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  • News Major League Eating Coming to Japan, With New Characters

    Did anybody really expect Major League Eating: The Game to be released outside of the US? We certainly didn't, but apparently the game is heading to Japan next month!

    The game is set to be released in the land of the rising sun on October 14th. It comes with a change specifically for Japan: The characters representing Rich LeFevre and Juliet Lee will be replaced in favour of the Japanese Noboyuki..


  • News Major League Eating: Kodiak Bear Unleashed

    A bit of a random press release which we received from Mastiff today, but we're guessing some of our readers might be interested to know about the unlockables in Major League Eating.

    Mastiff Unleashes Kodiak Bear on Unsuspecting U.S. Wii Population Major League Eating: The Game Features Famous Ursine Opponent from Kobayashi vs. Kodiak Bear Match of 2003 SAN FRANCISCO, CALIF. - Aug. 1, 2008 - In..


  • News Prepare To Eat Until You Belch On Monday

    Soon our North American friends will be able to stuff their faces on a virtual feast as Major League Eating: The Game is up on WiiWare this coming Monday.

    At first we were a bit dismissive of this game, but it actually seems to be shaping up to look like it could be a half decent game. Heck it’s even got online play and leaderboards. It certainly appears to be in a different league from offenders..


  • News Watch Out For Crazy Legs!

    Here's a fun press release we recently received from the guys developing Major League Eating: The Game which is coming soon to WiiWare:

    SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. –(June 11, 2008)–After consuming 15.1 slices of watermelon in just six minutes, “Crazy Legs” Conti was named the World Watermelon-Eating Champion on May 20. In a watermelon-eating contest held at the Nintendo World Store, Conti faced..


  • News Major League Eating - New Screenshots And Video

    In a WiiWare World exclusive we bring you a trailer showing footage from Mastiff’s upcoming Major League Eating: The Game. In addition to that we have all new screenshots too!

    Since the game based on Major League Eating was first announced it has attracted a certain about of scepticism. Can Mastiff capture the fun and excitement of the “sport” of stuffing your face with food until you..


  • News Major League Eating munches its way to WiiWare

    The upcoming WiiWare roster has been accused by some as having more than its fair share of shovelware. This may literally be the case with newly revealed Major League Eating which is set to come to WiiWare later this year. From what we can tell it is looking like it might be a lot of fun as players compete against each other locally, or online to determine who is the greediest virtual gobbler!

    Here’s a bit more from Mastiff Games press release: Mastiff Consumes Video Game License for Major League Eating SAN FRANCISCO, CALIF. - (February 7, 2008) - Vi...