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  • News Splinter Cell For Wii Launch

    The highly anticipated action-stealth game from Ubisoft is also coming to the Wii. The french company recently announced that it's working on a version for NIntendo's upcoming console.

    This is actually Ubisoft's eight confirmed game for the Nintendo Wii, so I guess by now we can assume that Ubisoft thinks the Wii will be a success, which is great of course. "We are very excited to bring Tom..

  • News Cake Mania Coming To The DS

    Cake Mania by Majesco Entertainment is an addictive online game¨where you help the busy chef Jill as she serves the difficult customers.

    Taking advantage of the unique DS touch screen, you will help Jill to earn enough cash to reopen her grandparents' bakery and fill it with new baking tools. The USA based company is an innovative and creative developer, and being based on the original title from..

  • News First Details From Far Cry: Vengeance

    VGMFusion's daily podcast recently revealed the first details from Ubisoft's upcoming First Person Shooter for the Wii, Far Cry: Vengeance. interviewed Andre Vu from Ubisoft, and he said a lot of interesting stuff. The game will take advantage of Nintendo's revolutionary control system to immerse the player into the fascinating world, for instance, you'll be able to jump by lifting..

  • News Nanostray 2 Announced

    The Munich based developer Shin’en Multimedia recently announced that it's working on a sequel to the successful Shoot 'em up for the DS.

    According to Shin'en , the game introduces many new features and elements which have never been used in its genre. This includes innovative touch screen features as well as exciting WiFi functions over the Internet. "Shin'en again raises the bar for high..

  • News New Resident Evil Information

    The first details from the upcoming Resident Evil for the Wii are beginning to appear on the Internet.

    Currently, the only thing we know for sure about this game, is that it will not be the same game as Resident Evil 5 for the Playstation 3 and Xbox 360, but the Resident Evil fan site recently interviewed the voice actor Tara Platt, who will voice Jill Valentine. She said that the..

  • News Nintendo Dominates The Japanese Market

    The latest sales figures from the land of the rising sun shows the multi-format top 10 to be comprised entirely of DS games.

    There are no real surprises as Final Fantasy III sells nearly all its initial shipment, though SquareEnix were only expecting to get through 350,000 copies. In the chart there are also the two Brain Training games accompanied by English Training, Japanese people sure are..


  • News SimCity 3000 For DS?

    According to the Japanese gaming magazine Famitsu, a port of SimCity 3000 is being developed for the Nintendo DS

    The game will probably take advantage of the unique DS touch screen and stylus, so you'll be able to move around on the map and place buildings and roads with the stylus. According to IGN's translations of Famitsu, we know that the basic mode of play is the classic Build a New City,..

  • News Nintendo GC 2006 Conference

    Nintendo reveal very little at this years Games Convention in Leipzig, Germany.

    Bernd Fakesch took on the role of Nintendo VIP for today's media briefing, whilst the majority of the conference was showing video reels of existing games for both Wii and DS, there were a couple of announcements. Mario Strikers Charged (Wii): A new version of the popular Gamecube title Super Mario Strikers (aka Mario..

  • News Miyamoto Hints At GameCube Remakes For Wii

    In an interview with Japanese magazine Nintendo Dream, Shigeru Miyamoto hinted that Nintendo may remake GameCube titles for Wii, both the graphics and the control system of the games will get an overhaul.

    "The machine is based on GC," said Miyamoto. "We'll be upgrading the development tools, but GameCube code can be used for the most part as is. In that sense, I believe that it would be good to..

  • News Swing Your Sword In Twilight Princess

    Game designer Shigeru Miyamoto recently announced that you will be able to swing your sword using the wiimote in the upcoming Zelda game for the Wii.

    At E3 he said that you had to use the "B" button to fight with your sword, but now Nintendo have decided that players will be able to take full advantage of the revolutionary controller, and move your sword by actually moving the wiimote. Miyamoto..

  • News Lexicon Entertainment Announce 'Chronos Twins' DS

    Lexicon Entertainment today announced that it has acquired the worldwide rights for ‘Chronos Twins’ for Nintendo DS.

    Chrono Twins is scheduled for release in the first quarter of 2007, and plays on the concept of time travel in a reassuringly unique manner as it is interwoven as a main game play element. "To publish Chronos Twins worldwide is a massive coup for us “said Emily Booty, Sales and..

  • News Star Wars: Lethal Alliance Announced For The DS

    Yesterday, The french publisher Ubisoft announced that they will be releasing a new Star Wars game for the Nintendo DS, the game is called Star Wars: Lethal Alliance and it's the first original Star Wars game that is being made exclusively for handheld systems.

    The game is in the action-adventure genre, and will let the players play through a new story that takes place between Episode III: Revenge..

