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Hardware Review: Nintendo DSi XL

Nintendo DSi XL

Is bigger really better?

It would be accurate to say that more than a few heads were scratched when Nintendo announced that they were releasing yet another new model of their DS system called the DSi XL, especially considering that their DSi system had only been on the market for less than eight months. And to make things even more odd, instead of...

News: Miyamoto Keeps Edging Toward Hardware Design

Miyamoto Keeps Edging Toward Hardware Design

Role shifting since the DS

Shigeru Miyamoto is known for creating some of the best games ever made, some of which necessitated a few revolutionary hardware designs to even be able to play them properly. While his game-making style hasn't changed too much over the years (still mining those hobbies), Miyamoto explained to Edge that over the years his role on the hardware side of things has increased..

Feature: Retro Duo Console Review

Retro Duo Console Review

Bring your 8-bit and 16-bit Nintendo titles out of retirement

Retro gaming is a hobby that is both rewarding and enlightening; like leafing through an old book or listening to a record from many moons ago, there’s an element of discovery for those who weren’t around to enjoy vintage titles when they were first released. Conversely, those of us old (and wise) enough to remember the classic..

News: Infinity Ward Unhappy With Wii's Power

Infinity Ward Unhappy With Wii's Power

In other news: the world is round and water is wet

Unless you've been living under a rock for the past 6 months then you'll be aware that Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 is almost upon us, with everyone and their auntie getting unreasonably excited about the prospect of blowing up generic bad guys and making tiresome "RAT-A-TAT-TAT" noises under their breath. Wii owners are getting a port..

News: Nintendo To Bring 3G Connectivity To The DS?

Nintendo To Bring 3G Connectivity To The DS?

Big N considering an "always on" connection for its popular handheld

While Nintendo has always maintained that it doesn't want to compete with mobile phone manufacturers, the company has revealed that it is considering the notion of adding some form of online data connection to its DS console. Chatting to the Financial Times, Nintendo president Satoru Iwata mentioned that he was attracted by the..

Talking Point: How Does The DSi LL Compare To Rival Handhelds?

How Does The DSi LL Compare To Rival Handhelds?


Nintendo's surprise confirmation of the DSi LL is proof that the company is willing to change the way it operates; normally, such a launch would be hyped to high heaven, but here's a machine that we knew little about yesterday - other than rumours - and it's going to be with Japanese gamers in less than a month. However, this isn't the only way in which the DSi LL bucks current..

News: DSi LL Coming To Europe First Quarter 2010

DSi LL Coming To Europe First Quarter 2010

New console to be rebranded as the "DSi XL"?

Wondering if the recently confirmed DSi LL is coming to Europe? Wonder no longer. Website VG247 has pressed Nintendo Europe for an answer regarding this hot question and the company has confirmed that the new machine will be hitting The Old World in the first quarter of 2010. Nintendo Europe has also hinted that the console will be called DSi XL here..

News: It's Official: Big-Screen DSi LL is Confirmed

It's Official: Big-Screen DSi LL is Confirmed

The rumours were true after all - but is it a mistake to launch new hardware so soon after the DSi?

The DSi launch may seem like it was only yesterday but that hasn't stopped Nintendo from announcing a new version of its portable gaming system. As we reported recently, the large-screen DSi - known as the DSi LL - will feature bigger displays (4.2 inch, to be exact) and a longer stylus. Because it's..

News: NVIDIA-Powered DS Successor Coming 2010?

NVIDIA-Powered DS Successor Coming 2010?

It now seems possible that Nintendo will announce the successor to the mighty DS some time next year according to insider info

Graphic chip maker has apparently been awarded a contract to provide its mobile-centric system-on-a-chip, Tegra, to a new Nintendo DS, which will be announced in late 2010. Insiders tell IT news outlet BSN that a single chip Tegra will supposedly power the new DS; the Tegra..

News: New Wii Bundle to Hit British Shelves

New Wii Bundle to Hit British Shelves

Grab yourself all sorts of new gubbins for £180

Yes, we've just reported that the Wii's trade price has dropped, but that's not all the good news we have for those Brits yet to take the plunge and buy one of those Wii machines. That's right - biding your time and sitting on the fence may just have got you a good deal, as Nintendo has let slip that the new standard UK Wii hardware bundle is about..

