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  • News Analyst Firm Concerned That Wii U Will "Lack Broad Appeal"

    Believes Sony and Microsoft successors are due this year

    Last week saw the annual tech hoopla of Consumer Electronics Association (CES) 2013, with a number of gadgets such as the Nvidia Project Shield handheld unveiled. Although not all major technology companies were in attendance, it was an opportunity for various contacts to be made and for...

  • News Zen Studios: Wii U eShop is an "Amazing Development for Nintendo"

    "The doors are wide open for other small studios"

    Best known for its pinball titles — though it has dabbled in other genres — Zen Studios earned a starring role in the final Nintendo Direct broadcasts of last year when Zen Pinball 2 was announced for the Wii U eShop. Initially expected in December, it's been pushed back from that original...

  • News Satoru Iwata: Customers Understanding The Wii U "Will Take a Little Time"

    "We aim to leave a smile on our customer's faces"

    With a New Year and Nintendo's upcoming announcement of its Q3 financial results, Satoru Iwata and his team have plenty to think about. 2013 will be an important year to continue momentum on 3DS with big releases, and more importantly to grow the Wii U audience as much as possible. Speaking to...

  • News Zero Escape Director Craves Mainstream Recognition

    Ideals remain due to "very humbling" support from fans

    Zero Escape: Virtue's Last Reward is one of the most unique experiences currently available on 3DS, serving a role well fulfilled by its predecessor — 999: Nine Hours, Nine Persons, Nine Doors — on DS. Part of its appeal, as shared by many of its strongest advocates, is its strength of...

  • News Nintendo Announces 890,000 Wii U Sales in U.S. Launch

    Higher revenues than Wii launch, 3DS has over 1.25 million sales in Holiday period

    Nintendo of America has issued a series of facts and figures for its Holiday period performance in the U.S., following publication of the latest NPD figures that cover 25th November to 29th December. There were some solid results and, perhaps most importantly, decent...

  • News Data Analyst Firm Expects Discs to Remain as Console Mainstays

    Predicts that Wii U will exceed 50 million sales by year-end 2016

    With the continually evolving gaming industry, and a dizzying range of devices and platforms beyond the conventional big three of Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft, there are plenty of people who wonder whether the era of the dedicated game console is coming to a gradual end. Time will...

  • Talking Point The Emergence of Download-Only Retail Games

    A subtle but important evolution

    The past couple of weeks have brought a notable landmark for the 3DS eShop, even if it hasn't necessarily caused internet-shaking headlines or attracted a great deal of attention. Unchained Blades, an RPG that would typically be found in specialist gaming stores or online retailers, if you're lucky, was released by...

  • News GameStop Reports 320,000 Wii U Sales Since Launch

    Covers a large range of trading territories

    As another year settles in snippets of information are starting to reveal the Holiday fortunes of Wii U, since its North American arrival on 18th November and its subsequent releases in Europe, Japan and elsewhere. NPD figures should paint a clearer picture for the US later this week, while Nintendo's own...

  • Talking Point Pokémon X & Y Provide a Timely Boost for 3DS in the West

    The DS era is left behind

    The biggest release on DS in 2012, and surely the runaway winner of practically every Game of the Year award specifically tailored for the older handheld, were the Pokémon Black & White 2 titles, tied together for the purposes of simplicity. Yet its announcement and release on the platform surprised a number of...

  • News The Conduit Looks Set for Nvidia's Project Shield

    From Wii to the Tegra mobile gaming platform

    Yesterday we reported on Nvidia's announcement of Project Shield, a device that incorporates a conventional home console controller with a high-quality retina display touchscreen, impressive all-round specs and the ability to stream PC games without the need for a meaty broadband connection. Whether it'll...

  • News 3DS Surpasses 10 Million Sales in Japan

    It keeps on rolling

    While worldwide performance and firm figures are either hard to find or occasionally shown to be modest, one thing is certain — the 3DS is emerging as a major sales success in Japan. Perhaps due to the power of franchises — Animal Crossing: New Leaf has been a monster hit — the handheld's performance is such that it's...