  • News Frontline Sadness Deal

    Frontline Studios accounce a co-production agreement with Nibris. picked up on the press release that has appeared on the Frontline Studios website, and reads the following: "FRONTLINE Studios announced today that it has signed a co-production agreement with Nibris , the author of the highly anticipated Sadness game for the Wii platform. FRONTLINE and Nibris have successfully..

  • News SEGA Lines Up In Germany

    SEGA will be appearing at this years Games Convention in Leipzig next week.

    SEGA are appearing for the second time after their return to the German market in Leipzig SEGA's provisional line-up for the 2006 GC summarised:The Japanese legends will be showing off a host of its next gen titles, including 3 for Nintendo systems. Sonic and the Secret Rings (Nintendo Wii) Super Monkey Ball Banana Blitz..

  • News Australian Magazine Interviews The Red Steel Developers

    The Australian Magazine Hyper Magazine Australia have interviewed the developers of the upcoming Red Steel for the Wii, and thanks to a poster at the Nintendo forums, we can give those of you who don't live in Australia an oppurtunity to read the interview.

    The following are the most important parts of the interview, if you want it all, Here you got it. Could you give us a run down of the setting..

  • News Sonic Wild Fire Is No More!

    SEGA today announced the title of their upcoming adventure game, 'Sonic and the secret rings'

    The adventure game, formerly known as Sonic wild fire, will be set in the universe of Arabian Nights, Some of the pages of the Arabian nights have gone missing, so Sonic has to set out on an adventure to find the pages. You'll play the game in an Arabian-themed world, with deserts, palaces, jungles and so..

  • News Gamecube Pad Will Not Work With Wii Twilight Princess

    It's been confirmed the question most of us have been asking, the gamecube controller will not be compatible with the wii version of Zelda: Twilight Princess

    The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess was announced at E3 this year that it would be released in two formats. A GameCube version and a Wii version. Both versions will launch simultaneously beside the Wii. Since the announcement there have..

  • News Eidos Boss Expects Wii Success

    Lara Croft know-it-all Ian Livingstone has suggested that Nintendo's approach is very interesting and could prove very successful.

    This came in an interview with, the Eidos "product acquisition director" was quizzed about the company's support for the three major players in the imminent console war. "The beauty about being an independent publisher is that you can support any..

  • News Nintendo Announces Actionloop

    Actionloop is the latest in Nintendo’s Touch! Generations series, and according to Nintendo it's a fun and addictive action puzzle game for everyone, regardless of age or gaming ability.

    The goal in the game is to clear multi-coloured gemstones from the tracks, by creating a combination of minimum three gemstones in the same colour, which will then cause the stones to clear. Timing is essential..

  • News Voice Recognition Rumours

    A rumour going around is that the Nintendo Wii will have advanced voice recognition, allowing voice-to-text chatting, which of course would be extremely cool in games where chatting and interaction with other players is important.

    An insider on the IGN forums has said the following: “The system works using an advanced voice recognition system which Nintendo has been developing for several years..

  • News Wii Will Follow In DS's Footsteps

    According to, Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime has declared that the DS is the winner in the war of the handhelds - and he thinks the Wii will follow in it's footsteps in the home console market.

    Fils-Aime said the following to USA today: "Nintendo DS in Japan outsells all of our competitors by a factor of five to one. We are so far in advance of our handheld..

  • News Mario Fanatics Competition

    Nintendo have teamed up with Buzznet giving you the chance to win a DS Lite completed with New Super Mario Bros game.

    Still not managed to go and treat yourself to a brand new DS Lite system? Nintendo are now offering you the chance to WIN one simply by showing your eternal love for Mario. "Remember the time you freaked out because the power went out just as you were about to beat Super Mario..

  • News Nintendo Announces Pokémon Rescue Team

    Nintendo today announced that they will be releasing two Pokémon titles later this year, Pokémon Mystery Dungeon; Blue Rescue Team and Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Red Rescue Team.

    Blue Rescue Team is the DS version, while the Red Rescue Team is a GBA game. Players will be able to use the wireless link or a linkup cable to trade items and collectables with each other. One of the special things..

  • News Game Sales Up By 29 Percent

    Today, NPD reported a growth in July Game sales.

    Total game revenue for the month was $684.6 million, software up by 22 percent year over year, and according to Reuters hardware sales increased by 46 percent. The Nintendo DS is obviously one of the reasons for the increased sales, Nintendos popular handheld console sold a total of 377,000 units in July, while PSP sales overall declined, indicating..

  • News Bomberman Is Back!

    Atlus have announced that they will be releasing a new bomberman game, and now we can finally play online, using the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection.

    Bomberman Land Touch! is an online DS title, and will be starring everyone's favorite bomb expert.The game will feature three different gameplay modes; Story mode, Attraction mode and battle mode, and each mode will have their own challenges. In the story..

  • News Red Steel Development Costs

    Ubisoft have announced the development costs for the anticipated Wii game, Red Steel.

