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  • E3 2007 Super Mario Galaxy

    Reggie was telling the truth, Super Mario Galaxy Will launch in the US on November 12th, its confirmed.

    "The ultimate Nintendo hero is taking the ultimate step ... into space. Become Mario™ as he traverses a galaxy of gravities, traveling in and out of gravitational fields by blasting from planet to planet. Players experience dizzying perspective shifts as they run upside down through wild..

  • E3 2007 Metroid Prime 3: Corruption

    Metroid Prime 3 will ship in August for USA and October for Europe, however there won't be any online multiplayer options.

    Truly feel what it is to be the bounty hunter behind the visor. Players become Samus with the Wii controls. By moving around with the Nunchuk™ and aiming Samus’ gun with the Wii Remote™, players do more than look through the eyes of Samus – they experience a quantum..

  • E3 2007 Resident Evil: Umbrella Chronicles

    Capcom release a bunch of new information, screenshots and videos for the E3 show.

    "Resident Evil®: The Umbrella Chronicles for the Wii™ video game system from Nintendo will include a two-player co-op mode, for even more intense light-gun style shooting action. Resident Evil® is the highest selling Capcom series with more than 30 million games sold worldwide. "Resident Evil has become one of..

  • E3 2007 European Wii Release Dates

    Metroid to be released in October, Mario Galaxy by the end of the year and Smash Bros Brawl in 2008.

    With the usual flood of information at E3, we've learnt that Metroid Prime 3, Super Smash Bros. Brawl and Mario Galaxy will all see a release in the US before Christmas, sadly this isn't the case for European gamers, here's the latest release list from Nintendo Europe. Big Brain Academy for Wii..

  • News Oh Beautiful Katamari

    IGN reports that Namco have dumped the PS3 version of Katamari Damacy sequel, Beautiful Katamari, in favour of a brand new Wii version.

    "Namco Bandai revealed earlier this year that it was developing the next-generation Katamari Damacy sequel, Beautiful Katamari, for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. Up until recently, the developer continued to work on...

  • E3 2007 EA Line Up

    Electronic Arts have detailed their upcoming titles that will be on display at E3 this year, including some Nintendo goodies.

    "In the next six months, EA will launch the most exciting line up of games in our 25 year history," said EA Games Label President Frank Gibeau. "We’re publishing brand new games like Boogie, Skate and Army of Two, introducing Rock Band and The Simpsons and delivering..

  • News Wii Guitar Hero's... Guitar!

    A few days ago Activision and RedOctane have finally unveiled the Wii's Guitar Hero 3 controller, its white and shiny.

    "Activision, Inc. today announced its exclusive partnership with Gibson Guitar Corp., the world's leading musical instrument manufacturer and leader in music technology. As part of the agreement, Activision will feature Gibson's premium brands and shapes in Guitar Hero III:..

  • News Wii Light Saber Game In Development

    LucasArts have confirmed that we'll be seeing the much dreamt about Light Saber action on a Wii console later this year.

    Jim Ward of LucasArts was quizzed about the idea at last weeks Hollywood & Games Summit panel in Los Angeles. "In response to a question from session moderator N'Gai Croal of Newsweek asking: "What would it take to make a lightsaber game for the Wii?", Ward, who is President..

  • News Soul Calibur Legends Details

    Namco release information about the control system on Soul Calibur Legends along with a new trailer of the game.

    According to GameWad the game will feature "motion capture" from the Wiimote which is then represented on screen. "By swinging the Wii Remote as players please, in-game characters will perform the exact sword actions that players are...

  • News Metroid Prime 3 - Not Online?

    Retro Studios have been quoted as saying there will be no online play in the forth coming Metroid Prime 3: Corruption. Doh.

    Interviewed by GamePro, Retro Studios CEO Michael Kelbaugh told the website that his studio's upcoming title Metroid Prime 3: Corruption will not feature online multiplayer. "It's something we talked about early on, but we only have so many resources. We opted to devote those..

  • News First WiiWare Title Revealed

    Austrian company Bplus announce the first official game for WiiWare, Nintendo's new original content download service.

    "The Viennese company Bplus, which celebrates its fourth birthday today on 07-07-07, is proud to announce to be, as Nintendo official developer, among the first that offer original game titles for the new Wii download service. The start is made with the innovative puzzle shooter..

  • E3 2007 Sega Line Up

    Sega will be showcasing 13 games at this years E3, with 7 of them making their way onto Nintendo platforms.

    "SEGA’s mission is to publish fun and entertaining games for people wherever and whenever they want to play," said Simon Jeffery, President and COO, SEGA of America. “For some titles like The Golden Compass we’ll provide a compelling and similar game experience across all the major..

  • News Nintendo Dominate EDGE's Top 100 Games

    EDGE magazine crowns Nintendo 64 classic "The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time" the ultimate game.

    "Ocarina of Time is nearly ten years old, but its position at the top slot in Edge's 100 Best Videogames shows that great game design does not age. In visual terms, it obviously cannot compete with today's Xbox 360 and PS3 productions, but, as with many classics, its appeal is about so much more than..