  • News Troubled THQ To Be Picked Apart By Rivals

    Key franchises to be sold to the highest bidder

    The future of THQ largely hangs in the balance as the company struggles to find the cash to stay afloat. Back in December the publisher filed for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy handing over its assets to investment firm Clearlake Capital, which is now looking for a prospective buyer. It has been confirmed...

  • News Nvidia Unveils the Daunting Project Shield

    A game changer for 3DS?

    Update: We originally wrote that we believe this system may use a broadband connection to stream PC games from platforms such as Steam. In actual fact, the official product page explains that only a compatible router is required, with the device utilising a local connection between the system and a GeForce equipped PC...

  • News Satoru Iwata Says That Wii U is "Selling Steadily"

    Nintendo share prices have dropped since the system's launch

    Although no concrete sales figures for Wii U have been given so far, Satoru Iwata has spoken about the performance of Nintendo's new home console in its early weeks. Many have observed that stock has been readily available and easy to obtain in recent times, a significantly different...

  • News Iwata: Nintendo Open To "Free-To-Play" Gaming Model

    But only if it suits the game in question

    We've already reported on the Nikkei interview with Nintendo president Satoru Iwata regarding the success of Animal Crossing: New Leaf, but the news that it had shifted 500,000 downloads wasn't the only interesting info he had to share. Iwata was also keen to talk about the impact of Free-to-Play gam

  • News Fractured Soul Gets a PAL Reduction in Stand Against Price Hikes

    A rebellion against high Australian prices

    Fractured Soul has been a passionate project years in the making for Endgame Studios, as they told us in our interview last year. It arrived in North America on 13th September 2012, and is due in this week's update in PAL regions now that the rating and approval processes are complete. We certainly felt...

  • News GameStop Sales of Wii U Are Reportedly "Slightly Disappointing"

    Thankfully not "very disappointing", we suppose

    Now that the Holiday season is passing and the majority of people are already returning to the drudgery of work and normal life, some analysis about festive spending and sales is expected to emerge. Wii U will be a major topic in the gaming industry when looking at sales, as it's a new home console...

  • News The Tragic Tale of Bonk: Brink of Extinction Developer Pi Studios

    You don't always get a happy ending

    Remember Bonk: Brink of Extinction? It was an update of Hudson's famous TurboGrafx-16 platformer that was supposed to come out on WiiWare in 2010, but was cancelled despite being almost finished. Texas-based Pi Studios - the team behind the update - closed in 2011, but many of its staff moved on to form Oscar...

  • News UK Video Games Market Fell By 17.4% in 2012

    Big challenges for the industry

    The Entertainment Retailers Association has reported that in 2012 the UK video games market fell by 17.4%, including both physical and digital sales. In 2011 the whole video games market in the UK was worth £1.934 billion, in comparison to £1.598 billion in 2012. While digital sales did increase by 7.7% in 2012,...

  • Talking Point Nintendo's New Year Resolutions

    Mario should probably lose some weight

    So it's the start of a New Year, and is the ideal time to reflect on hopes for future success and on what can be done better. Nintendo had an exceptionally busy 2012, working hard to expand the 3DS user-base and releasing the XL hardware iteration, while also bringing us its new home console, Wii U. We can...


  • News The Last Story Was Almost Left Untold In North America

    XSEED came close to passing up the opportunity

    The Last Story is one of the stronger titles on Wii, which we've just named as our staff's second favourite on the system in 2012. Originally released in Japan in early 2011, it took a long time to make an appearance in the West. It was early 2012 when it was published in Europe by Nintendo, however it...

  • Rumour Ubisoft Looking To Buy THQ's Assets

    French company reportedly in talks to acquire tangible assets

    On Wednesday THQ filed for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy in the United States, handing over its tangible assets to Clearlake Investments, an investment firm, with a view to selling the business on. It appears that Ubisoft is the front runner to pick up THQ's tangible assets, with MCV reporting...

