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E3 2013: Nintendo Direct Live Stream

Nintendo Direct Live Stream

We bring you everything, as it happens.

Get your collective bodies ready, because we'll be bringing you complete coverage of today's E3-flavoured Nintendo Direct broadcast. Here you can post your own comments and watch our reaction to events as they unfold. Grab yourself a cold drink and get comfortable...

E3 2012: Nintendo's 3DS Software Showcase Live

Nintendo's 3DS Software Showcase Live

What will we see?

Nintendo's hosting a 3DS software showcase to spend more time talking about its range of upcoming 3DS games. And you know what? We're going to be covering it live right on this very page. It all kicks off at 6pm Pacific — that's 9pm Eastern and 2am UK time. Don't forget the comments will automatically refresh so kick back,...

E3 2012: Nintendo Direct Live

Nintendo Direct Live

Watch it again inside

Can't wait to find out more about Wii U? Nintendo president Satoru Iwata will bring you brand new information about the upcoming console right here tonight. We've got the embedded video below so you can watch it here, plus we'll be doing live text updates throughout the show too so you won't miss a thing. Remember: this is...

E3 2011: Corbie on the Show Floor - Day 3

Corbie on the Show Floor - Day 3

The end of the road

We've had a stellar three days at E3 this year with revelation after revelation, but today it all comes to an end. The fun isn't over yet though: Corbie Dillard, our man who can, is still taking in as many games as possible from booths including THQ, Natsume, Tecmo Koei and more. Corbie's opinions will automatically appear below as if by Internet magic, and be sure to let the..

E3 2011: Corbie on the Show Floor - Day 2

Corbie on the Show Floor - Day 2

Drop it like it's hot

After the excitement of the first day of E3 there's still plenty to see and do in Los Angeles. Today Corbie will be pounding the floors of the Convention Centre to visit booths from Namco Bandai, NIS America, Warner Bros., Nintendo and more. Keep this page open and Corbie will keep updating it with fresh information and opinions throughout the day..

E3 2011: Corbie on the Show Floor - Day 1

Corbie on the Show Floor - Day 1

Drop it like it's hot

So you've heard all the announcements from Nintendo's news conference, but now you're waiting to hear exactly how these games look and play in the flesh. Our man Corbie Dillard is live in Los Angeles and will be updating this page frequently with his thoughts on Nintendo's new console, the games available to play and the whole E3 experience. Keep your browser locked here and..

E3 2011: Nintendo News Conference Live Text

Nintendo News Conference Live Text

Get all your news here

Today's the day Nintendo unveils its new home console for the first time, and we'll be reporting on it all live right here. There's no need to refresh: the page will update automatically, so sit back and let us take you through the most exciting event of the gaming year. Following the press conference — also broadcast live at Nintendo's E3 site — we'll continue to feature..

Live Text: 3DS Events in Amsterdam and New York

3DS Events in Amsterdam and New York

All the updates here, live!

Today on January 19th, at 9am EST / 2pm GMT / 3pm CET, Nintendo is hosting two conferences: one in New York, one in Amsterdam, at which the company will announce the release plans for its Nintendo 3DS console. Nintendo Life's Jonathan Wahlgren (@jonwahlgren) is our man in New York and James Newton (@DaddyNewts) will be...

E3 2010: Live Text - Nintendo's Media Presentation

Live Text - Nintendo's Media Presentation

The show starts here!

This is it: the moment of truth. Finally we're set to find out what Nintendo has in store for the future. 3DS, The Legend of Zelda, Vitality Sensor: all this and more is set to be unveiled here at Nintendo's E3 press conference. Our man Corbie Dillard has got his seat in the theatre to bring you all the news from the show as it...

Live Text: European Gamers Summit 2010

European Gamers Summit 2010

We're LIVE from London for Nintendo's European Gamers Summit 2010

From 10am onwards we'll be live-blogging from Nintendo European Gamers Summit 2010 at the O2 Arena, London. What will Nintendo have in store for us? Mario Galaxy 2? Sin & Punishment 2? Or perhaps a shock announcement, like Pilotwings Wii or Pikmin 3? There's no need to refresh...