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  • News US Virtual Console Releases - 19th March 2007

    Three more classics heading your way this weekend, Excite Bike (Nes), Beyond Oasis (Genesis) and Splatterhouse (TG16)

    Excitebike(NES®, 1 player, 500 Wii Points): Face crazy curves, hairpin turns, and daredevil jumps as you race toward the checkered flag and the Excitebike championship. Race against the clock or challenge an opponent. You must keep your bearings as you fly through the air and avoid..

  • News Wii Gets Agatha Christie Adventure Title

    The Adventure Company announce plans to published a version of "And Then There Were None" for Wii.

    Full title being, Agatha Christie: And Then There Were None, was first released on the PC late last year and came into some mixed reviews. "Using the Wii’s original “Wiimote®” controller, gameplay in traditional PC adventure games can be taken to a whole new level of interactivity. For..

  • News EU SSX Blur Out Today

    Electronic Arts release their latest SSX game to the masses, grab your copy today.

    Whilst we're still reserving our judgement on the game (yes, that means a review will come along soon) we noticed that didn't think to much to it, they today published their review. "All of which is a shame, really, because it's clear that these chaps could do a very good Wii snowboarding game from..

  • News Mii's In Hyrule?!

    Miyamoto talks about the Twilight Princess team currently toying around with Mii's in the TP engine.

    Whilst speaking at GDC last week, Shigeru Miyamoto told MTV that the Twilight Princess team had been having some fun with Mii's. "They've been having fun just fiddling around with Miis in the Twilight Princess engine. This is something our development teams do all the time once they get done..

  • News EU Virtual Console Releases - 16th March, 2007

    Ice Climber (NES), Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (NES) and Splatter House (Turbografx) all added to the catalog.

    Nintendo release info on this weeks VC games. Some cult classics return this week with all the games coming from over 10 years ago! Here's what Nintendo have to say about them: Nintendo fans will remember the charms of Ice Climber™ from the Nintendo Entertainment System. Players take..

  • News Capcom Pirates Wii

    Exclusive pirate adventure heading to Wii from the Capcom developers labed "Project Treasure Island Z".

    Capcom show their love for Wii with the announcement of a "Wii Only" title in the form of a pirate puzzle adventure. "Project Treasure Island Z (Working Title), an innovative, full-length puzzle adventure game that utilizes the unique control...

  • News Red Noses In A Galaxy Far, Far Away

    TTGames gets in on the Red Nose Day action and offers nosey little cheat for Lego Star Wars II.

    "TT Games is supporting Red Nose Day by offering you a special secret cheat code for LEGO Star Wars II (on PlayStation 2, Xbox 360, PC and Gamecube). It puts red noses on all the characters in the game – from Han Solo to the Emperor. See classic...

  • News Final Fantasy III Hits Europe In May

    The long wait for FFIII is almost over for Europeans, DS game will launch on May 4th, 2007.

    Square seem rather happy with themselves for this release, let me hand you over to John Yamamoto, President and CEO of Square Enix. “The arrival of FINAL FANTASY III on Nintendo DS showcases the power of the hardware and proves that no compromise has to be made in order to create an adventure of this..

  • News Super Mario Galaxy To Be 2 Player

    Official Nintendo site suggests that Nintendo's mega title will actually allow multiplayer action?

    Those folks over at Cubed3 have spotted something rather interesting on the Official Wii website. More specifically on the Super Mario Galaxy page, it's now listed as 1-2 Player. Bet you didn't see that coming ;) "The ultimate Nintendo hero is taking the ultimate step out into space. Join Mario..

  • News Final Fantasy DS In May For Europe

    Square announce that Final Fantasy Fables: Chocobo Tales will launch in May 2007.

    "CHOCOBO TALES is a magical adventure for all ages that takes place in a fun and enchanting world filled with loveable characters from the FINAL FANTASY series. Players will challenge over 40 minigames and microgames as they embark on a journey to rescue their lost friends and restore peace to the land. Featuring..

  • News Nintendo Picks Up Game Developers Choice Awards

    Shigeru Miyamoto receives the Lifetime Achievement Award along with other gongs for game design and writing.

    The night before Shiggy's keynote, a jury of industry professionals have honored Nintendo with Game Developers Choice Awards for innovation and game design for Wii Sports, which comes packed with Nintendo's hot-selling new Wii home system. Nintendo also won an award for writing for The..

  • News GDC: Super Mario Galaxy Trailer!

    Nintendo release a new Super Mario Galaxy trailer at this years Game Developers Conference, Mario is back and better than ever!

    Check out this new video fresh from the GDC in San Francisco, Miyamoto also announced that the game "would be available this year" lets just hope that includes an English speaking region! We've also added a handful of new screenshots released by Nintendo

  • News Upcoming Summer Release Dates For DS & Wii

    Nintendo have revealed a selection of release dates for the coming few months at today's Game Developers Conference.