  • News Metroid Prime 3: Corruption Boxart Revealed

    Nintendo have finally gotten round to designing some cover artwork for the upcoming Metroid Prime 3: Corruption.

    It's hard to avoid Nintendo's once launch title FPS game, with its release date finally confirmed for August, Nintendo have released the following: [dgp:cover=games/wii/metroid_prime_3_corruption] I'm not overly impressed myself, but still not bad eh?

  • News New Resident Evil: Umbrella Chronicles Trailer

    Capcom have released a new trailer for the upcoming Wii zombie-fest, Resident Evil: Umbrella Chronicles.

    This is fast becoming one of my most anticipated 3rd party titles on Wii, it'll be a true test of the Wii mote being a gun. Check out the new trailer here: Doesn't it look awesome?

  • News Midway Resurrect Cruis'n

    Midway have decided to resurrect their "Cruis'n" franchise and bring us a new Wii title.

    "An all new version of the classic Midway arcade racer, Cruis’n is coming exclusively to the Wii. Choose your ride from an impressive lineup of licensed cars and experience a rush of adrenaline as you race opponents through twelve different street circuits...

  • News Boogie To This

    EA reveal the tracklisting (35 of em!) for their forthcoming Dance-Em-Up, Boogie, exclusive to Wii.

    ”This is a breakthrough game with a landmark soundtrack,” said Steve Schnur, Worldwide Executive of Music and Marketing at EA. “We’ve brought together generations of the biggest hits in pop music history for a game that takes Wii innovation to a whole new level. Boogie is truly the ultimate..

  • News Atlus Announce Two DS Rhythm Games

    Atlus have today announced both Ontamarama and Draglade coming to a Nintendo DS later this year.

    Draglade (a rhythm fighting game)In Draglade, it’s not just about how hard you hit or fast you move, it's also how well you can groove. An innovative mix of music and fighting means you will have to use your rhythm as well as your reflexes if you want to overcome your foes and show everyone that..

  • News Atlus Announce Trauma Center Sequel

    Atlus have today announced a Wii sequel to "Trauma Center: Second Opinion" dubbed "Trauma Center: New Blood".

    Keep your hands steady and your mind focused – this time around there’s a lot more on the line. Every cut of the scalpel, every pinch of the forceps, each and every second that ticks by is of the absolute greatest importance. If you think it's too much to handle alone, invite a friend..

  • News NiGHTS: Journey Of Dreams Trailer

    Wow. Just wow. How long have we been waiting for a new NiGHTS game now?

    It must be about 10 years, maybe more. All I know is that this trailer made parts of me cream that have never creamed before. Check it out: Thank you SEGA.

  • News Mazza Kart Wii This Year

    Rumours are in overdrive just now that Nintendo will announce the next installment of Mario Kart at E3.

    That would be tomorrow folks. N-Europe are reporting that they expect an announcement from Nintendo highlighting that Mario Kart Wii will hit Europe later this year. That means we will probably see Mario Kart before Christmas. However, the news is slightly less fortunate on those of us craving..

  • News EA Introduce Family Play

    Electronic Arts have announced a new "Family Play" system for their '08 Sports titles, featuring advanced or family modes.

    "In the main game of Madden NFL 08, NBA LIVE 08 and FIFA 08, players have the choice to play the style that best suits their skills. When entering a contest, players now have the option to choose Advanced or Family Play. Once in the game, Advanced users take complete control..

  • News Jenga Falls Onto Wii & DS

    Atari have today announced that the classic "JENGA!" game is being digitally transferred onto the Wii and DS set for release later this year.

    "Atari today announced that it will publish Jenga, based on the world famous wooden block tower building game. Designed to make the most of the innovative control systems on Wii and DS, the game will offer unpredictable, quick-paced, tactical play that..


  • News Nintendo Announce WiiWare

    New online service for downloading independently created original content for Wii!

    "The search for the next ingeniously ground-breaking video game has begun. At a private developers conference this week, Nintendo announced the introduction of WiiWare™, a game-creation service that will allow developers large and small to create new downloadable video game content for sale by Nintendo through the..

  • News Zelda Joins The Brawl

    Nintendo reveal Princess Zelda as the latest character to enter Super Smash Bros. Brawl heading to Wii this year.

    "Just like Link, Zelda’s design has also changed. She has a slightly more subdued color scheme. Her movement capabilities are not that good, but her magic adds power to her physical attacks. There’s a reason why her hands and feet glow, after all." So then, I didn't see that one..

  • News Corruption Primed For Launch

    Delayed but not forgotten, journalists find out about the fruits of labour in Retro Studios Metroid Prime 3.

    "As one of the few that got to play Metroid Prime 3: Corruption at Nintendo’s Media Summit several weeks ago, those from the magazine got to experience first-hand the benefits of the game’s delays. There are MINOR SPOILERS below, so you may or may not want to read them. If you choose..