  • News THQ Files For Chapter 11 Bankruptcy

    Upcoming games are safe

    THQ has been sailing through some stormy seas recently. The developer currently has $16.4 million outstanding on its facility and recently entered into a forbearance agreement with the finance company Wells Fargo Capital Finance. The waves don’t seem to be easing up for the company as it has today filed for Chapter 11...

  • News Job Losses Rock LostWinds Developer Frontier

    The Nightmare Before Christmas

    LostWinds developer Frontier Developments has made 14 of its 233 staff redundant, Eurogamer has revealed. The Cambridge-based studio - which expanded its operations in North America earlier this year - is letting the staff go at 6pm on Friday 14th December - just 11 days before Christmas.

  • News Microsoft's Application For Killer Instinct Trademark Is Denied

    New instalment in development at Rare?

    Although it's not something that is likely to impact the production of a new Killer Instinct title for Nintendo consoles - the IP is owned by Rare (and, by extension, Microsoft) so that's not going to happen any time soon, sadly - but interesting news has filtered through about a possible new entry in the...

  • News Wii U Review Score Average Is Modest, At Best

    Doesn't necessarily tell the whole story

    Now that the Wii U and its launch library of games has been in the wild for almost a month, in North America at least, a general impression of the critical reaction to these titles and the console is starting to emerge. It's not a complete picture, of course, but gaming enthusiasts can start to see the trends...

  • News Wii U Struggles to Make an Impact in the UK Software Charts

    Stock shortages or poor sales?

    When Wii U initially launched in the UK its system exclusive titles made a modest start in the all-format software charts, which was hardly surprising as only 40,000 units had been available for sale in its first week. This week's results, unfortunately, make slightly grim reading, with no Wii U exclusives making it...

  • News GoldenEye 007 Developer Closes Its Doors

    Eurocom Ceases Trading After 25 Years

    A few weeks back Eurocom - the developer behind Goldeneye 007 on Wii - announced a large number of redundancies, cutting 200 staff down to 50 in an attempt to restructure the company. However it has been revealed that the measures were unsuccessful and the studio will be closing its doors for good, with the...

  • News BioShock Creator Has A Wii U, But It's For Pleasure And Not Business

    "Nothing is brewing right now"

    Ken Levine is a pretty big name in the video game industry. The mind behind such seminal titles as Thief: The Dark Project, System Shock 2 and BioShock, Levine's one of those figures who could potentially make third party support for the Wii U explode if he decided to jump on board himself - but sadly, that doesn't...

  • News Nintendo UK Looking To Maintain Wii U Momentum

    Focus turns to Q1 2013

    It's fair to say the Wii U's launch has been a success, with the system selling out across the United States and shifting 40,000 units in the UK. Extra shipments are coming in thick and fast to meet the extreme demand that you'd expect for a new Nintendo console at Christmas time. Nobody really doubted that Wii U would be...

  • News Pachter: "I think Nintendo becomes completely irrelevant"

    Outspoken analyst casts doubt on Nintendo and Wii U's third party appeal

    Michael Pachter - Managing Director of Wedbush Securities and someone who can always be relied on to stir up emotions - has made some interesting comments regarding Nintendo at the Digital Game Monetization Summit in San Francisco. Speaking mainly about the state of the games...

  • News Satoru Iwata is 53 Today

    Happy Birthday, Iwata-san

    Today brings us another Birthday for one of Nintendo's most well-known figures, with President Satoru Iwata turning 53 today. It would seem that, should he want to, Iwata-san will be able to continue in his current role for many years to come. Satoru Iwata had a passion for video game development from a young age,...

  • News Reggie Fils-Aime Focused on Customer Feedback, Not Industry Critics

    "Every time we launch a new system, there are significant challenges"

    With the exception of Japan, which joins the party this weekend, most of the world has now had the opportunity to pick up a Wii U, or to at least be told that it's out of stock while extra supplies are brought in. Thanks to the wonders of the internet and Nintendo's own Miiverse,...

