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News: Nintendo To Attend Game Convention In Leipzig

Nintendo To Attend Game Convention In Leipzig

Expect a few announcements, new games perhaps, but probably not the big ones on Wii.

It's almost August, which means there's another conference just around the corner. The "Games Convention" will be held in Leipzig, Germany between the 23rd and 27th of August. Nintendo will be presenting an hour long media briefing on the first day of the conference, no doubt to a invite only audience. The..

News: Nintendo's Profits Soar

Nintendo's Profits Soar

Nintendo announce improved profits for the first quarter of 2006 due to DS Lite, Mario and Brain Training sales.

Good times are rolling in Japan today, the sake must be flowing as Nintendo post figures from the first quarter of 2006 (April, May, June). "For the first quarter, the company confirmed net sales of 130.9 billion Yen (£605 million), up 85% compared to the same period twelve months..

News: DS Sales Reach 21 Million Worldwide

DS Sales Reach 21 Million Worldwide

Nintendo announce sales figures for its handheld DS system in excess of 21,000,000 around the world.

What was originally seen as abit of a risky idea for Nintendo, the DS system has surpassed all analysts expectations and still seems to be selling as strong as ever. Nintendo delivers on its promise to bring video gaming to the masses. In less than two years since its Nov. 21, 2004 launch, Nintendo..

News: DS Breaks 5 Million Barrier In Europe

DS Breaks 5 Million Barrier In Europe

Nintendo announce DS Lite sales in excess of 200,000 and total DS sales soaring over 5 million

Unless you've been living under a rock you'll know that the DS Lite has finally been launched in the UK, whilst the console didn't sell out Nintendo have announced today that the portable device still sold over 200,000 units. This has pushed the entire DS sales over the 5,000,000 mark. "The..

News: DS Causes Four Year High For Nintendo

DS Causes Four Year High For Nintendo

BBC News reports strong growth for the Japanese games market, up over 30% on 2005.

In a article published by BBC News, the future is very bright for Nintendo and the Japanese gaming industry. "Revenue from games and hardware totalled 277 billion Yen (£1.3 billion), up from 207 billion Yen in the same period of 2005." This is largely to-do with the success in handheld markets, Nintendo..

News: Nintendo React To Wii Launch Rumours

Nintendo React To Wii Launch Rumours

After numerous sites start suggesting release dates left right and center, Nintendo put out an official response.

Gamers who keep their ears to the ground would of seen the stink of rumours over the past week regarding the Wii launch date, even Sports Illustrated for Kids has been quoted as having the official release date. It seems Nintendo do indeed keep an eye on the rumour fires, and for once..

News: Nintendo Invades Korea

Nintendo Invades Korea

Nintendo have announced plans to setup a new subsidiary in South Korea, located in the capital Seoul.

Nintendo steps outside into a new market, this time South Korea is the focus. The country which has seen vast changes in its culture over the past decade or two, South Korea is one of the fastest developing markets and already has a strong music, TV and film industry. The Japanese giants will setup..

News: SEGA Says More Wii On The Way

SEGA Says More Wii On The Way

SEGA's Scott Steinberg confirms the company is already looking towards second generation titles for Wii

SEGA of America's Vice President of Marketing Scott Steinberg recently sad down with and discussed what the SEGA's plans were for Wii. First topic was the affordability of Wii development over the 360 and PS3. So, there's no doubt that Wii is a more affordable for developers and..

News: Resident Evil Director Addresses Hollywood

Resident Evil Director Addresses Hollywood

British movie director Paul W.S. Anderson has given his keynote speech at Hollywood and Games Summit in the US.

Movie director bloke Paul W.S. Anderson (Mortal Kombat, Event Horizon, Resident Evil, Alien vs Predator) has been speaking this week at the "Hollywood and Games Summit" held in the US. His keynote speech concluded that "its no easy task to put games on the big screen - since gamers are a..

News: Atari Bags Point Blank

Atari Bags Point Blank

Games publisher Atari have an agreement with Namco to distribute Point Blank DS in Europe have confirmed that Atari will be publishing Namco title, Point Blank DS in the European markets. Even though the American version was released earlier this month, European gamers will have to wait until towards the end of the year. "Point Blank DS effectively trades the light-gun based..

