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Nintendo Download: 22, 24 December 2009 (Japan)

22, 24 December 2009 (Japan)

WiiWare catch-up and more MSX games for the Virtual Console.

The Wii gets the lion's share of Japanese downloads next week with four new WiiWare and three new VC titles. DSiWare gets a couple of games and two more Rurubu travel guides to round things out. Note that the DSiWare releases will be on Thursday the 24th rather than Wednesday due to the...

News: Square Enix to Publish LostWinds: Winter of the Melodias in Japan

Square Enix to Publish LostWinds: Winter of the Melodias in Japan

Impressive British downloadable title keeps the attention of the big guns of Japanese RPGs.

The LostWinds WiiWare games from Frontier have gotten loads of praise around the gaming industry and are two of the strongest selling titles on WiiWare. Noteworthy for containing boatloads of character, great design and compelling play mechanics which take advantage of the unique capabilities of the Wii..

Nintendo Download: 15-16 December 2009 (Japan)

15-16 December 2009 (Japan)

The focus is on DSiWare this week

After bumper crops of WiiWare and Virtual Console titles on the Wii in Japan recently, this week will only see one for each service. The DSiWare service, however, will have a fairly typical seven releases to choose from. WiiWarePhoenix Wright: Ace Attorney (900pts - Capcom) - Everyone's favourite trial lawyer debuts on the Wii! This appears to be the first four..

Nintendo Download: 8-9 December 2009 (Japan)

8-9 December 2009 (Japan)

Virtual Console and DSiWare hog the spotlight

A second week in a row with a solo WiiWare entry, but a bumper crop of Virtual Console goodness and a hefty helping of DSiWare downloads help make up for it. WiiWareChokkan! Balance Labyrinth (500pts - Gameloft) - Not a new title from Gameloft, but just them publishing Digital Leisure's The Incredible Maze. We weren't terribly impressed with this when..

First Impressions: 530 Eco-Shooter

530 Eco-Shooter

Recycling - with a vengeance!

Intelligent Systems has a reputation of being one of Nintendo's better first-party development teams, with an impressive resume including the Fire Emblem games, Tetris Attack, the Paper Mario series, the WarioWare games and Super Metroid. Seeing a WiiWare title from them naturally raised our curiosity, and that curiosity was rewarded by a challenging lightgun shooter..

Nintendo Download: 1-2 December 2009 (Japan)

1-2 December 2009 (Japan)

A light download selection next week after this week's mega releases.

This week's update was full to bursting, so it's just as well that next week is a little on the light side with only a few downloads for both Wii and DSi. WiiWarePonjan (1000pts - Tomy) -- The Wii counterpart to the DSiWare release of the kiddy version of mahjong (real mahjong -- not the matching game). Virtual ConsoleKing of..

News: Japanese Virtual Console list - December 2009

Japanese Virtual Console list - December 2009

Finishing off the year with some more big-name titles.

Nintendo of Japan just never seems to stop being awesome - They've got another eight VC games planned for release in December, with the large likelihood of Namco Bandai also having some yet to be announced titles in store. Part of the lineup are another Japan-exclusive, Nintendo-developed NES game, the SNES's best beat 'em up, and another great..

Nintendo Download: 24-25 November 2009 (Japan)

24-25 November 2009 (Japan)

WiiWare is back and the MSX returns with a vengeance, plus DSiWare and more Namco Arcade games!

Japan gets a lot of downloads ordinarily, but next week must be setting some kind of record - and there's not even a public holiday to account for it! WiiWareOkiraku Kart Wii (500pts - Arc System Works) - You cannot keep the Family down, especially if there's a chance to attempt to ride Mario Kart's..

News: Phoenix Wright Series Coming To WiiWare

Phoenix Wright Series Coming To WiiWare

Courtroom drama will adopt an episodic format

The latest issue of Japanese magazine Famitsu has confirmed that Capcom's cult legal video gaming series Phoenix Wright is coming to Nintendo's WiiWare service, with the first instalment hitting the Japanese Wii Store next month. The series, which is known in Japan as "Gyakuten Saiban", has previously been released on the Game Boy Advance and..

Nintendo Download: 17-18 November 2009 (Japan)

17-18 November 2009 (Japan)

More Namco arcade games and DSiWare next week.