  • News Sony's President of Worldwide Studios Has A Wii U

    Shuhei Yoshida gets his game on

    Although most rabid fanboys would love to think that Sony and Nintendo's employees loathe each other so much that they can't even bring themselves to look at a system created by their rival, that obviously isn't the case. Just like common gamers, individuals within these two great companies will have access to a...

  • News Wii U Hits 40K Sales in UK Launch

    Might not sound like much, but it's a sellout

    Although Europe-wide figures are yet to surface, it appears that Wii U has been a sell-out success on its launch weekend in the UK. According to MCV's estimates, 40K units were sold throughout the UK, with retailers reporting that this effectively meant a complete sellout. Weeks ago there were worrying...

  • News Wii U Titles Make Début in UK Top 20

    Early beginnings for a small install base

    It may be tempting to read the headline that Wii U titles are just in the top 20 of the UK software charts and wheel out the "Nintendo is doomed" line, as anything other than number one is a disaster of epic proportions. Of course, that's not how the real retail world operates, and the early results for Wii...

  • News Final Nintendo Power Cover Pays Homage To First Issue

    Clay models make a comeback

    A few months back Nintendo revealed that Nintendo Power, the magazine with 25 years of history, would sadly not be making it into 2013. Advent calendar windows across the land are now being opened, and Nintendo Power’s doors will unfortunately be closed for the last time on 11th December when the final issue is...


  • Talking Point Nintendo Shrinks Prices and Consoles

    It's all about the money, mini, money

    When we first reported the rumour of a Wii Mini, we made the mistake of including a slightly mocking tagline that referred to flying pigs. With the existing Wii models already selling at such low prices, the concept of Nintendo arranging the manufacturing, packaging and advertising for a new model this late in...

  • News Game Designer Says "Wii U Isn't Sure of Itself, and That's its Greatest Virtue"

    Nintendo tackles modern technology habits

    There are plenty of us, outside of North America at least, that are waiting to spend serious time on Wii U, so concepts such as asynchronous multiplayer are still shrouded in some mystery; even early adopters are likely to still be discovering new uses for the system's GamePad controller. Plenty is already...

  • News Reggie: Sony and Microsoft Need To React To What Nintendo Is Doing With Wii U

    "Faster processors and pretty pictures won't be enough"

    The Wii U has its fair share of plaudits but its fair to say it also has an equal share of doubters as well. Since the new console has launched many developers have taken a swipe at it claiming its lack of power will make it outdated and irrelevant once Sony and Microsoft throw their new...

  • News Wii U Shifts 400K Units in Début Week

    It's "essentially sold out of retail"

    Nintendo's revealed its sales results to incorporate the Wii U launch and the Black Friday festivities, with NoA COO Reggie Fils-Aime weighing in with the company's perspective in an interview with CNET. Nintendo's total hardware sales — according to internal data — hit around 1.2 million units in the U.S.,...

  • News Reggie Fils-Aime: Wii U Is "Much More Graphically Intensive" Than Rival Systems

    Content from major devs to make for a "well-rounded console"

    While there's been much talk about Wii U in terms of its substantial launch lineup, as well as opinions on the system's operation system and functions such as Miiverse, there's also been plenty of discussion about CPU chips and graphical capabilities. Like Wii before it, some are...

  • Talking Point Nintendo And The Third-Party Challenge

    Can the Big N win over support for Wii U in the long run?

    With Wii U finally available in North America and shortly on its way to European store shelves, Nintendo fans across the world seemingly have a lot to be happy about. At long last, we’ll be able to experience our favourite franchises in glorious high-definition, along with some high...

  • News GoldenEye 007 Wii Dev Suffers Major Job Losses

    "Focusing mainly on mobile opportunities moving forward"

    Eurocom, the development studio probably best known for GoldenEye 007 on Wii, has today announced a large number of redundancies as part of a restructuring effort. The company has confirmed that its number of employees has dropped from over 200 to just 50. Eurocom has been in business since...

