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News: Trauma Center Hits Stores

Trauma Center Hits Stores

News breaks as the first Wii games start appearing in US stores.

For some unknown reason there are always games instore before the actual console due to launch, maybe its marketing, maybe there is no reason, either way, Atlus's Trauma Center: Second Opinion is now available in stores across America. "This news may cause dizziness and weak knees for gamers of all ages! If the uncontrollable..

News: Excite Truck Custom Soundtracks

Excite Truck Custom Soundtracks

Following the success of custom soundtracks in XBOX games it seems that Nintendo have jumped on board with a similar feature for their high octane racer Excite Truck.

US review copies have confirmed the rumour that you will be able to upload a total of 100 tracks from an SD card into the game to be used as a soundtrack. You simply insert an SD card with your MP3's loaded onto into the Nintendo..

News: Reggie Talks To CNET

Reggie Talks To CNET

Web giant CNET sits down with Reggie and asks him about the Wii, will we all get one?

The Nintendo Of US and A President, Reggie, was quizzed by CNET's Rich DeMuro. The interview was recorded and thrown online for us all to see. Reggie looked as calm as ever, but completely deflected the whole "one more secret" rumour that'd currently been buzzing around the Internet. I probably believe him,..

News: Virtual Console Updates

Virtual Console Updates

More games have recently been rated by the ESRB in America, signaling for Virtual Console release.

The Entertainment Software Ratings Board have no doubt been very busy rating Nintendo's back catalog of games, its something that has to be done by law before the games can be made available on the download service. It's stated that the follow games have all been rated, and theoretically Nintendo..

News: Introducing Wii

Introducing Wii

Load your guns and sharpen your knives, 'cause the war is coming. We are anticipating one of the greatest struggles known to men, as the three champions are getting ready. This is the console war, it's going to be bloody, it's going to be dirty, and the future of the game industry is depending on this.

Well, maybe I'm exaggerating a bit. But it is indeed a spectacular year we have ahead of us,..

News: 30 Days Of Wii

30 Days Of Wii celebrates the Wii countdown with 30 days of Wii, heaps of Previews, Articles and Reviews on the way.

The staff over at really can't wait for Wii to come out, we're quite literally sitting on our hands right now. We've decided to mark the occasion with a special 30 days of articles leading upto the European launch. We'll be posting a different..

News: Trace Your Figure

Trace Your Figure

First 4 Figures release another Nintendo figure, this time its Trace from Metroid Prime Hunters.

Alex over at First 4 Figures has pointed out that a new figure will be available in Q1 2007, the blood red Trace figure is another limited edition model with only 1,500 being made. "First 4 Figures is extremely proud to present Trace, the first in the Metroid Prime Hunters collectable series. First..

News: Downloadable Content For Twilight Princess?

Downloadable Content For Twilight Princess?

The guys over at recently had a chat with Nintendo of America Senior Vice President George Harrison, and they managed to get a few interesting facts out of him, one of them being that downloadable content for the next game in the critically acclaimed Zelda series, is a possibility they are considering.

There is very little doubt that The Legend of Zelda: The Twilight Princess is the..

News: New Rayman Gameplay Footage

New Rayman Gameplay Footage

Ubisoft release some new footage of their upcoming Wii launch title, Rayman Raving Rabbits.

The neat little video package was released this afternoon along with a selection of screenshots. For the first time we get abit more of an idea of what the actual gameplay will be like. Just in case you didn't know, this is what its meant to be about: "This new Rayman game features the funniest,..

News: Japanese Cover Artwork

Japanese Cover Artwork

More Wii cover artwork slips out of Japan and onto the Internet.

These boxes have been posted on Flickr over the past few days, its always interesting to see different cover art in Japan. I'm not totally sure why the market would be so different over there... but anyway, some suitable differences, check them out. The Zelda box is obviously quite different, they've still got the whole light/dark..

News: Nintendo World 2006

Nintendo World 2006

Last week saw the 2006 Nintendo World event in Japan, lots of new footage and games for us to get excited about.

