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News: ​Hardware Review: Gamepad Digital GPD XD

​Hardware Review: Gamepad Digital GPD XD

That design reminds us of something

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, but when you're creating mass-market electronic devices, slavishly cloning the work of others usually lands you in costly lawsuit - just ask Samsung and Apple. However, there are a multitude of hardware makers working out of China which are small enough to operate...

Hardware Review: BitBoy Lets You Back Up Your Game Boy Camera Snaps With Ease

BitBoy Lets You Back Up Your Game Boy Camera Snaps With Ease

Digital photography, 1998 style

In 1998 Nintendo launched the Game Boy Camera, a tiny (at the time) digital camera that sat in the Game Boy's cartridge slot and took simple monochrome photos that could be edited and printed via the link cable and an optional Game Boy Printer, using a roll of thermal printing paper similar to a till receipt. In the...

Hardware Review: Awesome Super Mario Inspired Watch - Sun and Moon Miyamoto

Awesome Super Mario Inspired Watch - Sun and Moon Miyamoto

Partner in time

A while ago we reported that Mr Jones Watches had produced a limited edition wristwatch inspired by the Super Mario series. The response to the design was so positive that the watch became a permanent fixture in their lineup after a small design change to differentiate itself from the limited edition variant. We were kindly given...

Hardware Review: REVO K101 Plus

REVO K101 Plus

Hands-on with the ultimate hardware GBA clone

Love them or loathe them, hardware clones of vintage gaming platforms are here to stay. Technical wizards operating on the fringe of the gaming hardware arena are constantly dreaming up new products which ape the performance and feel of classic consoles, and in the past few years we've seen imitations...

Hardware Review: 8Bitdo FC30 Pro Controller

8Bitdo FC30 Pro Controller

We are Family (Computer)

Remember the 8Bitdo NES30 pad we reviewed a while back? It was a likeable take on the whole Bluetooth gaming pad concept which looked and felt like a genuine NES pad from back in the day. The makers of that particular controller are back with a revised unit, and this time it's focused on the NES' Japanese counterpart - the...

Hardware Review: Nintendo 3DS XL

Nintendo 3DS XL

The official Nintendo Life verdict on the new super-sized console

It’s fair to say that the 3DS didn’t have the start that Nintendo was hoping for. Launched amid high expectation and a groundswell of three dimensional hype, the system initially struggled to find an audience; it took a price cut and an injection of big-name quality software to...

Hardware Review: Hyperkin SupaBoy Portable SNES

Hyperkin SupaBoy Portable SNES

The biggest retro hardware release in more ways than one

The lapse of hardware patents on retro platforms has resulted in an explosion of clone machines, most of which are produced cheaply in the Far East. These systems emulate the performance of consoles such as the NES, Super Nintendo and Genesis/Mega Drive, all of which are no longer covered by...

Hardware Review: Everdrive 64

Everdrive 64

One cartridge, infinite possibilities

They may not find much favour with purists, but flash carts are becoming increasingly popular these days. The rapid march of technology combined with the low cost of flash-based storage has generated a wide selection of different options, almost all of which are produced in limited quantities and to very crude...

Hardware Review: Analogue Interactive CMVS Slim and Arcade Stick

Analogue Interactive CMVS Slim and Arcade Stick

A different class of console

When we went hands-on with Analogue Interactive’s amazing 100% walnut consolised MVS a few months back, we were amazed at both the workmanship involved and the mind-blowing retro gaming possibilities. The company managed to break into an extremely niche sector of the console hardware market with a machine that looked...

Hardware Review: Nintendo 3DS

Nintendo 3DS

We take Nintendo's 3D portable wonder for a spin

To say that the buzz surrounding the upcoming Nintendo 3DS system is insane would probably be the understatement of the century. The system has garnered an incredible amount of hype and anticipation over the past year since it was announced and now that we've had a hefty dose of playing time on the...

Hardware Review: VDigi VD-W3 Wii HDMI Upscaler

VDigi VD-W3 Wii HDMI Upscaler

We take a look at VDigi's up-scaler device that aims to bring you a step closer to "Wii HD".

It's well documented that the lack of High-Definition (HD) doesn't affect the majority of Wii gamers, however there is a significant minority who eagerly await Nintendo's step up in the HD realm. VDigi have identified this specific Wii gamer and offer them a...

Hardware Review: Yobo FC-16 Go Portable SNES

Yobo FC-16 Go Portable SNES

Attack of the clones

Those of you with especially keen memories will recall that we reviewed the RetroDuo console not so long ago. One of the growing number of unlicensed clones hitting the market at the moment, this neat machine is now joined by something a little more portable - namely the Yobo Gameware FC-16 Go. This is essentially a portable...

Hardware Review: Nintendo DSi XL

Nintendo DSi XL

Is bigger really better?

It would be accurate to say that more than a few heads were scratched when Nintendo announced that they were releasing yet another new model of their DS system called the DSi XL, especially considering that their DSi system had only been on the market for less than eight months. And to make things even more odd, instead of...