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Hands On: Nintendo 3DS Guide: Louvre

Nintendo 3DS Guide: Louvre

A touch of class

When Nintendo announced, in Spring 2012, that it was taking on the role of providing the interactive museum guides at the Louvre in Paris, it seemed slightly odd. The prospect of visitors wandering around the famous site with a 3DS around their necks seemed peculiar, but there it was in undeniable reality. We learned that it had...

Hands On: Toki Tori and EDGE (Two Tribes Classics)

Toki Tori and EDGE (Two Tribes Classics)

Budget brilliance?

After announcing their existence earlier in the year, Two Tribes recently lifted the lid on its Classics range coming to the Wii U eShop, three games that come to Nintendo's latest system in shiny optimised HD forms. It's possible that they'll all be familiar to gamers in some form or other, with each having appeared on a mix of...

Hands On: An Evening With Wii Karaoke U By Joysound

An Evening With Wii Karaoke U By Joysound

Take On Mii

Nintendo has previously stated that one of its main objectives with the Wii U is to provide experiences that can’t be done on other video game systems. In addition to this rather admirable quest, the company has also been keen to emphasise the fun that can be had with the system in local multiplayer. So far it hasn't had a great...

Hands On: Pure Chess (Wii U eShop)

Pure Chess (Wii U eShop)

The grand old sport comes to the people

While the 3DS eShop is maturing into a platform with a healthy variety of experiences, and the Wii U eShop promises to do so, one obvious gap is in delivering a virtual edition of one of the grandest old games / sports in existence. Chess may have appeared as a minigame option in a mediocre 3DS game or two,...

Hands On: Assault Android Cactus

Assault Android Cactus

Crazy name, crazy game

Assault Android Cactus is a name that may initially baffle, but once the game begins makes perfect sense; that's the case with this title as a whole. Bullet-hell shooters like this can look like confusing, terrifying propositions to the wrong audience, but once into the action anyone with quick thumbs will have a lot of fun...

Hands On: Toki Tori 2+

Toki Tori 2+

Potential fulfilled

Toki Tori 2 was a bold, ambitious game in its design, and delivered on many fronts. Its deliberately hands-off approach, combined with occasionally ambiguous objectives and awkward backtracking counted against it in the eyes of some — certainly not all — gamers. In our review we awarded 7/10, concluding that a high degree...

Hands On: The Wonderful 101

The Wonderful 101

You know you're playing a Platinum game when...

Way back in June 2012, we had the chance to play Project P-100, an exuberant new IP from PlatinumGames being published by Nintendo. It's had a name change, and its arrival has been delayed to such an extent that it's done the rounds to appear at this year's preview events; we've gone hands on with...

Hands On: StreetPass Plaza's Downloadable Content

StreetPass Plaza's Downloadable Content

Play Coin guzzlers

A few days ago, Nintendo launched a surprise update to the 3DS's StreetPass Plaza in Europe and Japan. Previously home to Puzzle Swap and StreetPass Quest alone, users can now purchase a further four games to play with any Miis that they encounter when out and about. As with the other Plaza games, you can use the Mii of anybody...

Hands On: Rage Quitting with Cloudberry Kingdom

Rage Quitting with Cloudberry Kingdom

Another coin for the swear jar

What has happened to the days of trial-and-error platformer gaming? Those old NES and Mega Drive titles which saw you repeating the same level over and over in order to finally make it to the far right side of the seemingly ever-scrolling screen? The games which had no boss battles nor real 'enemies' except for...

Hands On: Going for the Combos in Project X Zone

Going for the Combos in Project X Zone

Pure pixelated madness

When Project X Zone was announced for Japan, we could barely contain our glee. Here was a game with retro-styled visuals, rocking music and popular characters from Capcom, SEGA and Namco Bandai all rolled into one — oh, and Monolith Soft was one of the developers. And then, it underwhelmed in the Japanese charts. It...

Hands On: Running Scared in Resident Evil Revelations

Running Scared in Resident Evil Revelations

Not quite as three-dimensional

Capcom is a publisher that isn't afraid to use assets originally conceived on last-gen home consoles or recent handhelds, applying a spit and polish and selling them to a whole new audience. We've seen it with Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate, and the trick's being repeated with Resident Evil Revelations. This time around a...

Preview: Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon

Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon

We ain't afraid of no ghost!

There’s no denying that the 3DS was somewhat overshadowed by the Wii U during the holiday period and that it didn't quite have the packed software line-up it had enjoyed back in late 2011. Aside from Paper Mario: Sticker Star there wasn't a great deal for us to sink our teeth into, and things were made worse when the...

Hands On: Spirit Hunters Inc.

Spirit Hunters Inc.

Die hard the hunter

It's hard to believe that it's been almost three years since we first saw Spirit Hunters Inc. in its earliest incarnation. But rest assured, that development time has gone into turning the idea into a rather diverse and playable augmented reality experience. When you first begin playing Spirit Hunters Inc., the game seems fairly...

First Impressions: Wii U Pro Controller

Wii U Pro Controller

We go hands on with one of the most important Wii U accessories

With games like Bayonetta 2 and Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 blazing a trail to the Wii U very soon, the need for a decent 'traditional' joypad is obvious. Nintendo is making sure 'core' games will play as well as possible by producing the Wii U Pro Controller, a device which boasts an...

Hands on: Wii U Third-Party Round-Up

Wii U Third-Party Round-Up

Trine 2, Skylanders Giants, Ninja Gaiden 3, Tekken 2, NBA 2K13 and Sonic Racing

During this week we've been giving first impressions and hands on accounts of a number of Wii U launch window titles, both retail and downloadable. Nintendo of Europe provided access to a wide range of games we haven't yet covered, however, including some additional...

Hands On: Ubisoft's Wii U Launch Hits

Ubisoft's Wii U Launch Hits

Taking Rayman Legends and ZombiU for another spin

When it comes to third-party launch support for Wii U, Ubisoft is the stand-out with its sheer volume of titles on the way. As always, the publisher is wading in with a substantial variety of games to cater to gamers of almost all levels and persuasions, but we recently had a chance to have another...