  • News Looking For DS Icons?

    Ever found it painfully hard to create a killer icon on Mario Kart DS? Your pain is over, has all the answers for you.

    "Lately we've found ourselves pimping out our Karts on Mario Kart DS, and we thought to ourselves, "Selves, why don't we build a website where we can share our killer DS icons with the rest of the world? We could get famous in Japan!" And ourselves said, "You know,..

  • News The E3 2007 Rumour Mill

    The new slim-line E3 should still provide us with a wealth of new information, but what exactly should we expect?

    Thankfully the guys over at Gaming Target have compiled an interest list of predictions regarding E3, here's the ones that caught our eye. "It should be noted that these are all educated guesses based entirely on available information as of today. I have no inside knowledge concerning..

  • News Manhunt 2 Saga Continues

    After getting an "Adult Only" rating in the US, neither Nintendo or Sony are prepared to release the game.

    This week we saw that Manhunt 2 was rejected any classification in the UK, now the game has been rated in the US its left the publisher alittle miffed as both Nintendo and Sony have stated they won't release games with an "Adult Only" rating, the most extreme classification the ESRB provide..

  • News Sonic RPG For DS In 2008

    Sega announce their partnership with BioWare to bring a new RPG for the famous blue hedgehog.

    "We’re thrilled to be working with SEGA on Sonic, one of the industry’s most enduring and compelling icons,” said Greg Zeschuk, president of BioWare. “As huge fans of Sonic ourselves, we’re committed to delivering a truly amazing story-driven experience within the Sonic universe, focusing on..

  • News Contra 4 Coming To DS

    More 2D scrolling action from the kings at Konami, Contra 4 heading to Nintendo's DS console before the end of the year.

    "Contra 4 takes place two years after the events of Contra III: The Alien Wars. After saving earth from invasion by Red Falcon, Bill Rizer and Lance Bean are confronted with a new extraterrestrial menace: the terrifying Black Viper. Joined by hard-boiled mercenaries Mad Dog and..

  • News Super Paper Mario Due In September

    The quarter 3 Nintendo release dates are in and there is still quite a long haul until Super Paper Mario finally hits UK stores.

    Q3 Wii Release Schedule * Resident Evil: 4 Wii edition (Capcom) 29th June 2007 * Harry Potter & The Order Of The Phoenix (EA) 29th June 2007 * Scarface (Vivendi Games) 30th June 2007 * Mortal Kombat: Armageddon (Midway Games) June 2007 * Mario Party 8..

  • News Resident Evil: Umbrella Chronicles Trailer

    Those of us that snagged Resident Evil 4: Wii Edition recently have probably noticed the "Bonus Feature" of a Resident Evil: Umbrella Chronicles trailer.

    "Resident Evil®: The Umbrella chronicles is a brand new game in the Resident Evil® franchise, with familiar locales from the entire series. This action/shooter hybrid reveals the back story behind the fall of the Umbrella Corporation by..

  • News Stop The H.A.M.M.E.R Time?

    Rumours surround Nintendo's forgotten Project H.A.M.M.E.R, has it been canned? No-one knows!

    A number of reports have surfaced this week that Nintendo has cancelled Project HAMMER, a game that was demoed at E3 in 2006 in which we've heard nothing since. "Insiders close to development studio NST allege to IGN that the software company's Wii action title, tentatively titled Project H.A.M.M.E.R., has..

  • News New Boogie Trailer

    EA's dance-em-up was dated earlier this week, now we've got a new trailer to show us alittle more about how the game might work.

    "Players will dance, sing and create music videos with this ultimate videogame party package that takes advantage of the innovative Wii controls getting gamers off their couch and playing to a new beat. Not only will gamers be belting out their favorite tunes or dancing..

  • News Gore Prevails, Resident Evil 4 Out Today

    Violence fans rejoice, whilst your waiting for Manhunt 2 you can get your paws on Resident Evil 4: Wii Edition in the US from today.

    "Resident Evil® 4 is one of the highest rated games on Game and, garnering dozens of awards and nominations for its amazing game play and incredible re-invention of the “survival-horror” genre. This celebrated game now comes to the..

  • News Manhunt 2 Rejected By BBFC

    British Board of Film Classifications have spoken, Manhunt 2 is too violent for you, you can't play it, shame on you for even thinking it.

    As announced by the BBFC today Manhunt 2 has been rejected classification meaning it is ineligible for release in its current form. The director of the BBFC, David Cooke, has issued the following statement trying to clear things up abit. "Rejecting a work is a..

  • News No Pro Evolution Soccer 2008 For Wii

    Konami have today announced details for the latest PES game, no mention of Wii though, only the DS for Nintendo this time.

    "Marking the series’ first appearance on PLAYSTATION®3, and its second Xbox 360 outing, these and the PC-DVD ‘Next Generation’ versions of Pro Evolution Soccer 2008’s are further enhanced by stunning aesthetic elements. Player detail has been taken to incredible..

