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News: New Super Paper Mario Wii Details

New Super Paper Mario Wii Details

Nintendo release updated information for the latest Mario platformer and how it works with the Wiimote.

After finally confirming that Super Paper Mario is coming to Wii, Nintendo have today released more detailed information on the game and how it works with the Wiimote, you'll be holding the Wiimote in classic style, like a NES pad with a few twists, read on: Key Information:The newest chapter of..

News: Sadness: Plot Details

Sadness: Plot Details

Finally some news has come out of Nibris HQ regarding their hotly anticipated survival horror thriller, Sadness.

Within the game you will take control of a character known as Maria who has just survived a serious train crash. Maria is left in control of her brother Alexander, who was blinded from the crash and it is from here that the game takes a serious twist as the boy starts to act a little..

News: Peach And Bowser To Marry April 9th?

Peach And Bowser To Marry April 9th?

Haha, Nintendo don't half like doing things a little abnormally. As this press release proves.

Nintendo of America Requests the Pleasure of Your Company at the Marriage of PeachtoBowser on the 9th Day of April 2007 The nuptials will take place at the beginning of Super Paper Mario, which will be available for Nintendo's hot new Wii home video game system. Those who wish to attend - or thwart - the..

News: Fight Night Could Be Coming To Wii...

Fight Night Could Be Coming To Wii...

... and when I say "could" I mean it's pretty much inevitable that we can expect several boxing games on the Wii this year, right?

In an interview with, producer of the Fight Night series David Blank stated: "We're talking about it right now. We're contemplating and we definitely feel there are some exciting things we can do with the Fight Night franchise and the Wii. When..

News: Guitar Hero II Rocking Its Way To Wii

Guitar Hero II Rocking Its Way To Wii

Activision extend their support for the Wii with at least four new games.

TheGameFeed have reported that Guitar Hero II will be coming to the Wii in Activisions next "fiscal year". This effectively means April 2007 to March 2008. The launch window is quite large but heres hoping it will be nearer to the earlier date, even if a late 2007 release is more likely. As well as keeping us guessing to the..

News: Mario Party 8 Details

Mario Party 8 Details

Nintendo spills the details on its upcoming Mario Party title, the first of the popular series for the Wii console.

With a release due before the summer, Nintendo have today offered out some information on the next Mario Party game, innotively titled Mario Party 8. Official Fact Sheet:The world's most popular party video game is getting a lot crazier in Mario Party 8. Whether you're shaking up cola..

News: Diddy Kong Racing DS Launches Stateside

Diddy Kong Racing DS Launches Stateside

Today marks the release of the DS remake Diddy Kong Racing DS which expands upon the classic N64 title.

Possibily the finest karting game of its generation, Diddy Kong Racing was one of the many classic titles that came out of Rare in the late 90's. Nintendo have teamed up once more with Rare to bring this 10 year old classic to the portable DS console. "Racing games have always been a popular..

News: Rockstar Games Announce Manhunt 2 For Wii

Rockstar Games Announce Manhunt 2 For Wii

In what comes as a pleasant (if slightly twisted and gruesome) surprise, Rockstar have confirmed Manhunt 2 will be released on the Wii.

The announcement, which was made earlier today, also points out that the Wii version of the game will get some special treatment from the team at Rockstar Toronto. This must mean that some motion sensitivity will be incorporated into the title... now thats murder..

News: Super Paper Mario, Wii, April

Super Paper Mario, Wii, April

NintendoPower sets the record straight, Super Paper Mario now confirmed on Wii.

Another catch-up article, if you didn't already know Super Paper Mario has now been confirmed as a Nintendo Wii title by the NintendoPower magazine published by Nintendo in the USA. "Nintendo Power (lest we forget, the official publication of Nintendo of America) is reporting that Super Paper Mario is destined to..

News: Mario Kart 64- Now With Less Ghosts

Mario Kart 64- Now With Less Ghosts

Those playing the recently released Mario Kart 64 will notice a distinct lack of ghosts.. and, no, I'm not talking about the ones on banshee boardwalk!

It seems that we have the first major Virtual Console issue on our hands, no N64 controller pak support. This problem facing Nintendo is quite a large one- they cannot seem to (or don't see the need to) get the N64 titles to recognize the Wii's..