    According to the The french publisher and developer, the development costs for the highly anticipated first person shooter will be approximately $12.75 million. Now that might sound like a lot of money for most of you, and it sure is, but if you compare it to the costs for a Xbox 360 or Playstation game it isn't..

  • News 27 Titles For Wii Launch

    According to, 27 Wii games have been confirmed as launch titles.

    The titles are the following: Avatar: The Last Airbender Blazing Angels: Squadrons of WWII Blitz: The League Call of Duty 3 Cars Dragon Ball Z: Budokai Tenkaichi 2 Dragon Quest Swords: The Masked Queen and the Tower of Mirrors Elebits Excite Truck Far Cry GT Pro Series Final Fantasy..

  • News EA Signs Seven Professional Soccer Stars

    EA today announced that they have signed seven professional soccer stars to grace the cover of their popular sports game, when FIFA 07 is released later this year.

    The cover will be determined by regions, so if you live in the UK you'll get a British star on the cover, if you live in Germany you'll get a German etc. But in addition to the local star, all the covers will be featured by the..

  • News EA Announces A Change In Their Priorities

    Electronic Arts have announced that from now on they will prioritise the Nintendo DS, not the PSP.

    Electronic Arts is one of the biggest and wealthiest publishers out there, but they haven't released any really big titles on the Nintendo DS yet, that is going to change according to David Gardner, EA's head of development. In an interview with UK trade paper MCV Gardner said the following:"I don't..

  • News Chocobo & The Magic Picture Book

    We finally got the first details of Square Enix's upcoming RPG-Adventure game

    Chocobo & the Magic Picture Book is a spin-off of Square Enix's popular Final Fantasy games and is scheduled for release later this year. Being based on the Final Fantasy universe, the game will include several characters that you should be familiar with if you've played the Final Fantasy games, like the black mage..

  • News DS Lite Deal

    Get yourself a DS Lite plus a top DS Game for £109.99 thanks to

    The deal announced this evening allows anyone to get their hands on a brand spanking new DS Lite plus one of the following games: Big Brain Academy Prof. Kawashima's: Brain Training: How old is your Brain? New Super Mario Bros Metroid Prime Hunters Animal Crossing: Wild World Tetris DS 2006 FIFA World Cup Ice Age 2 Mario..

  • News Trauma Center For Wii Launch

    The California based company Atlus, have announced that their Wii title Trauma Center: Second opinion will be available at launch.

    The original Trauma Center for the DS is a Puzzle game where you use the DS touch screen to operate patients. Second Opinion is basically the same game, but with better graphics, some new missions and a new playable character. And of course, instead of using the DS..

  • News Europeans Get Their Brains In Gear

    Brain Training is a smash hit success over in Japan, and the rest of the world too it seems.

    This is according the figures that show Brain Training; How Old Is Your Brain has sold 500,000 copies in 9 weeks. Sales of the game actually rise with each passing week, a trend few other games have ever followed. Add this to the phenomenal reception of the...

  • News Justin Lee Collins To Host Golden Joysticks

    That idiot off Channel 4 (no, not Jimmy Carr again) set to give out the gongs at this years bash.

    We earlier reported about the shortlist of nominees for the Golden Joystick Awards 2006, which is now to be presented by the "comic talent" of Justin Lee Collins. "Awards presenter, Justin Lee Collins can currently be seen presenting the Friday Night Project on Channel 4. Hailing from Bristol, he..

  • News Harvest Moon Wii Details

    Information, including screenshots, of the Harvest Moon Wii game has been unveiled.

    Nintendo have confirmed that fans of the popular farming game will be able to become full immersed through using the Wii's unique control system. Set on an Island, Harvest Moon sees players preform all manner of farmyard tasks, from watering crops to caring for animal, via use of the Wii-mote. Along with this came..

  • News Game Development Too Expensive?

    Revolution Software MD Charles Cecil suggests that game development budgets are getting too big. conducted an interview with Cecil who suggests companies such as EA are "sacrificing creativity for the sake of efficiency." "The bigger developers talk about games costing tens of millions of dollars; it seems patently obvious to me that they don't need to cost that much, unless,..

  • News Prince Of Persia Wii

    Ubisoft have today confirmed to IGN that there is a Prince of Persia for Wii in development

    After the bumper load of Wii titles Ubisoft have already announced, one rumour has today been put to rest. IGN have posted an article that confirms the existence of a Wii adaptation of Prince of Persia. "I can confirm that a game based on the popular Prince of Persia franchise is one of many titles..

  • News Super Mario War

    Mutiplayer fan-made Mario game surfaces on Interweb site,

    The game which seems to be available for PC and Linux has also been published with its entire source code available for download. The creators claim that the game is in tribute to the great giant N in the sky, Nintendo. "Super Mario War is a Super Mario multiplayer game...