Another WiiWare holiday and only two Virtual Console releases - both Namco arcade games. Hardly seems possible given the number of announced Virtual Console titles for November yet to be released, unless the 24th is going to break all previous records! Virtual Console Bosconian (800pts Arcade - Namco) - This is one of the first games to feature speech..

Nintendo Download: 10-11 November 2009 (Japan)

10-11 November 2009 (Japan)

WiiWare takes a holiday, but that's okay because we've got Arcade action and DSiWare!

Well, after this week's Japanese holiday, it looks like we're back to Wii downloads on Tuesdays and DSiWare on Wednesdays for next week. No WiiWare is coming, but that's probably okay after the bumper crop of titles released in October! Virtual ConsoleStreet Fighter II: Champion Edition (600pts, PC Engine -..

Nintendo Download: 04 November 2009 (Japan)

04 November 2009 (Japan)

Japan converges the dates and a long lost Virtual Console system returns from the dead!

Owing to a holiday on Tuesday Nintendo are releasing downloads for both Wii and DSi on Wednesday. Only one WiiWare release and two VC releases appear for the Wii, though Virtual Console fans will be excited to see the first NEO GEO game in ages. 4 DSiWare releases join them including a catch-up Art Style game..

News: Japanese Virtual Console list - November 2009

Japanese Virtual Console list - November 2009

The Neo Geo and MSX make their triumphant return to Virtual Console!

Nintendo, Hudson and even Namco all seem to be taking a bit of a step back this month - Not too surprising when there's 2 new Neo Geo and 5 new MSX games after over a year of nothing! And it's not just small titles either - Nintendo's releasing another Fire Emblem, D4 Enterprise is releasing another Fatal Fury while Konami is..

First Impressions: Shadow Walker (Japan)

Shadow Walker (Japan)

Unconventional puzzling for the kiddies.

This game kind of came out of nowhere, but there does seem to be few WiiWare games concerning shadows on the horizon: Nicalis' Night Game and Hudson's Tower of Shadow being the ones that spring immediately to mind. Shadow Walker's story isn't completely clear seeing as it's relayed storybook-style with a lot of Japanese text. There's a boy with yellow hair..

First Impressions: Bit.Trip VOID

Bit.Trip VOID

Could the third time be yet another charm?

Gaijin Games has really earned a place in many a retro-gaming fan's heart with their old, old-school Bit.Trip series on WiiWare. It's one of the shining examples of how good download games can really be: updated Atari 8-bit graphics with jazzed-up special effects and a soundtrack that's enhanced by the...

First Impressions: Castlevania: The Adventure ReBirth

Castlevania: The Adventure ReBirth

Worth getting your teeth into?

The Castlevania series of action platformers is widely regarded as containing some of the best games on the Famicom, and indeed home consoles full-stop, with top-notch instalments on Super Famicom, PC Engine, Playstation and handheld platforms to name a few. Needless to say the news that the first GameBoy game was being given the WiiWare ReBirth treatment by Konami..

Nintendo Download: 20-21 October 2009 (Japan)

20-21 October 2009 (Japan)

WiiWare returns, Dig Dug and more Tower DS!

After a two-week hiatus WiiWare returns, though given we're getting a card game, it's a bit anti-climactic. WiiWareUNO (800pts - Gameloft) -- Gameloft again honours Japan with the first look at a WiiWare title (their last entry, Ghost Mansion Party still hasn't seen release in other territories). Online UNO could be fun (judging from screens it has Mii..

News: First Castlevania: The Adventure ReBirth Screens Appear

First Castlevania: The Adventure ReBirth Screens Appear

Latest issue of Famitsu provides a closer look at the highly-anticipated dose of retro goodness.

Japanese gaming publication Famitsu has provided the world with a first look at Castlevania: The Adventure ReBirth. The screens show the typical Gothic look we've come to love and expect from Konami's vintage series. The game appears to follow the...

Nintendo Download: 13-14 October 2009 (Japan)

13-14 October 2009 (Japan)

WiiWare keeps on resting with VC and DSiWare action for Japanese downloaders next week.

Incredibly it appears we're having a second consecutive week with no WiiWare releases in Japan, but with three more VC titles (including a much-loved Kirby release) and five DSiWare releases, it's hard to complain. Virtual ConsoleKirby Super Deluxe (800pts Super...