  • News Boogie Dated

    EA announce that music/dance-em-up will launch on August 31st across Europe, including free microphone!

    "Shake it. Sing it. Create it. Electronic Arts announced today that Boogie™ – an all new intellectual property in development at EA Montreal will be released for the Wii™ on 31st August 2007 in Europe. The game will ship to retail stores with a packed-in karaoke microphone peripheral and..

  • News Trioncube Competition Winners

    We announce the winners of our Trioncube competition, selected at random by our super computer shuffle routine.

    To celebrate the launch of Trioncube on the DS we partnered up with Atari to give away 3 copies of the game to our members. We asked the question What is the name of the King in Trioncube? which of course was King Pluto. We powered up our shuffle routine to pick 3 winners and random and..

  • News Wii Hard Drive Rumour

    There's a fair whiff of a rumour, posted last week by fellow UKers, Wii-UK, its possible we'll see a hard drive from Nintendo as early as E3.

    According to our friends GoNintendo, the latest episode of the IGN podcast hints rather strongly that Nintendo may be making some announcement regarding a hard drive attachment for Wii at this year's E3 games exposition. Apparently the reasoning behind it is..

  • News Resident Evil 4 Gore Fest Confirmed

    Destructoid snags some proof that RE4 Wii Edition will indeed be the blood fest us mature gamers expected, despite being toned down in Japan.

    There was rumours flying around the interweb over the past month or two that the western release of Resident Evil 4: Wii Edition would be toned down like its Japanese counterpart, a huge blow to fans of the series. However Capcom have now answered, confirming..

  • News Dojo Talks Brawl Controls

    Proof that the Wii controls won't work for everything, Nintendo opt for a 4 way control system on upcoming Super Smash Bros Brawl.

    "The Nintendo Wii really is a versatile piece of hardware. I mean, when it comes to controllers, there are pretty much four different types. I guess I have no choice but implement them all! There’s no need to be confused about what does what—just choose the play..

  • News Wii: Your Personal Murder Training Device

    American comedian Jack Thompson has done it again, apparently the Wii acts as a training device that might prepare us for committing an offence.

    "Florida retailers are scheduled to sell a very violent video game called Manhunt 2 which will be available, remarkably, for “play” on the kids-friendly Nintendo Wii gaming platform. The Wii device does not utilize traditional push button game..

  • News Raving Rabbid Action

    Ubi-doers have released another new video of Rayman Raving Rabbids 2 for Wii taken from their Ubi Day show a few weeks back.

    "After invading the world of Rayman, the insane Rabbids have a new objective: THE INVASION OF PLANET EARTH! Setting their home base at a shopping mall, the Rabbids try to study human behavior and mimic everything humans do in funny, illogical ways." Check out the new action..

  • News Win A Copy Of Trioncube For DS

    To celebrate today's European launch of Trioncube for Nintendo DS, we've teamed up with Atari to give away 3 copies of the game to members of the site.

    "In Trioncube, the player takes the role of the captain on the mighty space ship Penko and embarks on a journey across eight planets into the depths of space to rescue the fair princess from the grasp of the handsomely monikered villain Hell Metal..

  • News Resident Evil 4: Wii Edition Receives Top Scores

    Infamous Famitsu magazine in Japan has given almost perfect scores to the rehashed Resident Evil 4 for Wii.

    "Of the 4 review scores given, two editors gave the game a 10/10. The other two were still lovin’ the Wii version enough to give it a 9/10. The reviewers said that even though the content is almost the same as the GameCube title, the Wii-mote controls are to the games advantage, making the..

  • News 4.7 Million Virtual Console Sales

    Nintendo have announced that the Virtual Console service has already generated over 4.7 million sales, with Mario being the favourite.

    "No one has more value in their back catalog than Nintendo. Huge numbers of gamers remember and love their favorite NES and Super NES games; the ability to buy and play those games on the Wii without having to hook up old hardware or blow into cartridges was a huge..


  • News Mario Charged Football Out Today

    Europeans get a small treat for missing out on Super Paper Mario, the remixed Mario Strikers Charged Football is out today across the UK and Europe.

    "Precision passing, skilful saves and phenomenal goals are not all that make up the beautiful game as Mario Strikers: Charged Football adds that little bit extra to one of Europe’s favourite sports. All the rules are gone, as Nintendo introduces a..

  • News The Rabbids Return

    Just incase your missing those furry little Rabbids, Ubisoft announce a sequel, Rayman Raving Rabbids 2.

    "Those mischievous bunnies are back in a hilarious sequel, a party comedy game that is guaranteed to be even crazier and funnier than the first with even more insane games to play. Rayman Raving Rabbids 2 will push the envelope of the Wii gameplay experience by continuing to make innovative use..

  • News Prime 3 To Launch In August

    Nintendo have today announced the summer line-up in the US, the big news is that Metroid Prime 3: Corruption is all set for a August 20th release date, bada-bing!

