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News: La-Mulana Coming to WiiWare

La-Mulana Coming to WiiWare

The amazing indie release is headed to WiiWare.

Now here's some fantastic news for those of you who can appreciate an old-school platformer. The Japanese indie platformer La-Mulana is headed to the WiiWare service! This news has officially been confirmed by Nintendo Power magazine, but any further details are a bit sketchy at the moment. You can check out the indie classic in all its glory below..

News: MSX Hits Japanese VC, Includes Special Options

MSX Hits Japanese VC, Includes Special Options

As you might remember, the MSX was set to get its first games on the Japanese Virtual Console this month. Up until yesterday, the two slated games (Aleste and Eggy) still did not have an actual release date though, and it seemed as if they would be delayed again (Making it almost a year after their initial planned release date!). At the very last minute, Nintendo of Japan decided to release Aleste yesterday, together with the rest of the games that were planned for this week.

That's not all - Aleste (And we assume every future MSX game) actually includes some special options on the VC. You can press the "-..

News: MSX to Hit Japanese Virtual Console in May

MSX to Hit Japanese Virtual Console in May

The two upcoming MSX titles Japan was getting, Eggy and Aleste, had a date of "2007, after fall" slapped on them around last summer. When 2008 came creeping around the corner they still weren't released though! They actually kept that date throughout the first two months of this year as well!

The MSX was extremely popular in Japan - The Metal Gear franchise made it's debut on it. It never..