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News: DS WiFi Gets Even Stronger

DS WiFi Gets Even Stronger

Nintendo claim 850,000 unique users connected to Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection since launch.

Earlier this week Nintendo issued some statistics about it's Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection, the online service used for playing against friends over the internet. "Nintendo's Wi-Fi gaming service has seen users skyrocket, with more than 20 million connections to the service and over 850,000 unique users..

News: Nintendo Announce DS TV Tuner

Nintendo Announce DS TV Tuner

That's right folks, just as you wanted, a TV Tuner for the Nintendo DS... in Japan.

Nintendo today announced a TV tuner add on for the Nintendo DS to be available in Japan. With most portable devices, its never long until a TV tuner gizmo comes along, people will always want them. "The TV tuner add-on will occupy the standard DS game slot, protruding out behind the DS top-screen with an aerial..

News: Opera Web Browser For Nintendo DS

Opera Web Browser For Nintendo DS

Those Norwegians are set to bring the Opera web browser to your Nintendo DS.

Nintendo and Opera have announced that they plan to bring the popular Opera browser to a handheld near you. There's been rumours of such software for the DS ever since the PSP launched its own web browsing software. Certainly a wise move by Nintendo. "In Opera's agreement with Nintendo, Nintendo DS users will now be..

News: Metroid Prime: "Voice Chat" Hunters

Metroid Prime: "Voice Chat" Hunters

Get your chat, voice over ip comes to the upcoming Metroid Prime: Hunters for Nintendo DS.

Nintendo seems to be changing its spots and adopting modern standards, today its been announced that a "voice chat" mode will be added into the upcoming Metroid game for Nintendo DS. "The new Metroid Prime Hunters game for Nintendo DS will give gamers the ability to chat directly with one another before..

News: More DS Lite Colours

More DS Lite Colours

As if you weren't excited enough, now you have the tough choice of selecting a shade.

Just when you thought you were happy, Nintendo go and unleash the feather weight Nintendo DS Lite. Your dreams are shattered, like a Apple fan-boy you crave the white goodness of a DS Lite. No? Well maybe you'd be interested in another colour sir? Nintendo of Japan have put up another page demonstrating how you..

News: Redesigned Nintendo DS Gets Official Announcement

Redesigned Nintendo DS Gets Official Announcement

Those Nintendo guys have fooled us all yet again, DS Lite on the way very soon.

Nintendo has officially announced the rumoured redesigned version of the Nintendo DS, the new "DS Lite" is more compact and should appear on Japanese shelves on 2nd March 2006. This comes just a few days after Nintendo UK boss David Yarnton dismissed rumours of a new DS design saying, "we haven't got any plans at the..

News: Reggie's New Year Revolutions

Reggie's New Year Revolutions

Reggie tells News.com how it is right now and how its gonna be for the rest of the year.

The media giant CNET News.com recently caught up with Reggie Fils-Aime, executive vice president of sales and marketing for Nintendo America, and asked him about the company's plans for 2006. The lengthy interview talked about various aspects of Nintendo's future, including both the Revolution and Nintendo DS..

News: Revolution Out In The US Before Christmas

Revolution Out In The US Before Christmas

Satoru Iwata reveals that the Revolution console will be in US homes for the holiday season.

We've only really been told Nintendo's next console, codenamed Revolution, would be released sometime in 2006. Facts about an actual release date have been very vague and often unreliable. However, Gamespot today reported that in an interview from today's Sankei Shinbun, Nintendo president Satoru Iwata gave..

News: ATI Talks Revolution Graphics

ATI Talks Revolution Graphics

Revolution Report sit down with ATI to talk about the upcoming Hollywood graphics card.

The other day Revolution Report's Senior Editor, Shawn White, managed to snag an interview with ATI's Public Relations Manager, John Swinimer. ATI are responsible for the graphics card in the upcoming Nintendo Revolution, code-named "Hollywood", they also designed the Gamecube's graphics card, code-named..