    "Whether you're a longtime gamer who likes classic franchises or a newcomer aiming to keep your brain sharp, Nintendo's summer lineup of games has something for you. Nintendo's offerings are anchored by key Wii™ games like Metroid..

  • News Sega's Ghost Squad

    Virtua Cop developers to try their hands at a Wii Shoot-em-up in the form of Ghost Squad, coming early next year.

    "Set in a world overrun with terrorism where the U.N. has been forced into creating the Global Humanitarian-Operation and Special Tactics Squad aka “Ghost Squad.” This team of elite soldiers comprise of the best of the best from both domestic and foreign military and special..

  • News New Smash Bros. Brawl Info Tomorrow

    Nintendo is set to re-launch the offical "Super Smash Bros. Brawl" tomorrow, according to the big count down thingy.

    One of the better websites for a an "in development" game was the aka "Smash Bros Dojo" website. Nintendo used the site to unveil all the characters and a few secret ones, the site hasn't been updated in quite a while with a message from the games producer saying "we'll..

  • News Mario Gets Charged This Week

    Nintendo are all set to release Mario Charged Football this week in Europe, backing the game with a large TV ad campaign.

    "Ian Wright and Shaun Wright-Phillips line up against Mario and Co. as the stars of the Mario Strikers Charged Football campaign which goes live across terrestrial TV from 19th May featuring in major sports events such as the upcoming Champions League and FA Cup finals and more..

  • News Capcom Reveals Project Z

    Capcom have formally named their upcoming pirate adventure "Zack & Wiki: Quest for Barbaros’ Treasure", formerly "Project Treasure Island Z".

    “Innovation has been the cornerstone of Capcom’s successful history ,” said Jack Symon, director, brand marketing, Capcom Entertainment. “By introducing a whole new level of interactivity, this...

  • News Wii Is The Stage Of History

    Japanese magazine Famitsu confirms Soul Calibur will see a Nintendo Wii release. stated today: Last week we talked about Matt Casamassina’s comments concerning a “popular third party fighter heading to the Wii, but with a twist”. We all figured it would be Soul Calibur, and Famitsu now confirms our guesses. Soul Calibur Legends is heading to the Wii, and it will take the..

  • News Armageddon Offline

    The Playstation 2 and XBOX versions of Mortal Kombat: Amageddon allowed players to compete in online multiplayer - so why has this feature been stripped from the Wii version.

    "Obviously we had online on other platforms so it wasn't going to be a technology challenge for us," said the game's producer, Shaun Himmerick, to "Nintendo didn't have their online system ready for us when we..

  • News Iwata To Satisfy Hardcore Gamers

    GameDaily BIZ have translated the fiscal press conference, Nintendo's President has stated that Hardcore gamers will be happy by the end of the year with 3 key releases.

    "So when can we expect some of Nintendo's "AAA" first-party games? According to Iwata, Nintendo will be able to satisfy the hardcore gamers this year. " when we will fulfill the hard-core gamers' titles lineup: It will be from..

  • News Atari Leave You Alone In The Dark

    Atari seem to have "confirmed" that Alone In The Dark 5 will be making it onto DS consoles later this year.

    After a bunch of rumours and hearsay, it now seems that thanks to Cubed3 we can confirm that a port of Alone In The Dark 5 is heading to the portable DS sometime this year. Previously the title was only due for Xbox360, PS3 and PC, but now the handheld? Personally I would of preferred to see..

  • News Virtual Console Video Previews

    Nintendo has added Video Previews to each of its of its Virtual Console games on its website.

    If you head on over to the Virtual Console section of the Wii website, you'll now find video previews of all the games. This is obviously better than it was before, afterall you can't actually "demo" the games before you download them, I guess Nintendo assume you've already played the game 20 years ago..

  • News Boogie Teaser Trailer

    A preview of EA's new Dance-Em-Up "Boogie" has appeared on IGN, whilst the game is still quite a way from release, it looks interesting for all you dance fans!

    "At its core, Boogie is a dancing and singing rhythm based party game. In the dancing portion of Boogie, you bust your moves using the Wii Remote and Nunchuk combination; specific dance moves are handled by waving and twisting the remote in..

  • News Resident Evil 4 At Budget Price

    It has been confirmed that the port of GameCube classic Resident Evil 4 will come at budget price.

    For Capcom to release a full price game practically the same as the version you've seen in second hand boxes around the country would have simply been bad business. So it's great news that the official Capcom site though the remake of Resident Evil 4 will retail at $29.95 (that'll mean it'll be about..

  • News Suited Samus Enters The Brawl?

    Nintendo Power seems to reveal that both Suited Samus and Zero Suit Samus will both appear in the upcoming Super Smash Bros. Brawl.

    Spotted by the news hounds over at Infendo earlier this week: "Nintendo Power quietly revealed another new character for Super Smash Bros. Brawl last month (in the May 2007 issue). A non-Zero Suit version of Samus was profiled in the magazine's monthly Smash Files..