    Little something to get you excited today, some release dates for the US... hopefully we'll get some EU release dates shortly. "Pokémon Battle Revolution will be joined by Super Paper Mario™, the first Mario™ game for Wii; Mario Party® 8, a multiplayer party game; and Big..

  • News Pokemon To Become First Wii Online Title

    Nintendo have today announced that Pokemon Battle Revolution will be the first online game for the companies latest console, Wii.

    Whilst everyone is enjoying the GDC we've learnt that Nintendo plans to release Pokemon Battle Revolution in the US this coming June. It's also the first title to link to DS and use the DS as a controller. "Wii™ owners of all ages have discovered the fun of..

  • News Nintendo's GDC Line Up

    Nintendo shows off some of its latest games at the Games Developer Conference in San Francisco.

    Reggie and co have six new titles on show for the attendees. Four for Wii and two for DS, here's some information about the titles and when they expect them to be released in the US. Big Brain Academy 15 new activities challenge brains in five categories: memory, analysis, number crunching, visual..

  • News IGN Do Something Cool

    Those funky Americans at have posted a bunch of their video reviews on YouTube, nice one.

    It seems there's no stopping YouTube these days, the IGN media monsters posted a selection of their Wii video reviews on the Google owned video site recently, here's a pick of the bunch reported by including a review for the recently released SSX Blur. SSX: Blur (8.4) The Legend of..

  • News Wario, The Master Of Disguise

    New Wario outing launches for DS today in the US, European version coming soon.

    Just when you thought you were safe, Nintendo have launched another Wario game exclusively for the DS. The new game uses both classic platform action and unique touch screen drawing elements. "Having your identity stolen can be serious business - unless Nintendo's greedy guy Wario™ is involved. Through the years,..

  • News Diddy Kong To Hit Europe In April

    Nintendo announce Diddy Kong Racing DS to launch on April 20th in Europe.

    One of the best N64 titles has already been transmodularised into a new DS game and launched in the US is now set to launch in Europe in a few months time. We've played the US version and first impressions are good, expect a full review this weekend. In the meantime here's some more information about the game for us..

  • News Sonic Unleashed On Wii

    Sega's latest Sonic offering, Sonic and the Secret Rings is out today for Nintendo Wii in Europe.

    Sega promise that Sonic and the Secret Rings has been under development for a significant amount of time and could well be classed as the first game in the "second wave" of Wii games after the consoles launch late last year. Sonic is easily one of the biggest franchises in the video games industry so..


  • News Wii Sports Replacements Almost Complete

    Slowly developers are providing us with full games that centre on the sports featured in Wii Sports.

    We all love Wii Sports, maybe some of the five sub-games are liked more than the other; but no one can deny it is a lot of fun on the whole and has perfectly shown off the Wii’s abilities. In its simple state each of the games show off the respective sports well, but not to a full extent..

  • News New Super Paper Mario Wii Details

    Nintendo release updated information for the latest Mario platformer and how it works with the Wiimote.

    After finally confirming that Super Paper Mario is coming to Wii, Nintendo have today released more detailed information on the game and how it works with the Wiimote, you'll be holding the Wiimote in classic style, like a NES pad with a few twists, read on: Key Information:The newest chapter of..

  • News Sadness: Plot Details

    Finally some news has come out of Nibris HQ regarding their hotly anticipated survival horror thriller, Sadness.

    Within the game you will take control of a character known as Maria who has just survived a serious train crash. Maria is left in control of her brother Alexander, who was blinded from the crash and it is from here that the game takes a serious twist as the boy starts to act a little..

  • News Peach And Bowser To Marry April 9th?

    Haha, Nintendo don't half like doing things a little abnormally. As this press release proves.

    Nintendo of America Requests the Pleasure of Your Company at the Marriage of PeachtoBowser on the 9th Day of April 2007 The nuptials will take place at the beginning of Super Paper Mario, which will be available for Nintendo's hot new Wii home video game system. Those who wish to attend - or thwart - the..

  • News Fight Night Could Be Coming To Wii...

    ... and when I say "could" I mean it's pretty much inevitable that we can expect several boxing games on the Wii this year, right?

    In an interview with, producer of the Fight Night series David Blank stated: "We're talking about it right now. We're contemplating and we definitely feel there are some exciting things we can do with the Fight Night franchise and the Wii. When..

  • News Guitar Hero II Rocking Its Way To Wii

    Activision extend their support for the Wii with at least four new games.

    TheGameFeed have reported that Guitar Hero II will be coming to the Wii in Activisions next "fiscal year". This effectively means April 2007 to March 2008. The launch window is quite large but heres hoping it will be nearer to the earlier date, even if a late 2007 release is more likely. As well as keeping us guessing to the..

