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News: Wii Hard Drive Rumour

Wii Hard Drive Rumour

There's a fair whiff of a rumour, posted last week by fellow UKers, Wii-UK, its possible we'll see a hard drive from Nintendo as early as E3.

According to our friends GoNintendo, the latest episode of the IGN podcast hints rather strongly that Nintendo may be making some announcement regarding a hard drive attachment for Wii at this year's E3 games exposition. Apparently the reasoning behind it is..

News: Resident Evil 4 Gore Fest Confirmed

Resident Evil 4 Gore Fest Confirmed

Destructoid snags some proof that RE4 Wii Edition will indeed be the blood fest us mature gamers expected, despite being toned down in Japan.

There was rumours flying around the interweb over the past month or two that the western release of Resident Evil 4: Wii Edition would be toned down like its Japanese counterpart, a huge blow to fans of the series. However Capcom have now answered, confirming..

News: Dojo Talks Brawl Controls

Dojo Talks Brawl Controls

Proof that the Wii controls won't work for everything, Nintendo opt for a 4 way control system on upcoming Super Smash Bros Brawl.

"The Nintendo Wii really is a versatile piece of hardware. I mean, when it comes to controllers, there are pretty much four different types. I guess I have no choice but implement them all! There’s no need to be confused about what does what—just choose the play..

News: Wii: Your Personal Murder Training Device

Wii: Your Personal Murder Training Device

American comedian Jack Thompson has done it again, apparently the Wii acts as a training device that might prepare us for committing an offence.

"Florida retailers are scheduled to sell a very violent video game called Manhunt 2 which will be available, remarkably, for “play” on the kids-friendly Nintendo Wii gaming platform. The Wii device does not utilize traditional push button game..

News: Raving Rabbid Action

Raving Rabbid Action

Ubi-doers have released another new video of Rayman Raving Rabbids 2 for Wii taken from their Ubi Day show a few weeks back.

"After invading the world of Rayman, the insane Rabbids have a new objective: THE INVASION OF PLANET EARTH! Setting their home base at a shopping mall, the Rabbids try to study human behavior and mimic everything humans do in funny, illogical ways." Check out the new action..

News: Win A Copy Of Trioncube For DS

Win A Copy Of Trioncube For DS

To celebrate today's European launch of Trioncube for Nintendo DS, we've teamed up with Atari to give away 3 copies of the game to members of the site.

"In Trioncube, the player takes the role of the captain on the mighty space ship Penko and embarks on a journey across eight planets into the depths of space to rescue the fair princess from the grasp of the handsomely monikered villain Hell Metal..

News: Resident Evil 4: Wii Edition Receives Top Scores

Resident Evil 4: Wii Edition Receives Top Scores

Infamous Famitsu magazine in Japan has given almost perfect scores to the rehashed Resident Evil 4 for Wii.

"Of the 4 review scores given, two editors gave the game a 10/10. The other two were still lovin’ the Wii version enough to give it a 9/10. The reviewers said that even though the content is almost the same as the GameCube title, the Wii-mote controls are to the games advantage, making the..

News: 4.7 Million Virtual Console Sales

4.7 Million Virtual Console Sales

Nintendo have announced that the Virtual Console service has already generated over 4.7 million sales, with Mario being the favourite.

"No one has more value in their back catalog than Nintendo. Huge numbers of gamers remember and love their favorite NES and Super NES games; the ability to buy and play those games on the Wii without having to hook up old hardware or blow into cartridges was a huge..

News: Mario Charged Football Out Today

Mario Charged Football Out Today

Europeans get a small treat for missing out on Super Paper Mario, the remixed Mario Strikers Charged Football is out today across the UK and Europe.

"Precision passing, skilful saves and phenomenal goals are not all that make up the beautiful game as Mario Strikers: Charged Football adds that little bit extra to one of Europe’s favourite sports. All the rules are gone, as Nintendo introduces a..

News: The Rabbids Return

The Rabbids Return

Just incase your missing those furry little Rabbids, Ubisoft announce a sequel, Rayman Raving Rabbids 2.

"Those mischievous bunnies are back in a hilarious sequel, a party comedy game that is guaranteed to be even crazier and funnier than the first with even more insane games to play. Rayman Raving Rabbids 2 will push the envelope of the Wii gameplay experience by continuing to make innovative use..