  • News Play Wii, Burn Calories

    Personal trainer in Scotland explores the benefits of playing Wii every day.

    "Zander Urquhart, 32, is thought to be the first fitness expert to adopt the Nintendo Wii as an exercise machine. Four people at a time can exercise using the Wii's unique motion-sensitive controller to mimic a tennis racket, baseball bat, golf club or boxing gloves. University studies suggest players can burn 125..

  • News Data Design Announce Six Wii Ports

    Data Design Interactive gain publisher status for Wii, 12 games planned with the first 6 due out this year.

    The English developer turned publish Data Design Interactive have today announced its schedule for releasing content on Wii's system, they seem extremely pleased with themselves gaining publisher status from Nintendo, the first six games detailed below to be released this year. "Billy the..

  • News Mario Strikers Online To Be Region Specific

    Next Level games let it slip that Mario Strikers Charged Online matches might be region specific to help lag issues.

    "Mike Inglehart of Next Level, the company developing the title for Nintendo, explained in an interview with the UK’s Official Nintendo Magazine that due to their desire to get a “quality gameplay experience”, online matches will be region-specific. “The game is very twitch..

  • News Takashi Iizuka Talks NiGHTS

    Early this month Takashi Iizuka spoke to NGamer magazine, his interview has now been published on the CVG website for all to enjoy.

    "CVG: First of all, just to relax the diehard fans, will the Wii version of NiGHTS be following the fundamental game mechanics of the original? Takashi Iizuka: For those loyal fans that have waiting 11 years for NiGHTS to return, I felt the need to keep the game..

  • News Solid Snake Creator Diggs Smash Bros. Brawl

    Hideo Kojima recently played the latest version of Super Smash Bros. Brawl for Wii, saying it feels "very complete".

    "During the recent Snake Vs. Zombie event in Japan, Super Smash Bros. director Masahiro Sakurai invited Metal Gear Solid director Hideo Kojima to a quick game of Super Smash Bros. on the Wii. In the match, Karai played as Mario, while Kojima played as Snake (of course). Kojima said..

  • News First NiGHTs Screenshots

    Sega have released a small batch of screenshots from their upcoming sequel to NiGHTS into Dreams.

    Whilst we don't have any firm release date for the Sega title, the speed of which Sonic and the Secret Rings was released, its likely that the game will be out this year. It's got alot to live upto and these first screenshots are certainly promising, it seems to be in much the same vein as the..

  • News New Space Station Tycoon Screens

    Namco hyper blast us with some new screenshots from its forthcoming Space Station Tycoon game for Wii.

    Just incase you didn't already know about the game, here's a reminder of the current factoid sheet: "Space Station Tycoon utilizes the creative and unique functionality of the Wii by allowing gamers to emerge themselves in a type of tycoon gameplay never before experienced” Makoto Iwai,..

  • News Boogie With Aliens

    A mere slither of information pops up about EA's new dance-em-up, Boogie, you'll be dancing with aliens, yo!

    "The party game will have an alien theme with customizable characters. Game play will include rhythm, dancing and singing player interaction. 'Boogie' will be a Wii-exclusive game with the usage of its unique controller capabilities." Of course, there is no confirmed release date yet, all..

  • News 1 Million Pokemon

    Nintendo share-holders rejoice as the latest hot Pokemon property, Diamond and Pearl fly off the shelf's selling 1 million copies in just 5 days.

    "Within just five days of availability, more than 1 million copies of Pokémon® Diamond and Pokémon Pearl for the portable Nintendo DS™ have sold in the United States since Sunday's launch; a faster rate than any previous Pokémon games since the..

  • News Wii's Friend Code Woes

    Details emerge of Nintendo's approach to online games for Wii, like the DS but even worse.

    From a recent preview posted on British Gaming Blog we learn that Mario Strikers Charged (Wii's first online game in the West) will adopt the painful friendcode system, not only this but each Mii will have their own friendcode. "You import your Mii in Strikers, and get a friend code per Mii. This way, you..

  • News The Excite Truck 2 Hoax

    Details emerge from an unknown source of a online enabled follow up to Nintendo's Excite Trucked, excited? Don't be, its all pollycock.

    A number of online gaming sites were duped this week as a fake press release (complete with screenshots) emerged online telling gamers about the new features to expect from Excite Truck 2. "The sequel to Nintendo's Wii launch game will include six-player online..

  • News Wario Set Loose On June 1st

    Wario: Master Of Disguise launches across Europe on Nintendo DS on 1st June 2007.

    Grab your copy in alittle over a month, for now here's a reminder of what its all about. "After watching a TV show featuring the thieving master of disguise, Count Camoli, Wario has the idea of stealing treasure from TV shows- the perfect way to make his fortune! Players join him as he dives through the TV screen and..

  • News Nighty NiGHTs

    Sega reveal precious little details of their upcoming NiGHTs sequel.

    Reported by last week, Sega's NiGHTs website had abit of a refresh and revealed the following titbits of information: "It seems our asexual hero NiGHTS will have the option of wearing persona masks to shape-shift into different forms, each granting new abilities and exploration possibilities. The first of these is..