  • News Mario Party 8 Details

    Nintendo spills the details on its upcoming Mario Party title, the first of the popular series for the Wii console.

    With a release due before the summer, Nintendo have today offered out some information on the next Mario Party game, innotively titled Mario Party 8. Official Fact Sheet:The world's most popular party video game is getting a lot crazier in Mario Party 8. Whether you're shaking up cola..

  • News Diddy Kong Racing DS Launches Stateside

    Today marks the release of the DS remake Diddy Kong Racing DS which expands upon the classic N64 title.

    Possibily the finest karting game of its generation, Diddy Kong Racing was one of the many classic titles that came out of Rare in the late 90's. Nintendo have teamed up once more with Rare to bring this 10 year old classic to the portable DS console. "Racing games have always been a popular..

  • News Rockstar Games Announce Manhunt 2 For Wii

    In what comes as a pleasant (if slightly twisted and gruesome) surprise, Rockstar have confirmed Manhunt 2 will be released on the Wii.

    The announcement, which was made earlier today, also points out that the Wii version of the game will get some special treatment from the team at Rockstar Toronto. This must mean that some motion sensitivity will be incorporated into the title... now thats murder..

  • News Super Paper Mario, Wii, April

    NintendoPower sets the record straight, Super Paper Mario now confirmed on Wii.

    Another catch-up article, if you didn't already know Super Paper Mario has now been confirmed as a Nintendo Wii title by the NintendoPower magazine published by Nintendo in the USA. "Nintendo Power (lest we forget, the official publication of Nintendo of America) is reporting that Super Paper Mario is destined to..

  • News Mario Kart 64- Now With Less Ghosts

    Those playing the recently released Mario Kart 64 will notice a distinct lack of ghosts.. and, no, I'm not talking about the ones on banshee boardwalk!

    It seems that we have the first major Virtual Console issue on our hands, no N64 controller pak support. This problem facing Nintendo is quite a large one- they cannot seem to (or don't see the need to) get the N64 titles to recognize the Wii's..


  • News Mario Kart Drops Onto Virtual Console

    Europeans can now bag themselves Mario Kart 64 for a mere 1,000 Wii Points.

    Nintendo continue to tease us with a dribble of N64 goodness, can't you release them any faster?! "Racing fans are in for an extra special treat today as Mario Kart 64, one of the greatest games in the hugely popular Mario Kart series, is available to download to Wii’s Virtual Console *. Featuring tense racing action..

  • News Diddy Kong Racing Details

    Possible Mario Kart beater with four all new tracks, six player online action AND a track builder.

    One game has been sleeping, sleeping until now. Nintendo have finally revealed all the goods on their upcoming remake of the N64 classic Diddy Kong Racing, hitting the DS in the US next month. Fact Sheet:A bloated space pig has taken control of Diddy Kong’s island paradise, and only you can stop his..

  • News SSX Blur Cover Art

    EA have released the cover art for their upcoming snowboarding sequel SSX Blur.

    It seems more and more likely that SSX Blur will actually get a spring release over here in Europe, currently the game is scheduled for a March 16th release date. "SSX Blur is everything you expect from the franchise, delivered in a totally unexpected way. Revolutionary controls take full advantage of the Wii’s..

  • News Leisure Suit Larry Wii

    The lounge lizard coming to a Nintendo console near you? No, but wouldn't it be funny!

    BBspot published a pretty interesting idea for another Wii game last month, we missed it but here's what they came up with. "Sierra will release what they think will be the most innovative use of the new "Wiimote" used on the immensely popular Wii from Nintendo. They plan to release a new episode..

  • News SSX Blur Demo Video

    EA release another video of its upcoming Snowboarding title SSX Blur, set to be the 5th game in the series.

    Here's a treat for the weekend, another video from EA demoing the control scheme of the latest SSX game, interestingly it looks like you'll be steering the board with your left hand rather than your right. We've also heard that EA Big's snowboarding game is due out on the 16th March 2006 in..

  • News Nintendo Attracts Indy Developers

    Small time start up developers such as "Twelve Interactive" are flocking over to Wii.

    Although it might be safe for Sony and Microsoft to attract the multi-million dollar developments, it seems Nintendo's simpler and more innovative system is attracting the smaller developers, who often create something new. "Leading Italian game developer, Twelve Interactive has announced that it has become a..

  • News You Say Elebits, I Say Eledees

    A mysterious name change for the Konami game.

    Elebits has been available in the US and Japan for a while now and has had many positive reviews. It has settled in under the moniker of Elebits very comfortably but now as it comes to Europe in February it will come with a new name; 'Eledees'. The reason behind the change has not been told nor can the reason be worked out, as there was nothing wrong..


  • News EU Excite Truck In February

    Nintendo announce that racer Excite Truck will launch 16th February 2007 in Europe.