  • News Analyst Believes Nintendo Shouldn't Compete With Sony And Microsoft

    Wii U “in an awkward place with its identity”

    Wii U has a plethora of games for consumers to choose from on launch. There’s something for everyone – for the casual gamers there’s Nintendo Land and the like and for the more core gamers there are titles such as Tekken Tag Tournament 2: Wii U Edition and Call of Duty: Black Ops II. However,...

  • News THQ Enters Forebearance Agreement With Creditors

    Foreclosure delayed, for now

    THQ has been going through some difficult times lately. The developer currently has $16.4 million outstanding on its facility and two weeks ago it defaulted on a loan worth $50 million. Things were looking bleak, but it appears the company has entered into an agreement with the finance company Wells Fargo Capital Finance...

  • News 2K Boss Has No Doubts That Wii U Will Be Successful

    "Nintendo always impresses and surprises me"

    2K Games president Christoph Hartmann is clearly something of a Nintendo fan, and has made some incredibly positive noises to UK trade publication MCV. Speaking in an interview which goes live on MCV tomorrow, Hartmann was effusive in his praise: Nintendo always impresses and surprises me. The team...

  • News Wii U Becomes Profitable With One Game Sale

    Buy a game, make Mario say wahoo!

    It was confirmed in late October that Wii U will be sold at a loss, which gave the retail price some context and perhaps made some supporters nervous about the financial impact on the company. According to comments from Nintendo of America boss Reggie Fils-Aime, however, the loss on each console is evidently small...

  • News Wii U on Plenty of U.S. Christmas Lists

    The kids are alright

    With the Holiday season upon us, there are a number of gadgets vying to be the hottest attraction for shoppers, with Wii U doing its best to join in. Of course, so much money at this time of year is spent on kids, and according to surveys conducted by research firm Nielson, Wii U is high on a lot of wishlists. Of those...

  • News Wii U Software Discounts Hit Ahead of Black Friday, Analysts Weigh In

    Consoles reportedly sold out, over 2500 on eBay

    Now that Wii U has had a day or so to launch and fly off store shelves, industry analysts are starting to look at the early signs of success, or otherwise, for the system. It's all very, very early days, of course, but nevertheless a couple of interesting trends have emerged. For starters, and to the...

  • News Reggie - Wii U Is "Absolutely The Beginning Of A New Generation"

    Hints at some launch window surprises

    One big debate that has surrounded Wii U ever since it was revealed is whether or not the new console is the last through the door of the old generation, or the first to break into the next one. With the Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 coming towards the end of their product life cycles it seems inevitable that their...

  • News Nintendo UK Appoints Simon Kemp As General Manager

    Simon says sell systems

    Nintendo UK has announced Simon Kemp as its new general manager earlier this afternoon, MCV has reported. A newcomer to the video game industry, Kemp previously worked in GlaxoSmithKline's Mergers and Acquisitions department, as well as a number of other marketing roles beforehand. He replaces David Yarnton, who stepped down...

  • Talking Point The Wii U eShop Could be a Developer's Dream

    Nintendo hands over the reins

    When it comes to download game platforms, Nintendo's had to evolve rapidly. The arrival of the DSi and Wii online stores brought the famous company into the realm of the download market for the first time; both services have produced a number of top-notch gaming experiences, and in some cases proved to be the making...

  • News Jack Tretton Wishes Nintendo Every Success With Wii U

    "Nintendo has a great heritage in the business"

    President and CEO of Sony Computer Entertainment America Jack Tretton has wished Nintendo every success with Wii U, ahead of the official launch in just a few short hours. Speaking about his own company’s heritage on the latest Official Playstation Blogcast, Tretton took the time to talk about Wii...

  • News Analysts Believe Wii U Will Be Put To The Test Come Summertime

    Will Nintendo keep momentum?