News: DS To Feature In Stormbreaker Movie

DS To Feature In Stormbreaker Movie

Nintendo's portable wonder to appear in upcoming teen spy thriller movie "Stormbreaker".

Nintendo has today announced its agreement with movie producers which will enable the DS to have an appearance as "the ultimate spy gadget" in the new "Stormbreaker" movie based on the first book in the popular Alex Rider series by Anthony Horowitz. "After the murder of his uncle and guardian, the MI6..

News: New Super Mario Bros On Fire

New Super Mario Bros On Fire

Nintendo announce that the game has passed the 500,000 units mark in just 35 days.

Nintendo have another Mario winner on the DS, New Super Mario Bros smashes through the 500,000 barrier in the US. "After just 35 days on store shelves, New Super Mario Bros.® for Nintendo DS™ has racked up sales in excess of one half million in the United States alone. That's a sell-through rate of more than..

News: Nintendo's Corporate Policy Briefing

Nintendo's Corporate Policy Briefing

Nintendo have released an English translation & video of their Corporate Policy Briefing held earlier this month.

Tokyo, June 7th saw Nintendo's Corporate Policy Briefing 2006, this was the meeting where we learnt that Wii release date and price would be announced by September this year. Nintendo have now released the transcript and a full English translation of the speech issued by the Nintendo..

News: Nintendo To Disrupt Game Pricing

Nintendo To Disrupt Game Pricing

Iwata isn't happy with the game games are priced, he thinks game price range should be more dynamic.

As reported by, during a recent media briefing Satoru Iwata slammed the games industry calling its high pricing of games before reductions in later months a "an unhealthy product cycle". "We believe that each software should have its own price point depending on its volume,..

News: Wii Development Kits Under $1,800

Wii Development Kits Under $1,800

Satoru Iwata has stated that Wii development kits will be available for around $1,800 - one tenth the price of a PS3 dev kit.

Nintendo president Satoru Iwata has confirmed that third party support is certainly a priority for Wii's success. Often the cost of a development kit, the hardware required to create games, would waver a developer to swing towards a certain platform. We already know the Wii..

News: Reggie To Give Montreal Games Summit Keynote

Reggie To Give Montreal Games Summit Keynote

Reggie Fils-Aime has been confirmed to give keynote speech at Novembers Montreal International Game Summit reports that Montreal is in for a real treat, Reggie has been confirmed as this years keynote speaker. "Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime is set to provide the keynote address at the Montreal International Game Summit in November, just prior to the..

News: US DS Lite Sales Surge

US DS Lite Sales Surge

Nintendo report 136,500 DS Lites sold in the first two days after launch, games sales increased also.

Announced earlier this year, Nintendo decided the DS needed a little bit of a revamp. The re-designed DS, dubbed DS Lite is smaller, lighter and brighter than its older brother. After a strong Japanese launch, US retailers have continued the trend last week with the North American launch..

News: Nintendo Registers New Patents

Nintendo Registers New Patents

The latest Nintendo trademarks WiiPointer, WiiCulture, and !!M are discovered in Japan.

It seems Nintendo have generated huge interest in their products just by registering domain names, submitting patent applications and now trademark submissions. The latest buzzwords submitted to the Japanese Trademark Office are: WiiPointer WiiCulture !!M (Upside down "Wii"?) The first two are pretty standard..

News: Nintendo Confirm DS Lite Shipment Stolen

Nintendo Confirm DS Lite Shipment Stolen

Confirmation comes after rumours last week about a 'missing' shipment of DS Lite consoles bound for the UK

Reports around the Internet last week were suggesting that a container loaded with DS Lite's had been stolen in Hong Kong. have now had confirmation from Nintendo about the 5 finger discount. "A number of White DS Lite made for the UK market were stolen in Hong Kong..

News: Wii Before PS3?

Wii Before PS3? suggest that the Wii might pip Sony to the finish line and launch first.

After the lull of the Sony E3 Press Conference, one of the main pieces of information was the release date of the PS3. Remember remember the 17th of November, the day the PS3 will launch. However, this week's Matt Casamassina has suggested that the Wii will in fact release first. "On top of everything..