  • News DS Browser Details

    Nintendo reveal official details of the DS Browser, to be released in Europe on October 6th.

    Europeans should expect the same as the Japanese, there will be two versions of the DS Browser, one for original DS and one for DS Lite. These two versions are to accommodate the different sized GBA slots found in the different models. "The Nintendo DS Browser is a convenient web browser, which enables..

  • News Mario Smash Football For Wii?

    IGN report rumours of a Wii incarnation of the crazy Gamecube football game Super Mario Strikers.

    According to a article posted by Matt Casamassina, sources have told IGN that Nintendo plan to unveil the title later this month. "Sources close to Nintendo of Europe tell IGN that the company is underway with a sequel to the hit GameCube sports title Super Mario Strikers. Furthermore, insiders..

  • News Golden Joystick Awards 2006 Nominees

    Those golden people have announced which games have gotten the nod for this years Golden Joystick Awards.

    But wait, 2006 isn't over yet? What about Wii games? Well, "Games released between 1 August 2005 and the 31 July 2006 are eligible for the 16 categories". Nintendo seems to be fairing well with Mario Kart DS "featuring heavily across the 16 categories, grabbing six shortlist places and one for..

  • News Wii Rampage

    Midway set to release an "updated for Wii" edition of Rampage: Total Destruction

    IGN have today reported that publisher Midway is set to extend its support for Wii by releasing an updated version of the popular PS2 title, Rampage: Total Destruction. "Rampage: Total Destruction for Wii will feature an additional 10 creatures over the previous games, upping the roster to some 40 beasties. Each..

  • News EA Announce FIFA 07

    Get your boots, its back again. Electronic Arts are set to release yet another edition of its popular football sim.

    You've probably just about gotten over the fact we didn't win the World Cup this year, its nothing new. Only a month or so before the 06/07 season officially gets underway. The summer transfer window will soon be closing and your FIFA 06 will be completely out of date, whats the..

  • News The Ubisoft 7: Details

    French publisher Ubisoft talk about their big 7, all launch titles for Nintendo's Wii console.

    Details emerge about the big 7, even NoA's very own Reggie had something to say about it. "We're thrilled that Ubisoft will be unveiling Wii versions of both exclusive new IP and established franchises," said Reggie Fils-Aime, president and chief operating officer for Nintendo of America..

  • News Lara Croft Plays With Nintendo

    Current real-life Lara Croft, Karima Adebibe models as the heroine with some Nintendo hardware.

    What was once a key PlayStation franchise it seems Tomb Raider has spread its wings. This latest photo shoot has confirmed Lara's love for Nintendo. Karima Adebibe does a fabulous job of convincing us she actually likes the DS Lite, shes even holding it the right way up. Lara wants you all to know that..

  • News Ubisoft Confirms 7 Launch Titles For Wii

    French publisher lays its cards on the table, 7 titles to be released on or around the Wii launch date.

    Nintendo will be pleased with an impressive amount of support from Ubisoft for its Wii console. The following titles have been named by the publisher: Red Steel Rayman Raving Rabbids Open Season Far Cry Blazing Angels: Squadron of WWII Monster 4x4 World Circuit GT Pro Series Obviously the big..

  • News Sonic Wild Fire 2 Years Development Time?

    Development well under way as suggested by article in the UK magazine "Nintendo: The Official Magazine" .

    The Wiire noticed the article in this months magazine, where game producer Yojiro Ogawa made the comments about the latest Sonic adventure. "According to the preview, Sonic Wild Fire - which has apparently been in development approximately two years; the first year for testing, this year..

  • News Star Fox Well Received In Japan

    Latest edition of Japan's notorious Famitsu magazine scores Star Fox Command highly.

    If ever there was a way to know if upcoming Japanese titles are any good, Famitsu magazine is the answer. The latest edition includes a spanking new review of the new Star Fox title for Nintendo DS titled Star Fox Command. The game which seems to return to Star Fox roots has been developed by a company called..

  • News Nintendo Commits To E3 2007

    Nintendo emerge as the first major player to commit to next years "downsized" E3 media festival.

    News comes pretty quickly whenever people talk about E3, maybe thats the reason for its downsizing. It seems everything has settled down and the expo is back on track, only missing its large show floor. Nintendo have confirmed there attendance for the show next year, after all whats E3 without a Reggie..

  • News Wii Games Under $50

    According to Electronic Arts, Nintendo stated that Wii games should be priced no higher than $50

    Nintendo fans can already rest peacefully as we know the Wii console won't cost anything near a PS3 or Xbox 360. But what about games? Will they be over priced to compenstate the cheaper system price? Apparently not. Reported by earlier today, EA have stated that Nintendo themselves..