    Along with the release data announcement Nintendo also included a host of information about the upcoming Wii racer. "As Nintendo’s first racing title for the innovative Wii console, Excite Truck sets the standard for motion-sensitive racing, a challenge that this game happily accepts. To control their trucks..

  • News Wario Ware Debut Set For January

    Nintendo announce that Wario Ware: Smooth Moves will be released on the 12th of January 2007.

    It seems the Wii will have plenty of multiplayer party games, we've had confirmation that Wario Ware will ship in just under a month. "Get ready for the ultimate party game extravaganza! Wario Ware: Smooth Moves will have you and your friends competing in a series of wild and wonderful challenges as..

  • News DS Snags Dragon Quest IX

    Square back in bed with Nintendo? Maybe so, infamous Dragon Quest series to continue on DS.

    The Japanese get very passionate about their video game series, that's why you see so many sequels with developers staying loyal to a specific series of game. Dragon Quest is a huge deal in Japan, much like Final Fantasy - infact any Square series. After much speculation over what console the series will..

  • News Sega Announces Alien Syndrome

    "Completely re-designed from the ground up", Sega offer a new title for Wii RPG fans.

    Japanese gurus over at Sega hve today announced a new title that'll be released for both Wii and PSP, it comes in the form of Alien Syndrome a "Action RPG" no less, lets get to the PR: "Alien Syndrome offers two fast-paced action-RPG modes – the dramatic and engaging single-player campaign, plus a hugely..

  • News Zelda DS: Delayed, Zelda Wii: In Development

    Everyone's favourite Zelda newspaper, The Hylia reports on an article published in this months Game Informer magazine.

    Two peices of Zelda news in one nicely packaged news article. Firstly the bad news, Zelda DS aka Phantom Hourglass has been pushed back, doh. "Game Informer is reporting that Phantom Hourglass has not just been pushed back to "early 2007" as previously reported, but..

  • Your View Zelda Twilight Princess

    Nintendo for the first time launch a console with a brand new Zelda game, how does it measure up?

    It's been a very long time coming, but you should finally have Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess in your hands and your swinging your Wiimote around. After the "different" style of Wind Waker, how do you find the graphics of Twilight Princess, back on form? Have you missed the look of OOT for all..

  • Your View Wii Sports

    Bundled with the console, everyone should have an opinion on this one.

    Wii finally launches and everyone should of booted up Wii Sports by now. Which does it best for you, Tennis? Boxing? Bowling? Golf? Baseball? Have you tried Wii Fitness? Are you classed as an old man (ReInstall) or a fit athelete (pHaT-aNt_)? Tell us about your experience with Wii Sports, what you think so far?

  • News SSX Blur Exclusive To Wii

    EA have released the high resolution trailer and a snippet of information about its upcoming snowboard sequel, SSX Blur.

    Developed once again by EA Montreal, part of the EA Sports BIG label, SSX Blur will be built exclusively for Wii utilising the control system that can only be offered by the Wiimote. "We wanted to take the soul of the franchise—the air, the speed, the tricks, the fun—and..

  • News Best Of Gamecube

    As we count down to the release of Wii, we look back at our favourite moments on Gamecube

    The Gamecube has been some what of a mixed bag, it's provided us with some classic moments but maybe its let us down, once more, with third party titles. It's pretty safe to say its done better than the Nintendo 64. We expect alot of our readers to be new to...

  • News Game Head Reveal SSX Blur

    As promised, Reggie appears on Spike TV's "Game Head" show to help unveil the next SSX title from EA.

    You may remember last week we heard that Reggie was to appear on Game Head, not to disappoint our main man was there with some random presenter that was extremely excited to show him the first footage of Electronic Arts latest snowboarding game, SSX Blur. This will be the 5th game in the SSX..


  • News SSX Wii To Debut On "Game Head" With Reggie

    Reggie renews his rivalry with "Geoff" on Spike!'s Game Head show, set to air this coming Friday.

    Also showing on this weeks show is a world exclusive trailer for the previous un-announced "SSX Wii" from Electronic Arts, apparently even Reggie himself hasn't seen this trailer. Here's the blurb about this weeks show: "In early February of 2006, (when the Wii was still The Revolution and Reggie..

  • News Wii Sports WILL Be Boxed

    Internet Message Board geeks rejoice - Wii Sports WILL come boxed in Europe.

    Eurogamer announced today that Wii Sports does indeed come boxed in Europe - because they just got their copies of the console shipped in from Europe. This is what they had to say: "The PAL version of Nintendo Wii will ship with a boxed version of Wii Sports rather than a bare disc as it did in the US, we can confirm..

  • News UK Wii Importers Can Use Credit Cards Afterall

    All you have to do it set your country to "Brazil" and it'll accept your credit card details, excellent!

