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News: Castlevania: The Adventure ReBirth Coming This Month

Castlevania: The Adventure ReBirth Coming This Month

Nintendo's confirms Konami title as a Q3 release

Wow, things sure move quickly in the world of WiiWare. We've only just heard the awesome news that Konami's new Castlevania is in the works, and now Nintendo's own release list has confirmed that the game is going to be with us sooner than expected - this month, in fact. Castlevania: The Adventure ReBirth is a Q3 game, according to The Big N. We're..

News: Castlevania Comes to WiiWare

Castlevania Comes to WiiWare

The third game in Konami's ReBirth series is a trip back to Dracula's castle

The ESRB has frequently revealed previously unknown games for WiiWare, Virtual Console and DSiWare through its software ratings. Today's new ratings include perhaps the biggest reveal yet - a brand new Castlevania game for WiiWare! After Gradius and Contra, and Koji...

News: Contra ReBirth Coming To America This Monday

Contra ReBirth Coming To America This Monday

Konami confirms that the classic franchise will be available on Labor Day.

While the chaps reading Nintendo Life over on the fairer side of the Atlantic were blessed with the news that they would be getting Contra ReBirth on September 4th, those of us in North America were left wondering when we would be able to get our hands on Bill Rizer and Lance Bean's latest adventure. Thankfully, it appears..

News: Contra is Reborn in Europe Tomorrow

Contra is Reborn in Europe Tomorrow

Finally a new Contra game for Europeans!

It's been a long time since a new Contra game was released in Europe - Although an awesome game, Contra 4 on DS never made the jump to European stores. What made this even weirder is the fact that it actually included the European Probotector robots as unlockable characters! Thankfully this latest installment in the series will see European release - And it..

First Impressions: Tomenasanner


Rock rock planet rock, don't stop. Rock rock planet rock - DON'T STOP!

What Tomenasanner means is anyone's guess (try guessing in the comments - better still, please advise if you know!). It's written in katakana so it's apparently a word of foreign origin (sure sounds it!), but the closest that Google Translate offered was "tomen" which apparently means "bridle" in dutch and..

Interviews: Driift Mania - Konami

Driift Mania - Konami

Konami's European studio spill the beans about their upcoming WiiWare racer!

With the upcoming July 31st European release of Konami's WiiWare top-down racing game Driift Mania approaching fast, we thought that now might be a good time to get in touch with the developers behind it in order to find out a bit more about the game. Axel de Rougé, the Lead Producer for Driift Mania at Konami, was kind..

News: Tomenasanner Mad New Title from Konami for WiiWare

Tomenasanner Mad New Title from Konami for WiiWare

More mental game stylings as only the Japanese can deliver them!

It's not really apparent why Japanese game developers have such a penchant for wacky game ideas that provide a draw for many curious Westerners: it could be a reaction to growing up in a culture of overwork and is an explosive expression of repressed id. Whatever the reason, it's welcome by many who regard games such as Muscle March..

News: Pro Evolution Soccer 2010 Takes to the Field in Autumn

Pro Evolution Soccer 2010 Takes to the Field in Autumn

What new features and updates are planned? Read on!

Although the Pro Evolution Soccer games have lost major ground to EA Sport's juggernaut FIFA franchise in recent years, Konami's flagship sporting series has shown remarkable form when turning out for Nintendo's Wii, with 2008 and last year's 2009 release showing off some pretty moves. The only real downside has been the long wait between the..

News: Konami Announces WiiWare Plans for Europe

Konami Announces WiiWare Plans for Europe

DRiiFT MANIA this month, Contra Rebirth in August.

Konami already released Gradius Rebirth in Europe yesterday, but that won't stop them from releasing another game this month! To top things off, next month they'll be releasing a completely new Contra game which Japan has already been enjoying for a while. DRiiFT MANIA, which will be released later this month, is an overhead racing game similar to..

News: Could a New Rocket Knight Adventures Game Be On The Way?

Could a New Rocket Knight Adventures Game Be On The Way?

German magazine hints at the return of Konami's classic 16-bit platformer series.

An article from German magazine M! Games reports that a new installment in Konami's Rocket Knight Adventures series of platformers from the early 1990's may be in the works. The story (which can be found here for those fluent in German) reports that the game is being developed by Climax Studios, the studio responsible..

