

    At long last!

    Super Mario Run has been available on iOS for quite some time now, but Android users have had to endure quite a painful wait for the Italian plumber's debut smartphone adventure. An Android launch window of March was confirmed some time ago, but the majority of the month has passed without any confirmed release date - until now, that...

  • News A Large Update Is Coming to Fire Emblem Heroes in April

    Inherit skills! Hero Merit! New combat rules!

    It's been about a month now since Fire Emblem Heroes released, and admittedly it seems like the hype around the game has died down rather quickly. Still, Intelligent Systems has been keen to keep the game updated with a regular supply of new events and heroes, and it seems that a rather large update is...






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