    As a UK-er who imported a Wii console, the only thing that didn't work straight out of the box was buying Wii Points via a credit card from within the Wii Shop channel, the solution was to simply buy the pre-paid ones and enter the number - which works, but its abit long winded. The main problem..

  • News Super Smash Bros. Brawl Updates

    Masahiro Sakurai updates the official Smash Bros Dojo website, a host of new screenshots and a video.

    One of the most eagerly awaited Wii titles is Super Smash Bros. Brawl, thanks to DigitalBattle we've noticed that the official site over at has been updated by the games director, Masahiro Sakurai of Sora. "So, the Wii has launched. Are you enjoying it? As I sit here..

  • News Red Steel 2 Rumoured

    Watch out - Internet forums are in a frenzy because someone translated Ubisoft's website. Oh god.

    According to a loose translation from Ubisoft France's website the following has been revealed: "Game Designer Senior Production/Development; The Studio of Production of Paris seeks Game Designer for the continuation of the Red Steel project. You will assist the Person in charge Game design for..

  • News Wii Success

    If we didn't already know, Nintendo made it official, Wii's launch is a success state side.

    It's been almost 10 days since the Wii launched on November 19th, everyone's first indications are good and the launch has been deemed a success. With Nintendo selling a Wii almost 1 per second since launch, Reggie proclaims "Including just first-party software and accessory sales, Wii instantly has become a..

  • News Elebits Will Take Advantage Of Connect24

    Konami's eccentric yet innovative hide and seek title will be the first Wii game to take full advantage of the WiiConnect24 download system.

    Japanese gaming magazine Famitsu announced on their website today that WiiConnect24, which allows players to connect their Nintendo Wii consoles to the Internet, will be incorporated into the Konami action adventure title. Elebits will feature a number of..

  • News Zelda Soundtrack @ Target

    US gamers have noticed a special edition Zelda: Twilight Princess soundtrack in local Target stores.

    Visor's favourite blog, Kotaku, posted a picture today along with the following blurb. "Reader Chris T. writes in with this find from his local Target. The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess soundtrack that comes with a 1/6 scale replica Hylian Sword and Shield. Chris describes it as a..

  • News Famitsu Wii Scores

    Just in-case you missed them, the infamous Japanese magazine scores on the Wii, we'll remind you.

    Whenever it comes to Japanese gaming media, there is only one magazine that's important, that is of course Famitsu. Although I'm alittle late posting these, they still might prove interesting to someone. "Famitsu is known worldwide for its extremely harsh grading of current videogames. Video games..

  • News Virtual Console To Get Game Updates?

    Rumours surface that Wii's Virtual Console games might have new updates or mods?

    According to The Wiire, it seems that "Super Mario Kart: Online" could be a possibility? In a recent interview about the Wii Shop Channel, it was revealed that Virtual Console games might sometimes have an "Update" button. "The "Update" button indicates there are enhancements for the game. If you have..

  • News Weekend Of Wii

    Alas the Wii consumes me, the weekend primarily consists of lots of Wii action.

    You've probably noticed that updates have been rather lacking the past few days, for that I am sorry. But as you may know, Fedex dropped off my Wii last week which meant the past two days was my first weekend of Wii. Did you really expect me to leave it alone? Considering I have 4 games at the moment, which have I been..

  • News My First Day Of Wii

    It's finally here, the Wii has arrived in the UK and its time to play.

    The sun rose over a cold and bitter English morning, it was like any other normal day, except today the Wii would finally be in my hands. 7.00am - I wake to the annoying sound of my alarm clock, usually it gets a beating but today I was nice, it was time to get up (unusually early for me) as I had an appointment in Leicester at..

  • News New Metroid Prime 3 Trailer

    SPoNG have reported a new Metroid Prime 3 trailer has surfaced on the Internet.

    One of the hottest Wii titles in development, Nintendo tease us even more with a new video showing us Samus on the new system, keep them coming and get me a release date, stat. "What we've already experienced of Metroid Prime 3's controls has us desperately crying out for more. Moving Samus with the Wii's Nunchuk..

  • News Trauma Center Hits Stores

    News breaks as the first Wii games start appearing in US stores.

    For some unknown reason there are always games instore before the actual console due to launch, maybe its marketing, maybe there is no reason, either way, Atlus's Trauma Center: Second Opinion is now available in stores across America. "This news may cause dizziness and weak knees for gamers of all ages! If the uncontrollable..

  • News Excite Truck Custom Soundtracks

    Following the success of custom soundtracks in XBOX games it seems that Nintendo have jumped on board with a similar feature for their high octane racer Excite Truck.

    US review copies have confirmed the rumour that you will be able to upload a total of 100 tracks from an SD card into the game to be used as a soundtrack. You simply insert an SD card with your MP3's loaded onto into the Nintendo..