  • News Kojima To Design Snake's Smash Bros. Brawl Level

    Nintendo Power let slip that Metal Gear creator Hideo Kojima will design the Snake stage in Super Smash Bros. Brawl

    Easily one of the most anticipated Wii games is the next installment of the Super Smash Bros. series, Super Smash Bros. Brawl. To everyones surprise Solid Snake from the Metal Gear games has been included in the line up. According to a recent copy of Nintendo Power magazine, it seems..

  • News Virtual Console Promo Image

    Kotaku folks have managed to get hold of a "Wii Promotional Image" depicting loads of Nintendo classics.

    Obviously we're not entirely sure if this image is actually official, but its certainly really really cool. "A reader, He Who Must Not Be Named, sent us a promotional image he somehow got his grubby hands on. It's a promotional illustration for the Nintendo Wii Virtual Console, presumably..


  • News Red Steel Character Details

    UbiSoft release further information about its slasher/shooter Wii launch title.

    According to those UbiSoft people Red Steel will be released in November, 2006. Although this is the first real date we've heard from a publisher, it's no definite release date for Wii. However, if you were a betting man, it's probably pretty safe to put a large chunk of money on a November release for Wii. Anyway, back..

  • News 5 New Wii Titles At Games Convention reveal that Nintendo are expected to announce 5 new Wii titles in Leipzig next month.

    Details are already starting to emerge regarding the 2006 Games Convention conference to be held from 23rd to 27th August. "The official magazine Nintendo of France has announced that Nintendo is planned to show off 5 brand new Wii titles at the event. It is unknown if these titles are direct..

  • News Nintendo To Attend Game Convention In Leipzig

    Expect a few announcements, new games perhaps, but probably not the big ones on Wii.

    It's almost August, which means there's another conference just around the corner. The "Games Convention" will be held in Leipzig, Germany between the 23rd and 27th of August. Nintendo will be presenting an hour long media briefing on the first day of the conference, no doubt to a invite only audience. The..

  • News Further Sadness For Wii

    Nibris release some rumour quashing information regarding their upcoming Wii title, Sadness.

    Polish developer Nibris have been the focus of attention since it announced its "Sadness" title prior to E3 earlier this year, the company has decided to make it clear that the majority of information on the Internet is still speculation and rumor at this stage. "The information presented so far give a..

  • News Some Rocket Slime Details has some new information about Square Enix DS title, Dragon Quest Heroes: Rocket Slime.

    The details posted last week explain a little more as to what we should expect from Square Enix's latest Dragon Quest Heroes DS title. Stretch, spring and shoot through the once peaceful kingdom of Slimenia as Rocket, the hero of the latest title from the legendary developers of the DRAGON QUEST..

  • News Hidden Wind Waker Levels Revealed

    Destructoid's Niero reveals a bunch of hidden "beta testing" levels in the Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker.

    After a bunch of rumours way back when, it seems the truth has emerged and now with video proof, Zelda testing levels remain intact on The Wind Waker. "Coders discovered ActionReplay codes that unlock trippy MonkeyBall-looking worlds that look completely like any Zelda experience..

  • News Nintendo Hints Towards Region Free Wii

    T3 reports on comments made by Nintendo's Perrin Kaplan and suggests possible region free approach.

    Let's face it, we'd all love to see Wii extended the region free success of the DS, let's hope Nintendo are listening. According to T3 Magazine, this could will be a possibility after comments from Perrin Kaplan, vice president of marketing and corporate communications in America. "the success..

  • News Nintendo US Release Schedule

    Nintendo of America publish its upcoming release schedule for DS and GBA, still no Wii dates.

    With an impressive 2006 for Nintendo, they owe a lot of thanks to the DS and its vast array of games. Americans can look forward to some more treats scheduled for release over the fourth quarter. Oct. 9: Clubhouse Games™Oct. 16: Nintendogs™ (Dalmatian)Oct. 23: Magical Starsign™Oct. 30: Pokémon®..

  • News Red Steel To Use Wiimote Speaker

    In a recent interview with Ubisoft, developers explain they will try and use the Wiimote speaker in Red Steel

    Ubisoft's Marie-Sol Beaudry was recently interviewed for the Nintendo Europe website about her work on the upcoming Wii slasher/shooter, Red Steel. During the interview, Marie-Sol was asked how current development was going, she replied with "We just discovered the built-in controller..

  • News Get Your Virtual Gift Only At Toys "R" Us

    Nintendo's July newsletter has stated that your local Toys "R" Us store will be giving you a special gift, that will only be available from July 23, 2006 - July 30, 2006.

    Nintendo's newsletter and official website has stated the following: One of six very unique Animal Crossing: Wild World virtual gifts are awaiting you at your nearest Toys "R" Us store July 23-30. Trade 'em, sell 'em or..

  • News Red Steel Blog Updated

    UbiSoft post some more information on their official Red Steel developer blog over at IGN

    Most Wii fans will probably be pretty excited by Red Steel, it could be really good, but we're just gonna have to wait and find out what UbiSoft manage to come up with. Frenchie Marie-Sol is back with another blog post, this time telling us about the different developers working on the game. "At this step..