News: Mario Kart Drops Onto Virtual Console

Mario Kart Drops Onto Virtual Console

Europeans can now bag themselves Mario Kart 64 for a mere 1,000 Wii Points.

Nintendo continue to tease us with a dribble of N64 goodness, can't you release them any faster?! "Racing fans are in for an extra special treat today as Mario Kart 64, one of the greatest games in the hugely popular Mario Kart series, is available to download to Wii’s Virtual Console *. Featuring tense racing action..

News: Diddy Kong Racing Details

Diddy Kong Racing Details

Possible Mario Kart beater with four all new tracks, six player online action AND a track builder.

One game has been sleeping, sleeping until now. Nintendo have finally revealed all the goods on their upcoming remake of the N64 classic Diddy Kong Racing, hitting the DS in the US next month. Fact Sheet:A bloated space pig has taken control of Diddy Kong’s island paradise, and only you can stop his..

News: SSX Blur Cover Art

SSX Blur Cover Art

EA have released the cover art for their upcoming snowboarding sequel SSX Blur.

It seems more and more likely that SSX Blur will actually get a spring release over here in Europe, currently the game is scheduled for a March 16th release date. "SSX Blur is everything you expect from the franchise, delivered in a totally unexpected way. Revolutionary controls take full advantage of the Wii’s..

News: Leisure Suit Larry Wii

Leisure Suit Larry Wii

The lounge lizard coming to a Nintendo console near you? No, but wouldn't it be funny!

BBspot published a pretty interesting idea for another Wii game last month, we missed it but here's what they came up with. "Sierra will release what they think will be the most innovative use of the new "Wiimote" used on the immensely popular Wii from Nintendo. They plan to release a new episode..

News: SSX Blur Demo Video

SSX Blur Demo Video

EA release another video of its upcoming Snowboarding title SSX Blur, set to be the 5th game in the series.

Here's a treat for the weekend, another video from EA demoing the control scheme of the latest SSX game, interestingly it looks like you'll be steering the board with your left hand rather than your right. We've also heard that EA Big's snowboarding game is due out on the 16th March 2006 in..

News: Nintendo Attracts Indy Developers

Nintendo Attracts Indy Developers

Small time start up developers such as "Twelve Interactive" are flocking over to Wii.

Although it might be safe for Sony and Microsoft to attract the multi-million dollar developments, it seems Nintendo's simpler and more innovative system is attracting the smaller developers, who often create something new. "Leading Italian game developer, Twelve Interactive has announced that it has become a..

News: You Say Elebits, I Say Eledees

You Say Elebits, I Say Eledees

A mysterious name change for the Konami game.

Elebits has been available in the US and Japan for a while now and has had many positive reviews. It has settled in under the moniker of Elebits very comfortably but now as it comes to Europe in February it will come with a new name; 'Eledees'. The reason behind the change has not been told nor can the reason be worked out, as there was nothing wrong..

News: EU Excite Truck In February

EU Excite Truck In February

Nintendo announce that racer Excite Truck will launch 16th February 2007 in Europe.

Along with the release data announcement Nintendo also included a host of information about the upcoming Wii racer. "As Nintendo’s first racing title for the innovative Wii console, Excite Truck sets the standard for motion-sensitive racing, a challenge that this game happily accepts. To control their trucks..

News: Wario Ware Debut Set For January

Wario Ware Debut Set For January

Nintendo announce that Wario Ware: Smooth Moves will be released on the 12th of January 2007.

It seems the Wii will have plenty of multiplayer party games, we've had confirmation that Wario Ware will ship in just under a month. "Get ready for the ultimate party game extravaganza! Wario Ware: Smooth Moves will have you and your friends competing in a series of wild and wonderful challenges as..

News: DS Snags Dragon Quest IX

DS Snags Dragon Quest IX

Square back in bed with Nintendo? Maybe so, infamous Dragon Quest series to continue on DS.

The Japanese get very passionate about their video game series, that's why you see so many sequels with developers staying loyal to a specific series of game. Dragon Quest is a huge deal in Japan, much like Final Fantasy - infact any Square series. After much speculation over what console the series will..