  • News Reggie Talks To CNET

    Web giant CNET sits down with Reggie and asks him about the Wii, will we all get one?

    The Nintendo Of US and A President, Reggie, was quizzed by CNET's Rich DeMuro. The interview was recorded and thrown online for us all to see. Reggie looked as calm as ever, but completely deflected the whole "one more secret" rumour that'd currently been buzzing around the Internet. I probably believe him,..

  • News Virtual Console Updates

    More games have recently been rated by the ESRB in America, signaling for Virtual Console release.

    The Entertainment Software Ratings Board have no doubt been very busy rating Nintendo's back catalog of games, its something that has to be done by law before the games can be made available on the download service. It's stated that the follow games have all been rated, and theoretically Nintendo..

  • News Introducing Wii

    Load your guns and sharpen your knives, 'cause the war is coming. We are anticipating one of the greatest struggles known to men, as the three champions are getting ready. This is the console war, it's going to be bloody, it's going to be dirty, and the future of the game industry is depending on this.

    Well, maybe I'm exaggerating a bit. But it is indeed a spectacular year we have ahead of us,..

  • News 30 Days Of Wii celebrates the Wii countdown with 30 days of Wii, heaps of Previews, Articles and Reviews on the way.

    The staff over at really can't wait for Wii to come out, we're quite literally sitting on our hands right now. We've decided to mark the occasion with a special 30 days of articles leading upto the European launch. We'll be posting a different..

  • News Trace Your Figure

    First 4 Figures release another Nintendo figure, this time its Trace from Metroid Prime Hunters.

    Alex over at First 4 Figures has pointed out that a new figure will be available in Q1 2007, the blood red Trace figure is another limited edition model with only 1,500 being made. "First 4 Figures is extremely proud to present Trace, the first in the Metroid Prime Hunters collectable series. First..

  • News Downloadable Content For Twilight Princess?

    The guys over at recently had a chat with Nintendo of America Senior Vice President George Harrison, and they managed to get a few interesting facts out of him, one of them being that downloadable content for the next game in the critically acclaimed Zelda series, is a possibility they are considering.

    There is very little doubt that The Legend of Zelda: The Twilight Princess is the..

  • News New Rayman Gameplay Footage

    Ubisoft release some new footage of their upcoming Wii launch title, Rayman Raving Rabbits.

    The neat little video package was released this afternoon along with a selection of screenshots. For the first time we get abit more of an idea of what the actual gameplay will be like. Just in case you didn't know, this is what its meant to be about: "This new Rayman game features the funniest,..

  • News Japanese Cover Artwork

    More Wii cover artwork slips out of Japan and onto the Internet.

    These boxes have been posted on Flickr over the past few days, its always interesting to see different cover art in Japan. I'm not totally sure why the market would be so different over there... but anyway, some suitable differences, check them out. The Zelda box is obviously quite different, they've still got the whole light/dark..

  • News Nintendo World 2006

    Last week saw the 2006 Nintendo World event in Japan, lots of new footage and games for us to get excited about.

    The event held in Nagoya, Japan gave the opportunity to 100s of gamers to get physical with Wii, shortly after the event IGN managed to scramble back to their computers and threw some videos online for everyone to enjoy. GoNintendo also managed to acquire a large batch of photos. Launch..

  • News Two New Zelda Trailers

    Nintendo UK showcase some new trailers for the upcoming Zelda game out in Nov in the US and Dec in the UK.

    In this weeks Nintendo UK newsletter, a simple title of "The Legend Returns..." should be enough to wet your appaite. Clicking through to the UK website, you are rewarded with two stunning videos showcasing the upcoming Zelda game, The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess. Both videos..

  • News 62 Games For Wii Launch

    Wii's game library is already growing strong thanks to great third party support and the Virtual Console.

    Here's a copy of todays Press Release, direct from Within the first five weeks of launch, Wii™ owners can pick from up to 62 games, representing the most diverse, and most exciting, console video game library available. Licensees and developers have lined up to support the Wii..


  • News Wii's Cooking, Mama

    Cooking Mama breaks outta the cupboard and comes to Wii entitled "Cooking Mama: Cook Off".

    If you haven't already noticed the pattern, it seems alot of super quirky DS games are getting announced for Wii, if it works with a stylus it'll probably work with the Wiimote. Well done Nintendo, a very good combination. "Since its introduction last month, Cooking Mama for the Nintendo DS has won..

  • News Kirby Squeak Squad

    Our beloved and pink friend Kirby is back, and as always he's ready for more adventures and action, this time he faces the threats of a diabolical band of thieves called the Squeaks.

    In addition to a name that is pronounced quite funny, the game will offer the same well-known floating, jumping and battling that made the original Kirby games so fun and enjoying. And according to HAL, we will be..