    As Nintendo of America’s Scott Moffitt pointed out recently, the response to Wii U has been nothing short of “phenomenal” as its North American launch date draws ever closer. Research firm IHS Screen Digest expects Nintendo to shift 3.5 million Wii U units worldwide by the end of December, meanwhile, which even...

  • Feature Shigeru Miyamoto - The Father of Modern Video Games

    An era unlike any other

    Today is Shigeru Miyamoto's 60th birthday, a key personal landmark but also one that should be celebrated in broader terms by the gaming industry. Miyamoto's well-known description as the "father of modern video games" isn't just casually applied praise, it's a title that's deserved and has genuine significance. Nintendo's...

  • News Ubisoft Boss Thinks Wii U Is Cheap, But Is Still Unhappy On Pricing

    No pleasing some people

    Ubisoft CEO Yves Guillemot has stated that although the Wii U is cheap when compared to devices like Apple's iPad, he's not 100% happy with the price of the system. Speaking to, Guillemot remarked: I always prefer lower pricing, so I can't say I'm happy. I'm never happy when the machines are expensive...

  • News Wii U Holiday Sales Projected to Exceed Wii Launch

    Four year sales expected to be lower, though

    With Wii U set to arrive, and Nintendo needing a strong performance to appease shareholders, market analysts are inevitably checking various sources of data and making their predictions on the system's outlook. The latest to do so is research firm IHS Screen Digest, with projections that bring good and...

  • News Nintendo Executive Describes Rise of Tablet Gaming as "Undeniable"

    Believes these devices can be "allies"

    In recent years Nintendo has continually faced the threat of smartphones and tablet devices to its handheld systems, though the Wii U GamePad's inclusion of its own touch screen is now attracting similar comparisons. It's not always a popular topic amongst Nintendo gamers, but the rise in popularity of gaming...

  • News Yasumi Matsuno Steps Away From Level-5

    Taking a well deserved - but not permanent - break

    It has been announced that Yatsumi Matsuno has left Level-5, the developers behind the Professor Layton series. Matsuno tweeted to his followers that he was retiring from the company due to personal reasons which he didn't state. Matsuno had only joined Level-5 in June last year and had been...

  • News Ubisoft: Wii U Stock Apparently Being Focused on US

    Tense times for Europe?

    Earlier today we reported that UK retailer GAME is bracing for a Wii U sell out, admitting that stock will be "tight on day one". This is a theme occurring regularly, with reports a couple of weeks ago of potential Wii U stock shortages in the UK, and the rather common knowledge that pre-orders are sold out at many US...

  • News Miyamoto Working to Encourage More Wii U Third-Party Developers

    "I am trying to meet with the game developers individually"

    One of the big challenges facing Nintendo and its Wii U system is to encourage more third-party developers to commit to major projects on the system. While Wii had a diverse library — perhaps more so than many think — it arguably lacked a lot of big-hitting titles from third-parties...

  • Talking Point Splinter Cell Director Doubts Triple-A Gaming's Future

    "Lower-case aaa" may take over

    While it's easy to get tangled up in technicalities when it comes to the graphical prowess of Wii U, one thing is 99% certain: the successors to Xbox 360 and PS3 will be more powerful, from a graphical standpoint. Whether or not the Wii U matches or surpasses the existing HD systems in this respect — it will take...

  • News Number-Crunching Reveals That Nintendo's Handheld Market Is "Stable"

    3DS matching the sales performance of both the GBA and Nintendo DS

    Lots of industry experts are arguing that the expansion of mobile phone and tablet gaming is having an impact on the fortunes of dedicated games consoles like the 3DS, but Gamasutra's Matt Matthews has taken a closer look at the figures and found that the truth is somewhat different...

  • News Wii Owners: Microsoft Wants You To Buy The Xbox 360 This Holiday Season

    "I can't think of a better console for them to choose" says Microsoft manager

    With the Wii U launching this month, you might assume that most Nintendo fans are saving up their pennies and getting very excited indeed about the new console. However, Microsoft's general manager of Interactive Entertainment product marketing Matt Barlow believes that...


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