  • News Touch The Dead

    French developer Dream-On invite you to Touch The Dead to make them truly Dead and Furious. have recently published a preview of "Touch The Dead", a DS arcade zombie shoot'em up, House of the Dead style. Whilst we've already heard of the game in Europe as "Dead N Furious" the game is set for a State side release later in the year. "Touch the Dead automatically moves you through the..

  • News Sega Announce Sonic Rush Adventure

    Sega have announced a DS sequel to the impressive Sonic Rush dubbed Sonic Rush Adventure.

    "Sonic returns to the Nintendo DS in an all-new frantic adventure complete with dizzying dives, near vertical curves and brain twisting loops. Sonic Rush Adventure will retain the DS action that fans loved so much from Sonic Rush™, as well as providing a new high seas adventure where Sonic clashes with..

  • News Jam Sessions On Your DS

    Ubisoft reveal a new creative music game for the DS.

    “Jam Sessions is an amazing title with limitless potential to entertain and engage a wide audience of people who love music, guitar and singing,” said John Parks, EMEA Marketing Director. “Basically, it’s a guitar in your pocket but that’s just the beginning. It’s a chance for people who have never thought of themselves as..

  • News Worms Back For Another War

    THQ have announced a follow up of Team 17's Open Warfare title, ingeniously titled Worms: Open Warfare 2 due later this year.

    "Worms: Open Warfare 2 builds upon the success of last year’s Worms: Open Warfare. In addition to the classic Deathmatch mode, the game also includes robust new single and multiplayer modes such as Rope Race, Fort, Puzzle and Campaign modes that challenge players to use..

  • News Super Mario Galaxy Japanese Release Date

    According to Japanese magazine Famitsu, big hitter Super Mario Galaxy will land this October in Japan.

    That means we will very likely see a Christmas release for the game in the UK and the US. In other news the Wii Health Pack is to land in July in Japan alongside Mario Party 8. Interestingly a Wii with DVD-playback is still noted as "late 2007" release.

  • News Resident Evil 4: Wii Edition In June

    Nintendo to publish the Capcom developed game in Europe on June 29th.

    Reported by WiiWii (via British Gaming Blog) we've learnt of the release date for Europe. "Nintendo has confirmed that they are distributing the upcoming Resi Wii games in Europe, not really news that, but what is news is that we know 1 release date. It’s been confirmed that Resident Evil 4: Wii Edition will hit European..

  • News Swing With Style!

    Nintendo set to publish European edition of Tecmo developed "Super Swing Golf" on the 8th June 2007.

    "Aim for the fairway as a new but fully-fledged style of golf is set to hit Wii! Get ready to experience greens with a difference as players embark on the golfing experience of a lifetime. From tropical islands to snow valleys, Pangya! Golf With Style launches players into a world of precision and..

  • News Neo Geo Coming To Virtual Console!

    SNK have confirmed that Neo Geo games will be appearing on a Wii Virtual Console near you this summer.

    In a recent interview with IGN, Ben Herman, president of SNK Playmore USA has confirmed a bunch of details regarding Virtual Console support for their classic Neo Geo games. "IGN: Getting into more on the virtual console - since that's the good stuff - what are SNK's overall goals for Wii VC..

  • News Metroid 3 Delayed To Late 2007

    Reggie explains that Retro want the game to be "perfect" before it hits the stores, certainly won't be released before the 2nd half of the year.

    "Nintendo has confirmed that Metroid Prime 3: Corruption won't be released in the first half of 2007 because Nintendo and developer Retro Studios want to make sure it's "perfect"." I'm not one to argue with Reggie, but wasn't Metroid Prime 3: Corruption..

  • News Interesting Wii Music And Wii Health Rumours

    Nintendo's Greek distribution CEO George Katrinakis has shed some light upon upcoming Wii titles Wii Music and Wii Health.

    Wii Music was seemingly unveiled at last years E3 whereby the gamer uses the Wii Remote as a baton in order to conduct an orchestra of Mii characters. Interestingly a stripped down form of this gameplay was seen in Wario Ware Smooth Moves. In Wii Music gamers will be able to..

  • News Super Paper Mario Launches In The US

    Yesterday marked the release of Wii's first proper Mario game, Super Paper Mario, its a winner.

    "Today's launch of Super Paper Mario™ for Nintendo's red-hot Wii™ system transports players into another dimension. Like a story ripped from the pages of a paperback novel, Mario has the ability to switch between a 2-D and 3-D perspective. With the motion-sensitive and pointing abilities of the Wii..

  • News Guitar Hero III Wii Bound

    The rhythm action thriller Guitar Hero is to hit the Wii this "Fall" according to the RedOctane website.

    The game which has been rumoured for the Wii for a while now requires you to follow the onscreen actions with a plastic guitar. The game has developed quite a fan base of late and the fact it is on its way for the Wii further heightens the popularity of the console. Now I'm just awaiting the..

