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  • News Mobile Pokémon Clone Eco Spirits Hatches A Kickstarter Campaign

    No stretch goals set for an “Eco Spirits Rap”, though

    Nintendo stated earlier this week that it currently had no plans to make or release any games — be they full size or mini — on mobile devices. This may have pleased some fans of the company, but it may also have disappointed others. If you fit in to the latter category, fear not — just...

  • News Monochroma Release Delayed on All Platforms

    Nowhere Studios provides an unofficial new release window for Wii U

    Last year we directed your attention to Monochroma, a successfully crowdfunded project that promises much with a 1950s dystopian setting and attractive visuals. A puzzle platformer with four chapters weighing in at around 90 minutes each, it scraped past its target to secure...

  • Weirdness An Album You Can Remix On Your Game Boy Advance

    Making music with an old friend

    The charming blips and scratching synth of chiptune soundtracks has never really lost its appeal among gamers and musicians alike, with many examples of retro sounds being used in new projects even today. From Anamanaguchi to I Fight Dragons, there's plenty out there to discover, and now electronic pop maestro Doctor...

  • News Kickstarter Research Highlights Low Delivery Rates of Game Projects

    Delays are also common

    A number of Wii U — and to a lesser extent 3DS — projects have emerged through crowdfunding platform Kickstarter. Some have arrived with publisher support, such as Cloudberry Kingdom, other examples like Shovel Knight are legitimately well on the way, and a series of others are well into development or a little way off...

  • News Kickstarter Campaign Launches For ReVeN

    Metroid-inspired game includes Wii U in main target

    A new Kickstarter campaign has been launched by Texas-based indie developer Varia Games for a 2D shooter/platformer called ReVeN. The title, which draws inspiration from classic games such as Metroid and Mega Man, could be coming to Wii U — as well as PC, Mac and Linux — if its $18,000 target...

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