News: Nintendo Dismiss DS Redesign

Nintendo Dismiss DS Redesign

Shhtop. Although there is one in the pipeline, it's not ready yet.

We recently reported the rumour of a redesigned Nintendo DS to emerge this week. The rumour was based on an article over at Lik-Sang.com - It seems the rumour was only that. Nintendo have now commented on the story, via GamesIndustry.biz and the alleged "reveal" date has passed. "But a Nintendo spokesperson has dismissed the..

News: DS Rumored To Evolve

DS Rumored To Evolve

Lik-Sang hear from their sources that news on a redesigned DS may be unveiled soon...

We all know Nintendo like to reinvent their handheld's, each time changing to current market trends. This is why it comes as no surprise that rumours are now circulating about a remade DS. What shape is anyone’s guess, Spong have some interesting ideas but we...

News: Patented Nintendo Floor Vision

Patented Nintendo Floor Vision

Japanese patent office shows record for Nintendo's "Floor Vision" technology.

The Japanese giants are going full force into the interactive gaming experience, first with the DS, then the Revolution controller, followed by interest in VR headsets and now interactive floor vision! It seems late last year Nintendo secured the "Nintendo Floor Vision"...

News: The Return Of Virtual Reality?

The Return Of Virtual Reality?

Is Virtual Reality to return to the center stage? Nintendo express interest at CES 2006.

The bright lights of Las Vegas are currently hosting the annual Consumer Electronics Show (CES) - a chance for high-tech companies to show off their latest products. Rumours start to circle of Nintendo expressing an interest in a product by american company eMagin. The VR headset, known as the Z800 3D Visor,..

News: Nintendo Europe's Revolutionary Mini-Site

Nintendo Europe's Revolutionary Mini-Site

European home of Nintendo add a new mini-site dedicated to the upcoming Revolution console.

The mini-site seems to have appeared over night, It's a typical promo mini-site that doesn't really offer a great deal of information, it talks about the main aspects of the console, the controller, backwards compatibility, Wi-Fi and its sleek design. On the...

News: BBC Analyst Predicts Console War

BBC Analyst Predicts Console War

A report outlining the upcoming next-generation consoles has been posted on the BBC News website.

Alfred Hermida, Technology Editor of the BBC News website has today posted a report on his thoughts for the coming year. The article covers the 3 main companies, Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo and they're different approaches into the console market...

News: Mario Kart Arcade GP Units Go On Sale

Mario Kart Arcade GP Units Go On Sale

Finished Mario Kart DS already? Why not treat yourself to this beastly Mart Kart Arcade GP machine.

Just as you come down from the high that is Mario Kart DS you get the urge for a new Mario Kart challenge. You've no doubt heard about the Namco developed Mario Kart Arcade GP, however you've probably never played it. With units few and far between, your pocket money saved, you can now grab yourself..

News: Revolution To Launch At Under $300

Revolution To Launch At Under $300

Satoru Iwata has confirmed that the new upcoming Nintendo Revolution will cost under $300.

The much speculated Revolution launch price has today been confirmed, in an interview with Yahoo Japan, that the system will cost under $300. Whether this is $299 or $199 we really don't know. We actually expected a slightly lower price in the US at launch...

News: Rumours Of Revolution Going "Gold".

Rumours Of Revolution Going "Gold".

No, not in colour, but in the respect of it being ready for mass production.

Today the industry grape-vine is tasting a little bitter as lots of rumours fly around about the possibility of the upcoming Revolution console "going gold". This industry term, usually used for software, indicates when a piece of software is complete and ready for mass production. "Thus, according to gamemag.ru, who..

News: Japanese DS Sales Hit 5 Million

Japanese DS Sales Hit 5 Million

Just over 12 months were needed to sell over 5.4 million Nintendo DS units.

Reuters has today reported Nintendo's Satoru Iwata confirming that domestic sales of the DS portable game machine reached 5 million units in less than 13 months after its launch in early December 2004, becoming the fastest-ever pace in Japan's video game market. Whatever the...