  • News Sadness Canned?

    Whilst browsing the wonderful world of the Internet I found an email from "FrontLine Studios" that seems to leave survival horror title Sadness without a developer.

    The email conversation went as follows: Dear Frontline Studios, NIBRIS claims that you are programming the game called Sadness for the Nintendo Wii. Most of us believe that this game is nothing but a scam - a big joke that NIBRIS is..

  • News Resident Evil: Umbrella Chronicles Details

    Capcom set to release a "House of the Dead" style shooter in the world of Resident Evil.

    "Resident Evil®: The Umbrella chronicles is a brand new game in the Resident Evil® franchise, with familiar locales from the entire series. This action/shooter hybrid reveals the back story behind the fall of the Umbrella Corporation by exploring locations from Resident Evil 0, 1, 2 and 3 as well as new..

  • News Resident Evil 4: Wii Edition Revealed

    Capcom let it slip that we are to expect a new Wii Edition of the all popular Resident Evil 4.

    An article has been spotted in the latest Famitsu games magazine in Japan, where the game is revealed to be an "ultimate edition" of the game, perfect for those that never played the GC classic. "Think Resi 4, but with new controls on Wii: and there might also be classic controller usage. It contains the..

  • News NiGHTS To Use Wii Weather Channel

    Sega let a few cats outta the bag, revealing that the new NiGHTS game will mirror "real world conditions".

    "Following the announcement of NiGHTS for the Wii, details are starting to emerge that Sega is actually putting -- oh, what's the word -- effort behind the new game. The most striking being the use of the Wii's Forecast Channel to change scenery based on real-world conditions. NiGHTS will..

  • News Mario Strikers Charged Goes Online In May!

    Nintendo have today announced that "Mario Strikers: Charged Football" will be online multiplayer and released on May 25th in Europe!

    Get your reading glasses ready, because today's press release is rather long! "Now’s your chance to bend it like Beckham, score like Shevchenko and hit it like Henry or, failing that, floor the opposition with a well aimed Blue Shell! What’s more, with Mario..

  • News NiGHTS Finally Officially Announced By Sega

    The long awaited sequel of NiGHTS Into Dreams has been officially announced for Wii under the giese, NiGHTS: Journey of Dreams.

    "NiGHTS: Journey of Dreams is being developed for Nintendo’s Wii™ video game console and is scheduled to be released in Fall 2007. “We plan to deliver a gameplay experience never before seen on the Wii with NiGHTS: Journey of Dreams,” said Scott A. Steinberg, Vice..

  • News NiGHTS Still Not Confirmed

    It's been almost two weeks since we first saw "hints" of a new NiGHTS title for Wii, problem is, there is still no dice.

    Sega have refused to give any "official" comment on the existence of the game, a sequel to arguably the most popular Sega Saturn game ever made. Just to confuse matters even more, a German SEGA representative has stated that the game has been in development since May 2006 - just..

  • News Wii Looks Good To Firm With G1 Jockey

    PS2 fans rejoice, as Japanese horse racing game is set to launch in Europe on June 29th.

    In a somewhat unexpected move, Koei have decided to release its G1 Jockey Wii title in Europe, there I was thinking this would never be released outside of Japan, this is no April fool! “Throughout the history of this series we have tried to make G1 Jockey feel as close to the real thing as possible. Thanks..


  • News Sonic And Mario Team Up

    At last the icons of two legendary companies will unite for a new title on the Wii and DS.

    Mario And Sonic At The Olympic Games is set for release this Christmas. "We are thrilled to partner with Nintendo and ISM on the ground breaking title," commented Hisao Oguchi, president of Sega. "For the first time, two of the world's greatest games' characters come together to compete in the world's..

  • News US Virtual Console Releases - 23rd March 2007

    Sega throw some mega classics (get it?) onto the Virtual Console, the infamous Alex Kidd!

    "The Wii Shop Channel continues to be a great avenue for gamers who want instant access to classic SEGA Genesis titles,” said Scott A. Steinberg, Vice President of Marketing, SEGA of America. “Virtua Fighter 2, Alex Kidd in the Enchanted Castle, and Wonder Boy in Monster World, are all great titles..

  • News EU Virtual Console Releases - 23rd March 2007

    Nintendo finally throws The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past into the Virtual Console.

    "This week, the critically acclaimed The Legend of Zelda™: A Link to the Past™ for Super Nintendo is making its way to the Virtual Console for you to download. In this medieval fantasy adventure, players assume the role of Link, a young boy who receives a telepathic cry for help from Princess Zelda..

  • News Boogie On Down With Wii

    Electronic Arts have today announced a new dancing/music game exclusively for Wii.

    "Boogie is a unique music/rhythm-based game that takes advantage of the innovative Wii controls to get gamers off their couch, playing and dancing to a new beat. “We’re creating something new and different for gamers of all ages to enjoy; the complete party package where gamers can dance as well as sing,”..