News: Here Are Those 3 New DSi Colours You Wanted

Here Are Those 3 New DSi Colours You Wanted

Nintendo gives European gamers a splash of colour with new DSi models

From October 23rd lucky European DSi fans will be able to get their grubby hands on not one but THREE new shades of their favourite console. Perfectly complimenting the current black and white editions, the new DSi colours are Metallic Blue, Light Blue and Red. What's more, the new units will come pre-packed with the unique..

News: New DSi and Wii Remote Colors Announced

New DSi and Wii Remote Colors Announced

Nintendo adds a bit of color to the holiday shopping season.

For those gamers who've been wishing for new DSi colors to be released in North America, it looks like your wish is about to come true. Not only is Nintendo bringing out two brand new DSi system colors, but they're also bringing an all-new black Wii Remote and Nunchuk to go along with it. You can check out a snippet of information from..

News: Wii to Retail for £200 in the UK

Wii to Retail for £200 in the UK

Tough economic climate results in price hike for Brits

We reported a while back that UK retailers were looking into increasing the RRP of the Nintendo Wii in light of the weak value of the Pound. Nothing seemed to happen for a while and it looked as if the situation had changed, but we've just been tipped off that the price increase IS coming, and...

News: The Portable SNES You've Always Wanted, But Can Never Have

The Portable SNES You've Always Wanted, But Can Never Have

NOT coming soon to shop near you!

Wouldn't it be great to have a mobile SNES that you could take with you everywhere? Well, until Nintendo decides to pull its finger out and launch the DSi Virtual Console service we're all hoping and praying for, you'll have to send begging letters to industrious French hardware modder darthchris13. This talented chap has managed to cram a SNES into a smaller,..

News: Inside the Game Boy

Inside the Game Boy

Nintendo's legendary handheld celebrates it's 20th by getting naked

The Game Boy is 20 years young this year, which is pretty incredible when you think about it. To mark this momentous event, PC World (UK readers - that's a website, not the shop of the same name) has featured the machine in its Gadget Autopsy section, where they disassemble famous devices for no other reason than to see what makes..

News: Wii Sales Starting to Crash?

Wii Sales Starting to Crash?

Not enough big Wii games on shelves, admits Iwata

The more business-savvy amongst you will be aware that the Wii isn't selling as well as it has been previously. At a recent Nintendo investor's meeting, Nintendo president Satoru Iwata was asked during a Q&A whether a price drop would be coming for the Wii. He replied: It's not the case of the...

News: iPhone more powerful than Wii?

iPhone more powerful than Wii?

Telltale Games seem to think so!

Monkey Island hasn't even been out a week yet, and already a storm's brewing over the game's choppy framerate. When a fan complained on the Telltale Games forums about the Wii versions' framerate, a Telltale programmer went on record to say: ..The Wii is just not a powerful console. An iPhone is much more powerful than a Wii, even. Later on this programmer was..

Feature: Tending and Feeding Your Japanese Wii

Tending and Feeding Your Japanese Wii

If you're considering getting a Japanese Wii, here's some tips and suggestions on getting the most out of it.

Ever since the Japanese took over the home video game console market in the mid-80s there's been a major gulf between game releases in the consoles' country of origin and nations importing them, either because Japanese publishers lacked...

E3 2009: Wii Vitality Sensor is Revealed

Wii Vitality Sensor is Revealed

Nintendo - inventing ways to play that you never knew you wanted.

If like Master Higgins you find yourself constantly running low on vitality then this might be a must-have Wii Remote add-on for you. For everyone else it might seem a little pointless. Nintendo President Satoru Iwata revealed the contraption at this year’s E3 but he neglected to reveal what application it would be used for, he..

News: Monster Hunter G Gives Wii a Sales Boost In Japan

Monster Hunter G Gives Wii a Sales Boost In Japan

But it's still not enough to catch the 'reborn' PS3

Capcom's Monster Hunter G has given Wii a much-needed kick up the arse in Japan, where the console is currently being outsold by Sony's resurgent PS3. Sony's machine has been enjoying a rare period of sales supremacy thanks largely to killer titles such as Resident Evil 5, Yakuza 3 and - although it's not actually a video game - Final Fantasy VII:..