  • News More Wii Cover Artwork

    Some more high quality game artwork has appeared on the internet.

    Browsing around the internet more and more Wii covers are popping up, even some have been posted on flickr, by a member named "creamsugar". Anyway, game cover artwork excites me, so lets get down to business:..

  • News Nintendo Brand To Take A Backseat?

    What's the strategy? It seems Nintendo might be having a bit of a branding rethink with its Wii console.

    If you've kept your ear to the ground in past months, you'll know that Nintendo want you to refer to the new system simply as "Wii", not "Nintendo Wii". It's a little bit of a change in tactics for Nintendo, whom seem to like plastering their name all over its products, don't forget the Nintendo..

  • News Elite Beats On Your DS

    The official track listing for 'Elite Beat Agents', the forthcoming DS game, is out.

    The full listing is as follows: Walkie Talkie Man - Steriogram ABC - Jackson Five Sk8er Boi - Avril Lavigne I Was Born to Love You - Queen Rock This Town - Stray Cats Highway Star - Deep Purple Y.M.C.A. - Village People September - Earth, Wind and Fire Canned Heat - Jamiroquai Material Girl - Madonna La La -..

  • News Mario Kart Arcade Returns

    Namco updates its Arcade version of Mario Kart, two new characters available.

    Not very well known over here in the west, but Namco have previously released an Arcade adaptation of Mario Kart and are now set to release another, it seems the new version will only be slightly upgraded but will now feature Waluigi and Tamagotchi. "There will also be lots of new items and courses to spice up those..

  • News Updated DS Release Dates

    Nintendo publish a bunch of release dates for DS games in Europe for the next few months.

    Obviously we think the majority of people will be much more interested in Wii releases at the moment, but we can't go forgetting our faithful DS. "This Christmas gamers will be filled with seasonal cheer by a selection of exciting first party games for the Nintendo DS. Owners of the Nintendo DS and..

  • News Wii Finally Get Cover Art

    It's been a while coming but we're finally starting to get some high resolution Wii artwork for games such as Red Steel, Tony Hawks and Far Cry.

    Nintendo has sometimes suffered when it comes to cover artwork style, but this time it looks pretty damn sweet. We've recently started receiving high resolution artwork, check them out:..

  • News THQ Set For Launch

    Four titles from THQ will be available on day one of Wii, Avatar, Barnyard, Cars and Spongebob.

    Okay, so they're probably not the kinda games we'll be buying, but THQ have offered some decent titles for the younger market. Anyway, here's the low-down on all four games that'll be available at launch. Avatar: The Last Airbender: "Based on one of Nickelodeon's hottest TV shows, the Avatar: The..

  • News Get Your Mask On

    The Zelda hardcore rejoice, another figure comes to the market, this time from Majora's mask.

    Just in case you don't know what I'm talking about, Majora's Mask was the 2nd Zelda title for Nintendo 64, whilst it was the follow up to the legendary Ocarina of Time, Majora's Mask was quite different, but primarily it was dark. Someone over at First 4...

  • News New Adventure Game Announced For The DS

    The German Publisher Anaconda, behind several German games, like Undercover: Operation Wintersun for the PC, has recently announced a new adventure game for Nintendo's handheld system, and this one is releasing in English too.

    Many German games are never released outside Germany, and if they are, they often suffer from bad marketing and terrible voice-over and translation. Anaconda want to change..

  • News Heatseeker Will Blow You Away On The Wii

    Codemasters just announced a new military flight combat simulator, and it's launching on the Wii later this year.

    Developed by the relatively old and independent British company Codemasters, Heatseeker will deliver fast-paced modern military flight action, and is set to be the most explosive, destructive and exhilarating arcade aerial combat experience ever, at least if we should believe the..

  • News Pro Evo For Wii?

    Konami producer Shingo Takatsuka has confirmed to CVG it's "in development and testing right now".

    Speaking to CVG the Pro Evolution Soccer producer has confirmed they have a working version of the soccer masterpiece on the Wii hardware and are currently experimenting with different control methods of the Wiimote. Although this could all be for nothing, Konami have yet to officially announce any..

  • News Pokémon Breaks The Sales Records

    Those of you who thought the Pokémon fever was over, think again. The Franchise is hotter than ever.

    Since it's start back in 1996 with Pokémon Red and Blue, the Japanese anime inspired franchise has been one of the best selling video game series ever, and a major earner for Nintendo. Mix this with the tremendous success of the DS, and you got to have a smashing success, right? In fact, Pokémon..

  • News Cube Games Region Locked On Wii

    Eurogamer's recently had the chance to speak to Nintendo UK about some more of the specifics relating to the region locking of the Wii.

    A nintendo spokesperson has told Eurogamer that the Wii will be region locked when playing GCN games. So if you imported your GCN games, you will have to get an imported Wii to play them. Nintendo also confirmed that the Virtual Console will in fact have region..