  • News New New Zealand Story

    Rising Star Games have announced the revival of 80s game series New Zealand Story onto the DS

    According to Rising Star Games "The New Zealand Story" is one of the most distinctive and original platform games of the 1980s. The game comes as part of the firm’s Revolution series of updates to classic videogames for the Nintendo DS. "New Zealand Story Revolution will be an accurate re-telling of..

  • News Nintendo European Release Dates

    Nintendo Europe announce some new dates for the remaining months in 2006.

    Nintendo Europe decide to celebrate the summer and tell us things we probably already knew, here's some new release dates. Nintendo DS Browser wasn't listed although it was mentioned! "Nintendo DS and Nintendo DS Lite owners will be able to enjoy fantastic games like Yoshi’s Island 2 (tentative name), Pokémon Mystery..

  • News Two New Japanese DS Adverts

    Recently in Japan Nintendo broadcast adverts for the forthcoming Pokemon and Mario Hoops titles.

    The Pokemon advert reveals a slight more about the game. For instance we get to see the map of Shinou, weather effects are now present, a new electric type Pokemon is shown (no name given) and there appears to be some mode where you can customize your Pokemon with items. The advert is all we have to go..

  • News More Mario Hoops Characters (Updated!)

    The official Japanese website for Mario Hoops 3 on 3 has updated the characters confirmed to be in the game.

    As most of you know, Mario Hoops 3 on 3 is in development by SquareEnix so at some point we were expecting appearances from emmbers of the Final Fantasy universe. There now is conformation of five new characters thanks to the Official Site, they are as follows: Ninja White Mage Black Mage..

  • News New One Piece: Grand Adventure Details

    Namco release some more information about the upcoming Gamecube adventure/fighting title.

    One of the few interesting Gamecube titles left, One Piece: Grand Adventure is set for release later this year. Namco have today released some more information about the game: Meet the support characters that make everything possible for "One PieceTM: Grand AdventureTM" for PlayStation®2 computer..

  • News European Wild World Gets Flower Power

    Nintendo are encouraging all European Wild World players to use their Wi-fi connection by offering a free item.

    European players of Nintendo's hugely successful title Animal Crossing Wild World are going to be in for a treat when they use their game online between the 17th - 23rd of this month. Those lovely people at Nintendo will give each player who pops online during that period a 'Fire Flower'..

  • News NFS Carbon Gains Some "Talent"

    EA announce that Hollywoods "Emmanuelle Vaugier" of Saw II fame is set to take the leading role in the upcoming racing title.

    The latest Need For Speed title branded "Carbon" was announced a few weeks ago and will appear on pretty much every format you can shake a stick at. With today's announcement it seems Electronic Arts trusts the Hollywood talent to add a bit of depth into the forthcoming NFS..

  • News Super Paper Mario Pushed Back?

    Originally planned for an October 9th launch, it seems as if Super Paper Mario has been delayed.

    Super Paper Mario is probably the last interesting Gamecube title that's still in development at this time, its comes somewhat as a cruel blow but it seems the launch has been delayed. Uncovered by, Nintendo recently had the game listed for Oct 9th launch in the USA. Checking on the site..

  • News Retro Nintendo Power

    RacketBoy uncover the first ever edition of popular US magazine, Nintendo Power.

    For those of you that enjoy nostalgia your in for a treat today, the guys over at have recently scanned and uploaded the very first issue of Nintendo Power. "I'm following up on the first issue of Sega Visions magazine with the first issue of the beloved Nintendo Power. I can still remember when this..

  • News Red Steel Interview

    Producer/Blogger Marie-Sol Beaudry talks to Firing Squad about Red Steel, including the initial development. pointed us in the right direction of the latest Red Steel interview. This time it was putting the questions to the Ubisoft games producer, Marie-Sol Beaudry. "The first contact between Ubisoft and Nintendo was at E3 2005. At that time Nintendo wanted a..

  • News New Super Mario Bros. Challenge Mode

    Nintendo's hottest DS title gets a refreshing change with a secret unlock code.

    Various websites over the interweb, including 4cr have uncovered a cheat for the highly popular New Super Mario Bros. The game that has practically sold out across the globe. "Gamers who’ve already finished the game will be able to access this secret Challenge Mode by hitting Start in the world map and pushing..

  • News Electroplankton Hits This Friday

    Nintendo's creative art piece is set to unleash in Europe from this coming Friday, exclusive to Nintendo DS

    Electroplankton was first shown quite a long time ago, in fact as an initial demo to show off the touch screen. The title has been created by a Japanese artist called Toshio Iwai, blending visuals with music to converge a truly creative experience. "With Electroplankton, the Nintendo DS..