The event held in Nagoya, Japan gave the opportunity to 100s of gamers to get physical with Wii, shortly after the event IGN managed to scramble back to their computers and threw some videos online for everyone to enjoy. GoNintendo also managed to acquire a large batch of photos. Launch..

News: Two New Zelda Trailers

Two New Zelda Trailers

Nintendo UK showcase some new trailers for the upcoming Zelda game out in Nov in the US and Dec in the UK.

In this weeks Nintendo UK newsletter, a simple title of "The Legend Returns..." should be enough to wet your appaite. Clicking through to the UK website, you are rewarded with two stunning videos showcasing the upcoming Zelda game, The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess. Both videos..

News: 62 Games For Wii Launch

62 Games For Wii Launch

Wii's game library is already growing strong thanks to great third party support and the Virtual Console.

Here's a copy of todays Press Release, direct from Within the first five weeks of launch, Wii™ owners can pick from up to 62 games, representing the most diverse, and most exciting, console video game library available. Licensees and developers have lined up to support the Wii..

News: Wii's Cooking, Mama

Wii's Cooking, Mama

Cooking Mama breaks outta the cupboard and comes to Wii entitled "Cooking Mama: Cook Off".

If you haven't already noticed the pattern, it seems alot of super quirky DS games are getting announced for Wii, if it works with a stylus it'll probably work with the Wiimote. Well done Nintendo, a very good combination. "Since its introduction last month, Cooking Mama for the Nintendo DS has won..

News: Kirby Squeak Squad

Kirby Squeak Squad

Our beloved and pink friend Kirby is back, and as always he's ready for more adventures and action, this time he faces the threats of a diabolical band of thieves called the Squeaks.

In addition to a name that is pronounced quite funny, the game will offer the same well-known floating, jumping and battling that made the original Kirby games so fun and enjoying. And according to HAL, we will be..

News: More Wii Cover Artwork

More Wii Cover Artwork

Some more high quality game artwork has appeared on the internet.

Browsing around the internet more and more Wii covers are popping up, even some have been posted on flickr, by a member named "creamsugar". Anyway, game cover artwork excites me, so lets get down to business:..

News: Nintendo Brand To Take A Backseat?

Nintendo Brand To Take A Backseat?

What's the strategy? It seems Nintendo might be having a bit of a branding rethink with its Wii console.

If you've kept your ear to the ground in past months, you'll know that Nintendo want you to refer to the new system simply as "Wii", not "Nintendo Wii". It's a little bit of a change in tactics for Nintendo, whom seem to like plastering their name all over its products, don't forget the Nintendo..

News: Elite Beats On Your DS

Elite Beats On Your DS

The official track listing for 'Elite Beat Agents', the forthcoming DS game, is out.

The full listing is as follows: Walkie Talkie Man - Steriogram ABC - Jackson Five Sk8er Boi - Avril Lavigne I Was Born to Love You - Queen Rock This Town - Stray Cats Highway Star - Deep Purple Y.M.C.A. - Village People September - Earth, Wind and Fire Canned Heat - Jamiroquai Material Girl - Madonna La La -..

News: Mario Kart Arcade Returns

Mario Kart Arcade Returns

Namco updates its Arcade version of Mario Kart, two new characters available.

Not very well known over here in the west, but Namco have previously released an Arcade adaptation of Mario Kart and are now set to release another, it seems the new version will only be slightly upgraded but will now feature Waluigi and Tamagotchi. "There will also be lots of new items and courses to spice up those..

News: Updated DS Release Dates

Updated DS Release Dates

Nintendo publish a bunch of release dates for DS games in Europe for the next few months.

Obviously we think the majority of people will be much more interested in Wii releases at the moment, but we can't go forgetting our faithful DS. "This Christmas gamers will be filled with seasonal cheer by a selection of exciting first party games for the Nintendo DS. Owners of the Nintendo DS and..