  • News New Twilight Princess Information

    A German Nintendo Magazine has revealed some new information on Nintendo's upcoming flagship.

    The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess is probably the most anticipated title for Nintendo's Next Generation console, and it will undoubtedly play a role on the Wii's success in the upcoming console war. The German Nintendo Magazine N-Zone has published a huge story on the game, and it reveals some very..


  • News Red Steel Progress

    Ubisoft seem to be making good progress with the Wii launch title, few new details emerge.

    4cr have done an excellent job of rounding up the latest chucks of info surrounding the Ubisoft first person shooter, Red Steel. First of all, there will be 4 player multiplayer action, but no online gaming this time around. SL: “It’s tough to discuss multiplayer in detail as it’s still a secret but..

  • News Capcom Announces Mega Man Star Force

    During the Tokyo Game Show, the Japanese developer and publisher Capcom, announced Mega Man Star Force for the DS, the first game in a new interesting Mega Man series.

    Since it's start back in 1987, the Mega Man series have proven to be one of Capcom's most popular franchises, and it has spawned several unique series. Star Force is the first game in such a series, and the third mega man game to..

  • News The Cost Of Wii Points

    Nintendo have announced that 2,000 Wii points will set Americans back $20 and Europeans £14 (€20).

    So lets break down the cost for each Virtual Console title: NES Games (500 Points) - $5 | £3.50 | €5 SNES Games (700 Points) - $7 | £4.90 | €7 N64 Games (1,000 Points) - $10 | £7 | €10 Admittedly that is a tad pricey as you can pick up the original physical copies for pretty much the..

  • News Wii Games Not Region Free

    It seems like Nintendo can't decide whether or not the Wii games will be region free, because now they suddenly aren't anymore.

    Earlier today, we reported that according to Perrin Kaplan, Nintendo of America's Vice President of Marketing and Affairs, games for the Nintendo Wii would be region free, but apparently she have misunderstood something, because now Nintendo UK's General Manager David..

  • News 20 US Launch Games Confirmed

    The best console launch in history? You can count on it!

    Here are the 20 games confirmed to be available as the Wii launches on the 19th of November in the US: Blazing Angels: Squadrons of WWII Call of Duty 3 Elebits Excite Truck Far Cry: Vengeance GT Pro Series Madden NFL 07 Marvel: Ultimate Alliance Monster 4x4: World Circuit Need for Speed: Carbon Open Season Rapala Tournament Fishing Rayman..

  • News Metroid Prime 3 Delayed Until 2007

    Retro Studios have not been able to complete Metroid Prime 3 in time for the Wii launch.

    However, they have tweaked the control scheme to include a sensitivity option for the controller. The sensitivity option not only speeds up the controllers responsiveness, but reduces the 'dead-spot' in the center area of the screen, allowing more natural turning; a much requested feature after playing the..

  • News US And Japanese Wii Launch Details

    The Wii will launch in North and South America before Japan!

    Nintendo have announced launch plans for most of the world, with the PAL territories to follow in the Nintendo Europe conference tomorrow. Wii will launch in the US on the 19th of November and on the 2nd of December in Japan Wii will cost $250 US in America (about £133) In Japan the console will be priced at 25,000 Yen in Japan (about..

  • News Final Fantasy XII Spin Off On DS

    The Shoen Jump magazine has now confirmed the recent rumor that a FFXII game may make it onto the DS.

    So far though nothing has been announced on the content of Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings. All we know is that its a spin-off title that revolves around the Playstation 2 game, further milking the SquareEnix cash-cow. Hopefully it will stick close to the quality expected from the Final Fantasy..

  • News Heroes Of Mana Confirmed For The DS

    According to the Japanese gaming magazine Famitsu, Square-Enix will develop Heroes of Mana for the DS, a mix between RTS and RPG.

    Square-Enix, with it's extremely popular Final Fantasy series, has grown to be one of the main developers and publishers in the gaming industry, and with games like Final Fantasy III for the DS, and Dragon Quest Swords and Final Fantasy Crystal chronicles for the Wii,..

  • News ESRB Reveals Virtual Console Games

    ESRB, an American website that provides reliable information about the content in computer and video games, has revealed seven titles that should be available on Virtual Console

    The Virtual Console for the Wii will be a built-in emulator that let's you download and play games from other consoles, from NES to N64, and consoles from other companies as well. With Microsoft's successful Xbox live..

  • News Brain Training Tournament For Grandparents

    Nintendo introduces gaming to grandparents with a competition in the popular DS game, Brain Training.

    Since the famous NES console launched in 1983, Nintendo has been considered by many as the console for kids. Of course, most people who make these statements have never actually played a Nintendo System, but nevertheless, many people still consider Nintendo as a more childish company than, for..