  • News Red Steel Developer Blog

    Red Steel developers Ubisoft have setup a blog on set to follow the development progress of the Wii launch title.

    The French developer/publisher has post its first blog entry on Club IGN, the post comes from Marie-Sol Beaudry, Producer of Red Steel. "We were really excited by everyone’s response to the Nintendo Wii at E3 and were thrilled to showcase Red Steel at the Nintendo press..


  • News Atari Bags Point Blank

    Games publisher Atari have an agreement with Namco to distribute Point Blank DS in Europe have confirmed that Atari will be publishing Namco title, Point Blank DS in the European markets. Even though the American version was released earlier this month, European gamers will have to wait until towards the end of the year. "Point Blank DS effectively trades the light-gun based..

  • News The Portable Opera Experience

    Opera blogger posts about his hands on experience with the DS version of Opera

    US Opera blogger has recently had the chance to play with a prototype version of the Opera software for Nintendo's portable device, the DS. His post describes exactly how easy the browser is to use and an overview of the features. "Getting online with the Opera software was just as easy as it is with any Nintendo DS..

  • News EA Announce Need For Speed: Carbon

    EA don't hold up, the next Need For Speed game is labeled "Carbon" and to be released on all formats including Wii

    Yesterday, Electronic Arts have decided to make yet another Need For Speed game. The latest will be developed in British Columbia by EA Black Box and will "test the driving skill on treacherous canyon roads". "What starts in the city is settled in the canyons as Need for Speed..

  • News New Super Mario Bros On Fire

    Nintendo announce that the game has passed the 500,000 units mark in just 35 days.

    Nintendo have another Mario winner on the DS, New Super Mario Bros smashes through the 500,000 barrier in the US. "After just 35 days on store shelves, New Super Mario Bros.® for Nintendo DS™ has racked up sales in excess of one half million in the United States alone. That's a sell-through rate of more than..

  • News Super Paper Mario Logo

    Nintendo release a new version of the Super Paper Mario logo, maybe the last Mario game on Gamecube

    Have Nintendo saved the best for last? After a quiet announcement at E3 last month Super Paper Mario has gathered some well earned praise and already looks like a instant classic. "What at first glance appears to be a 2-D sidescroller ripped straight from the pages of the Paper Mario universe..

  • News Nintendo To Disrupt Game Pricing

    Iwata isn't happy with the game games are priced, he thinks game price range should be more dynamic.

    As reported by, during a recent media briefing Satoru Iwata slammed the games industry calling its high pricing of games before reductions in later months a "an unhealthy product cycle". "We believe that each software should have its own price point depending on its volume,..

  • News First Pokemon Battle Revolution Video

    Iwata explains how Pokemon will extend connectivity between the handheld DS and Wii console. have found a copy of the Pokemon Battle Revolution trailer with English narration by Satoru Iwata. He explains how Nintendo expect to expand DS play with Wii. Apparently you will be able to connect with your copy of Pokemon Diamond/Pearl on Nintendo DS and use it as the controller for Wii..

  • News Wii Video Roundup

    Gameworld Network posts an excellent collection of Wii videos from this years E3 show last month.

    Maybe you were in coma, but Nintendo totally rocked E3 this year with Wii. The hardware was so popular show attendees had to queue for hours just to touch the new fangled controller dubbed Wiimote. If you happened to miss the show your in luck, Gameworld Network have posted a great collection of videos..

  • News Red Steel Controls Improved?

    Game Informer report that a new build of Red Steel has vastly improved controls over the previous E3 demo.

    GoNintendo have reported that magazine Game Informer has received a new build of the Ubisoft slasher, Red Steel for Nintendo Wii. According to the reporter, the criticised controls have been updated and improved since the E3 demo a month or so ago. "Not only did the remote replicate our..

  • News Further Metroid Prime 3 Details

    Cubed3 report on a few new "tidbits" revolving around upcoming Wii launch title Metroid Prime 3: Corruption

    One of the biggest launch titles for Wii along side Zelda will be Metroid Prime 3: Corruption. Cubed3 starlet JB has uncovered some interesting facts about the Retro Studios developed title. Samus can go into "hyper mode" as she did in Super Metroid (SNES) at any time for enhanced abilities..

  • News Opera DS Bound For July In Japan

    Opera announced that the DS Web Browser will launch on July 24th in Japan for 3,800 YEN.

    Those chilly Norwegians have announced further details surrounding the launch of the Opera Web Browser for Nintendo DS. "Opera Software today announced that the Opera Web browser for Nintendo DS will be released in Japan on July 24. The DS browser will initially be sold online only at a price of 3,800 yen,..

  • News New Red Steel Trailer

    Ubisoft release a new trailer of the forthcoming Red Steel game, exclusive to Wii

    Prior to this years E3, Red Steel was one of the most talked about titles to exploit the Wiimote. However a number of people who tried the game were left a little disappointed, perhaps the control system is quite as precise as they were hoping. The game's developer, Ubisoft has released a new video of the game, which..