News: Prime 3 To Launch In August

Prime 3 To Launch In August

Nintendo have today announced the summer line-up in the US, the big news is that Metroid Prime 3: Corruption is all set for a August 20th release date, bada-bing!

"Whether you're a longtime gamer who likes classic franchises or a newcomer aiming to keep your brain sharp, Nintendo's summer lineup of games has something for you. Nintendo's offerings are anchored by key Wii™ games like Metroid..

News: Sega's Ghost Squad

Sega's Ghost Squad

Virtua Cop developers to try their hands at a Wii Shoot-em-up in the form of Ghost Squad, coming early next year.

"Set in a world overrun with terrorism where the U.N. has been forced into creating the Global Humanitarian-Operation and Special Tactics Squad aka “Ghost Squad.” This team of elite soldiers comprise of the best of the best from both domestic and foreign military and special..

News: New Smash Bros. Brawl Info Tomorrow

New Smash Bros. Brawl Info Tomorrow

Nintendo is set to re-launch the offical "Super Smash Bros. Brawl" tomorrow, according to the big count down thingy.

One of the better websites for a an "in development" game was the aka "Smash Bros Dojo" website. Nintendo used the site to unveil all the characters and a few secret ones, the site hasn't been updated in quite a while with a message from the games producer saying "we'll..

News: Mario Gets Charged This Week

Mario Gets Charged This Week

Nintendo are all set to release Mario Charged Football this week in Europe, backing the game with a large TV ad campaign.

"Ian Wright and Shaun Wright-Phillips line up against Mario and Co. as the stars of the Mario Strikers Charged Football campaign which goes live across terrestrial TV from 19th May featuring in major sports events such as the upcoming Champions League and FA Cup finals and more..

News: Capcom Reveals Project Z

Capcom Reveals Project Z

Capcom have formally named their upcoming pirate adventure "Zack & Wiki: Quest for Barbaros’ Treasure", formerly "Project Treasure Island Z".

“Innovation has been the cornerstone of Capcom’s successful history ,” said Jack Symon, director, brand marketing, Capcom Entertainment. “By introducing a whole new level of interactivity, this...

News: Wii Is The Stage Of History

Wii Is The Stage Of History

Japanese magazine Famitsu confirms Soul Calibur will see a Nintendo Wii release. stated today: Last week we talked about Matt Casamassina’s comments concerning a “popular third party fighter heading to the Wii, but with a twist”. We all figured it would be Soul Calibur, and Famitsu now confirms our guesses. Soul Calibur Legends is heading to the Wii, and it will take the..

News: Armageddon Offline

Armageddon Offline

The Playstation 2 and XBOX versions of Mortal Kombat: Amageddon allowed players to compete in online multiplayer - so why has this feature been stripped from the Wii version.

"Obviously we had online on other platforms so it wasn't going to be a technology challenge for us," said the game's producer, Shaun Himmerick, to "Nintendo didn't have their online system ready for us when we..

News: Iwata To Satisfy Hardcore Gamers

Iwata To Satisfy Hardcore Gamers

GameDaily BIZ have translated the fiscal press conference, Nintendo's President has stated that Hardcore gamers will be happy by the end of the year with 3 key releases.

"So when can we expect some of Nintendo's "AAA" first-party games? According to Iwata, Nintendo will be able to satisfy the hardcore gamers this year. " when we will fulfill the hard-core gamers' titles lineup: It will be from..

News: Atari Leave You Alone In The Dark

Atari Leave You Alone In The Dark

Atari seem to have "confirmed" that Alone In The Dark 5 will be making it onto DS consoles later this year.

After a bunch of rumours and hearsay, it now seems that thanks to Cubed3 we can confirm that a port of Alone In The Dark 5 is heading to the portable DS sometime this year. Previously the title was only due for Xbox360, PS3 and PC, but now the handheld? Personally I would of preferred to see..

News: Virtual Console Video Previews

Virtual Console Video Previews

Nintendo has added Video Previews to each of its of its Virtual Console games on its website.

If you head on over to the Virtual Console section of the Wii website, you'll now find video previews of all the games. This is obviously better than it was before, afterall you can't actually "demo" the games before you download them, I guess Nintendo assume you've already played the game 20 years ago..