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  • Guide Everything We Now Know About the Nintendo Switch

    Breaking it all down

    Well, it's finally been revealed - the Nintendo Switch has been shown off in a flashy three minute trailer. In many ways it reinforced plenty of the more reputable rumours from earlier in the year, though naturally a lot of doubt has been replaced by clarity. It's also possible, just from those three minutes, to learn a lot...




  • Guide How to Get Involved in Splatoon's First Splatfest

    Ink-capable of resisting

    After a short delay, Splatoon's fabled Splatfest event is arriving in the West this weekend beginning on the 4th July. If you're in North America the theme is Cats vs. Dogs, and if you're in Europe the choices are more musically orientated: Rock vs. Pop. We'll be taking part alongside our chosen teammates, but just in case...

  • Guide Here Are the Live Nintendo-Related Streams We'll Share Today

    Includes the "Nintendo Power Half-Hour"

    E3's doors technically open on 16th June, but the event itself is well underway. Nintendo's already played a notable part with the Nintendo World Championships 2015, an event which showed fantastic footage of Super Mario Maker and even revealed the Metroid-style




  • Guide The Hottest Boxing Day 2014 Deals for Wii U and 3DS

    US and UK covered

    It may seem mad to say this at the time of writing, Christmas Day, but the Boxing Day sales are already underway (particularly in the UK) and are being advertised by various retailers. Rather like the Black Friday shenanigans of late November, the traditional Boxing Day sales - previously New Year sales in days of yore - creep ever...

  • Guide The Best Cyber Monday Nintendo Deals in the US

    Because Black Friday isn't enough

    Last week's Black Friday shenanigans weren't enough for retailers, it seems, as the efforts to separate us from our cash continue on 'Cyber Monday'. The name suggests online deals, naturally, though there are still promotions running within stores too, with GameStop and Target already stating that their deals will...


  • News Nintendo Releases a "New Owner's Guide" to 3DS

    Living in a world of infinite white isn't a requirement

    Last week Nintendo of Europe published a "New to Wii U" guide, and Nintendo of America decided that it wasn't to be outdone, no siree! NoA has gone for the video approach, releasing a series of "New Owner's Guide" videos covering the various functions and out-of-the-box features of the 3DS...

  • News Nintendo Publishes a "New to Wii U?" Guide

    Links galore

    With Nintendo preparing to push the Wii U throughout 2014, promising major releases, system updates and features to boost the role of the GamePad, it's only natural that newcomers will seek out some advice and tips for making the most of the system. Nintendo of Europe is doing its part with a new guide article to point readers towards...


  • Guide Using Miiverse And The Nintendo Network ID On Your 3DS

    From getting started to making the most of your ID

    Today has brought us the latest major 3DS update, and it's one that's been anticipated for a good amount of time. It introduces Nintendo Network IDs to the portable, which now allows unified eShop funds with the Wii U equivalent and, perhaps most importantly, Miiverse access. Until now participation...




  • Guide The Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate Wii U Update is Now Live

    We tell you how to make the most of it

    With a game like Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate, it's easy to see why a number of gamers would be tempted by the 3DS version. This is an experience that devours dozens of hours of your life, and indulging in the quest to that degree can be tricky if you're fighting over access to a shared TV in order to enjoy it...


  • Guide Transferring Your Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate Save Data

    Sweaty palm time

    As those of you currently diving Jaggi Helm-first into Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate no doubt already know, Capcom — and various retailers — have been encouraging you to buy two copies of the game. Naturally one is for Wii U and the other is for 3DS, with the big selling point being that you can transfer your save data between both...


  • Guide Getting Your Nintendo 3DS Online

    Online tips for your shiny new handheld

    For some gamers this year, a shiny new 3DS will be waiting for them as a Christmas treat. Nintendo's Wii U may be hogging plenty of attention, but the handheld deserves some limelight due to its ever-growing games catalogue and range of eShop offerings. Of course, getting the most out of your 3DS really...


  • News Wii U Pre-Order Guide

    Price and retailer round-up

    So we've all had a day to think about and digest the Wii U launch details, and a number of us have probably decided that we can't resist buying the system. After a rather erratic first few hours following Nintendo's announcements, retailers are today settling down with an initial round of prices and pre-order incentives...


  • Guide 3DS XL System Transfer

    Those Pikmin have a lot of heavy lifting

    With 3DS XL hitting Europe and Japan on 28th July, there'll be a number of 3DS owners that decide to take the plunge. With that in mind you'll need to make sure that you transfer your system account and data, otherwise a lot of saves and costly downloads will disappear — and no-one wants that. Before we...