  • News Airplane Added To Wii Sports

    BGB report that the Airplane demo used at E3 is to be added to the innovative Wii Sports line up

    The Wii Sports package of Tennis, Golf and Baseball has apparently been given a boost when shown at the recent World Hobby Fair. The boys over at British Gaming Blog have reported that the title will now include an Airplane section, previously used as a tech demo at E3. "We also saw a short clip of..

  • News Nacho Libre Comes To DS

    Majesco announce a silly wrestling game for Nintendo DS based on Jack Black's upcoming Nacho Libre movie.

    Just what you DS fans were waiting for, a game adaptation of Nacho Libre. "Nacho Libre, opening in theaters on June 16 , stars Jack Black as Ignacio (Nacho), a cook by day in a Mexican orphanage who moonlights as a Lucha Libre wrestler to raise money for the orphans in this comedy from the..

  • News More Super Paper Mario Videos

    British Gaming Blog have found some pretty nice Super Paper Mario videos from Japan's World Hobby Fair 2006.

    One of the sleeper hits of this years E3 was Super Paper Mario, doing what New Super Mario Bros. has done for the DS for the Gamecube. With is unique perspective, the game is essentially a classic Mario platformer but with a twist of being able to switch into 3D at any time. Along with the..

  • News Call Of Duty 3 To Take Advantage Of Wii

    Producer Sam Nouriani confirms that CoD 3 will use the full features of the Wiimote when launched later this year

    EuroGamer have reported on a magazine article with Call of Duty 3 producer Sam Nouriani where he explains that the upcoming Wii title will take full advantage of the Wiimote. "Typically the reticule in CoD games is centred on the screen. With the game, because of its..

  • News Take Two Interested In Wii

    After a strong E3 for Nintendo, troubled published Take Two look to Wii to possibly extend their Sports series.

    Turning heads; Nintendo's strong E3 presence caught some people by surprise. It seems the previously Nintendo-sceptic Grand Theft Auto publisher Take Two have changed their minds and recently shown interest in creating games for the Wii platform. "The reception this platform received..

  • News Nibris To Release DS Shooter

    Developer of Wii title Sadness has announced details of a vertically scrolling shooter for Nintendo DS.

    After causing quite a stir earlier this year with the announcement of a black & white title for Wii, unknown developer Nibris have announced a new title for the portable DS console. "It’s a title which is going to change the current image of a vertical shooter as a meaningless, arcade..

  • News Tingle Returns

    Famitsu reveal a DS spin-off RPG game for Legend of Zelda's Tingle character, it's all about the rupees.

    The latest issue of Famitsu contains information about new DS title starring none other than Tingle from the Legend of Zelda series of games. From what we can tell, the game will be an RPG. Details are extremely thin on the ground, the title of the game is "Mogitate Tingle Bara Iro Rupee Land"..

  • News More On Pokemon Wii

    A video has emerged of the Pokemon Wii game in action.

    From what we can make out from the video over at IGN it seems that Pokemon will be following the same traditional format as always. On close inspection you will also be able to notice that the scenery gets damaged in the battles, whether or not this damage will remain after attacks is unknown. Seeing it in action also shows how the attacks look..

  • News Super Mario Galaxy Footage

    Complete run through of the Super Mario Galaxy E3 demo appears on video site YouTube.

    Nintendo have been very caucious about what content is released on upcoming Wii titles, including the lack of Screenshots or Videos of the infamous Super Mario Galaxy. However, we've been told of some in-game footage on YouTube. It's taken from GTTV, who must of filmed the Super Mario Galaxy demo at E3 last month..

  • News Animal Crossing Returns For Wii

    Nintendo executive Katsuya Eguchi has revealed details about the online features of Animal Crossing Wii.

    In an interview with Kikizo, Eguchi has confirmed that the Wii Connect 24 service will ensure that your console is online all the time, which will open up lots of new ideas for games such as Animal Crossing. "With the example of Animal Crossing, one of the things that might be possible is..

  • News IGN Metroid Prime 3 Images has published a fist full of Metroid Prime 3: Corruption images, seems like video grabs.

    Metroid Prime 3 is set to take center stage along side Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess at the Wii launch. Nintendo have held back releasing official screenshots for both titles with a mere one each for the E3 Press Pack. however have managed to snag a bundle (upto 50) of screenshots (well,..

  • News When Old Becomes New

    Nintendo explain their strategy behind the Virtual Console and how it'll become a "new" platform for developers.

    Satoru Iwata has been explaining the concept behind the Virtual Console and Nintendo's alternative to the "single-minded approach of the industry at present". Whilst the Virtual Console acts as an instant library for all classic Nintendo titles, it's also a brand new platform for new..