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  • News Nintendo Is Licensing Hudson Soft IP From Konami

    New Momotaro Dentetsu title in development

    Earlier this morning, we posted some rather worrying news regarding the current situation at Konami, including claims that staff are being used as cleaners and security guards. If there's one positive to come out of the whole situation it's that Konami is so disinterested in harnessing its catalogue of IP...


  • News Konami Dissolving Hudson Soft

    Not to bee

    Konami has just announced that they will be dissolving Hudson Soft on 1st March, bringing to an end a company that's become beloved by gamers over the years for such unforgettable contributions to gaming as the PC Engine/TurboGrafx-16 systems and the ever-popular Bomberman and Star Soldier series. For those of you who don't remember,...



  • News Konami's 3DS Sudoku Collection Includes Bomberman

    Only as a cameo, though

    After the excitement in November about White Bear Studio's 3DS Sudoku game — since revealed to be just a concept — it looks like Konami is going to win the honour of "first 3DS Sudoku game" with its publication of Hudson Soft's Sudoku: The Puzzle Game Collection in May. As the name implies, it's not just Sudoku you'll be trying out in glorious autostereoscopic..

  • News Sports Island 3D Shots Show Slams, Sumos and Snowmobiles

    Something for everyone

    Not content with releasing the first 3D football game in the form of Pro Evolution Soccer 2011 3D, Konami also wants to bring the first sumo wrestling, snowmobiles, snowballs, trampolining and more to 3DS with the release of Deca Sports Extreme (known as Sports Island 3D in Europe.) The trailer below shows off the game's new...

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