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  • News Hulu Plus Now Available on the 3DS in the US

    For realsies

    In October 2011 we heard that Hulu Plus was coming to the 3DS, and then we heard that it was still in the works in January 2012; then we probably wrote it off as the months drifted by. It may have been two years in the making, but Nintendo has now announced that a new Hulu Plus app will be available to download from the 3DS eShop today...


  • News Hulu Plus Arrives on Wii

    Two weeks free for non-subscribers

    There has been plenty of focus on the potential arrival of Hulu Plus on 3DS, though details of a launch date have been in short supply. It seems that the Wii has snapped up the service first, with a new app appearing today on the Wii Shop Channel in the U.S. Subscribers to Hulu Plus can start streaming TV shows and...


  • News Hulu Plus Still On the Way to 3DS


    It was way back in October that we first heard about Hulu Plus for Nintendo 3DS, but it's gone quiet since then, leading some to believe the service has been surreptitiously dropped. According to the latest video from Nintendo, it's still very much in the works. The video below crows about the advantages of connecting 3DS to the 'net,...