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News: Penny Arcade Are At It Like Bunnies

Penny Arcade Are At It Like Bunnies

Helping evil bunny rabbits and sick children.

The gaming webcomic Penny Arcade, have leant their efforts to help show off Rayman Raving Rabbids in a new ad campaign. The game was released at launch but Ubisoft have asked Gabe over at the PA blog to design some short comics in order to give the game an extra kick in the media stakes. If you are familiar with the Penny Arcade blog you will know of..

News: Wii Marketing In Full Swing

Wii Marketing In Full Swing

With only a month until the US launch, Nintendo are starting to push the Wii brand across the globe.

Flickr member "branille" recently posted a photograph of Nintendo's impressive advert in Time Square's Toys R Us store in New York. Nintendo have also announced a aggressive marketing campaign in Europe, a region which is somewhat neglected by the games industry as a whole. The company is set to..

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