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Feature: Luigi's Diary - Extracts

Luigi's Diary - Extracts

It's tough being the younger brother

Luigi's everywhere at the moment, beginning his role as the focus of Nintendo's biggest campaign in the coming months — The Year of Luigi. He has a new game earning rave reviews and making a lot of 3DS owners very happy, he's gearing up for some joint adventures with Mario, a solo Wii U platforming spin-off...

Video: Luigi Gets His Hands On The Poltergust 5000

Luigi Gets His Hands On The Poltergust 5000

Bustin' makes me feel good

Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon is out and in the hands of gamers all over the globe, which strikes us as the perfect time to show off this cool "reveal" video for the iconic Poltergust 5000 ghost-busting gadget. Created by Nintendo in conjunction with iam8bit Productions, the video mixes in-game footage with live-action to...

Feature: A Short History of Luigi

A Short History of Luigi

From palette swap to main man

This week, Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon has been scaring — or more likely charming — 3DS owners in North America, while Europeans will get hold of the title very shortly. It represents Luigi's latest solo effort, as he chases ghosts with his Poltergust, with his widely acknowledged debut — bear with us, Mario is...

News: Limited Time Luigi Sale Hits North American Club Nintendo

Limited Time Luigi Sale Hits North American Club Nintendo

Cue shocked Luigi face

A bit like those rare occasions when things go Milhouse's way in The Simpsons, right now we can picture a beaming Luigi confidently saying, "everything's coming up Luigi". It's his year — it literally is his year according to Nintendo — and he's getting ready for his second major solo adventure hitting stores with Luigi's...

Video: Iwata and Miyamoto Perform Skit As The "Luigi Brothers"

Iwata and Miyamoto Perform Skit As The "Luigi Brothers"

Another classic Nintendo Direct moment

Since the broadcasts began in late 2011, Nintendo Direct has produced a number of memorable moments, even prompting us to name ten of our favourites last year. It seems that Japanese viewers were treated to another example in the most recent broadcast on Valentines Day, which has now been posted by Nintendo UK...

Talking Point: The Long Suffering Luigi

The Long Suffering Luigi

Green with envy

This week brought some disappointing news for fans of the other mascot brother, the one who wears green and can often be found sitting in the corner, twiddling his thumbs and waiting to get involved. Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon was spooked into 2013 in North America, while European release news is still up in the air. Also in the...

First Impressions: Luigi's Mansion 2 (3DS)

Luigi's Mansion 2 (3DS)

Busting makes Luigi feel good

It's hard to believe that it's been almost a decade since the release of the original Luigi's Mansion, but fans of the game can certainly attest to the lengthy wait. Now, with the announcement of Luigi's Mansion 2, Nintendo is bringing back Mario's spooked brother and this time with a wealth of new gameplay touches and...