First Impressions: Contra ReBirth

Contra ReBirth


Remember Contra? After Green Beret (Rush 'N' Attack to Americans) it was the definitive run-and-gun game from Konami which saw two games in the arcade and ports and sequels on home consoles. I cannot say I ever played the latter, but the former I remember well. Despite being punishingly difficult (to me, anyway) there was something compelling about it that caused me to..

News: Konami Announces Driift for WiiWare

Konami Announces Driift for WiiWare

Konami's fourth WiiWare game is an eight-player overhead racing game.

Driift seems to be similar to the classic top-down racer Super Off Road, featuring tracks which are only one screen big. The racers all compete for the number one spot and will not just have to use driving skills, but also items to help them achieve that. More from Konami's press release: Konami Driifts on to WiiWare..

News: USA WiiWare Update: Gradius Rebirth

USA WiiWare Update: Gradius Rebirth

It’s been a long time coming but Konami has finally gotten around to releasing Gradius ReBirth on the North American WiiWare service; somewhat ironic when you consider we only just reported on the availability of the soundtrack in Japan!

A poignant love-letter to fans of the long-running series, ReBirth is less a revolution and more an evolution; those of you expecting a game with the same..

News: Gradius ReBirth Soundtrack Released

Gradius ReBirth Soundtrack Released

Konami has recently released the full soundtrack to their WiiWare shooter Gradius ReBirth in Japan. If you've got $38.90 laying around and can't live without your fix of Gradius tunes, Play-Asia has the soundtrack for the taking.

It's worth mentioning that this soundtrack isn't likely to see a release outside of Japan, so if you want one, you'd better grab it now as these video game soundtracks..

News: USA WiiWare Update: Sandy Beach

USA WiiWare Update: Sandy Beach

It’s time to pop on your trunks, grab your bucket and spade and head for the beach – Konami’s Sandy Beach is now available on the North American WiiWare service! For a mere 500 Wii Points you can experience the joy of constructing your own sandcastle from the comfort of your own tatty armchair.

You can choose to construct the most fantastic sandcastle imaginable or make things a little more..

News: Gradius Rebirth Gets ESRB Rated

Gradius Rebirth Gets ESRB Rated

Here's a bit of good news for all you shooter fans out there who've been anxiously awaiting word that Konami's hit WiiWare shooter Gradius Rebirth would be seeing a release outside of Japan.

According the the ESRB website, Gradius Rebirth has now been officially ESRB rated E for Everyone, which means it could be hitting the US WiiWare service soon. Time to get those trigger fingers loosened up and..

News: Want a Castlevania Remake? Tough, You Get Castlevania Judgment Instead

Want a Castlevania Remake? Tough, You Get Castlevania Judgment Instead

In a recent interview with website Kikizo, Castlevania series producer Koji ‘IGA’ Igarashi (you know, that chap who is rather fond of wearing cowboy hats and carrying whips around with him) has spoken about his frustration at being told he should focus on new Castlevania games – such as the impending train-wreck that is Castlevania Judgment – rather than remake classic entries in the franchise.

When innocently asked if he had any plans to ‘re-imagine’ older titles for services like WiiWare or Xbox Live Arcade, IGA lamented: Castlevania has a lengthy legacy of great games, and I’m definitely interested in revisiting them if I get a chance. However, ever..

News: Sandy Beach Coming To WiiWare Soon

Sandy Beach Coming To WiiWare Soon

With the summer coming to an end, it is rather thoughtful of Konami to provide a WiiWare game which lets the player enjoy all the fun of the seaside without even stepping out of their front door! Sandy Beach is a 3D sandcastle simulation which lets players use the Wii Remote to sculpt their own miniature structure.

Vermin may seek to destroy your castle but you can enter “crab mode” to inflict..

First Impressions: Gradius Rebirth

Gradius Rebirth

Gradius Rebirth is out now in Japan and the guys at Konami have done a good job bringing the classic series back for another outing, this time on WiiWare.

ReBirth isn’t an all new game, more of a remix of past Gradius titles, all presented in a lovely retro style. The first thing that hits you is the charming 16-bit graphics and sound, which are very much like what you would expect from a SNES..

News: Gradius ReBirth Hitting Japan Next Week

Gradius ReBirth Hitting Japan Next Week

Here’s a pleasant surprise – it only seems like five minutes ago that we were able to announce the development of Gradius ReBirth for WiiWare, and now the game is almost with us!

The 2D shooter will be arriving on the Japanese WiiWare service next Tuesday (alongside Midnight Bowling and what appears to be some kind of Othello variant), which means it will beat the similarly retro-themed Mega..