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Features: Re-Examining Zelda: Twilight Princess

Re-Examining Zelda: Twilight Princess

Playing it safe, or changing the game?

You can tell a lot about a game from its opening scene. In the first few minutes of Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time we're shown a sweeping, first-person view of the Kokiri Forest, as Navi flies frantically to awake a hero-to-be. In Zelda: The Wind Waker we're shown, in a beautifully minimalist art style, an...

News: Zelda Music Project Raises $19,000 for Twilight Princess Album

Zelda Music Project Raises $19,000 for Twilight Princess Album

More than a few rupees

Last year saw the release of Zelda Reorchestrated's Ocarina of Time album, and now the pioneering group has moved onto the most recent home console Link adventure: Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess. The project has so far raised over $19,000, which will be used to record the game's soundtrack with a live Hollywood-calibre choir. The Zelda Reo

News: GameCube Tech Demo Shows Banjo Threeie in Action

GameCube Tech Demo Shows Banjo Threeie in Action

What could have been...

N64 adventures Banjo-Kazooie and Banjo Tooie made plenty of fans back in their 64-bit heyday, but they never appeared on the GameCube. A threequel was planned but never released, but now unreleased game-finders par excellence Unseen 64 have posted a short video of the project. Shown off at Spaceworld 2000 before the...

News: This Zelda GameCube Controller is Awesome in an Ugly Way

This Zelda GameCube Controller is Awesome in an Ugly Way

An acquired taste

Way back when Nintendo was putting the finishing touches to Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess on GameCube, there were plans for a limited edition controller to accompany the little box's swansong. While the pad never hit the shelves, photos of its prototype design and packaging have hit the net for your eyes to behold. Coming from custom controller specialists Nubytech – the..

News: There May Never Be Another Smash Bros. as Hardcore as Melee

There May Never Be Another Smash Bros. as Hardcore as Melee

So says Sakurai

Super Smash Bros. Melee holds a special place in the hearts of many Nintendo fans, but creator Masuhiro Sakurai regrets aiming the game so strongly towards hardcore gamers, saying it's a mistake he wouldn't repeat again. Claiming to have created Smash Bros. to counteract the industry-wide move towards making the fighting game genre more and more hardcore, Sakurai now feels the game..

News: Twilight Princess with High Res Textures Looks Fantastic

Twilight Princess with High Res Textures Looks Fantastic

Fan project shines the game up

Zelda: Twilight Princess is knocking on four years old now: a venerable granddaddy in the Zelda line, it's only natural it's starting to show its age. Talented chap AaronLite has injected the game with some virtual Botox in the form of high resolution textures that turn the blurry bridges, grass and rocks of Hyrule into sharp detail. Sadly as the project uses the..

News: Nintendo Relicenses SC Texture Technology

Nintendo Relicenses SC Texture Technology

Unwilling to let GameCube compression tech go

Nintendo recently renewed their license with S3 Graphics to continue using their S3 Texture Compression technology. They explain the tech as follows: S3TC texture compression uses an advanced compression algorithm that achieves up to six-fold compression of complex textures and images that are used in today's hardware accelerated gaming titles. This..

News: New Trademark for Eternal Darkness

New Trademark for Eternal Darkness

Is there light at the end of the tunnel for this Gamecube classic? spotted the re-upping for the trade mark of the highly lauded GameCube title, Eternal Darkness. That means ... what, exactly? Nintendo is considering a new title for the Wii? Can you imagine motion control to deal with Sanity effects? Or is this just Nintendo squatting on the trademark to keep it eternally in the dark?..

News: Luigi's Mansion to Get Sequel?

Luigi's Mansion to Get Sequel?

Nintendo files new trademark

The Internet rumour mill is whirring up a notch today following the news that Nintendo has filed a new trademark for Luigi’s Mansion. Currently the two most popular theories are that either a sequel of the Gamecube launch title is being made for the Wii or that the game is being re-released as part of the New Play Control! series. Either way, we’re quite excited at..

Features: Metroid's Metal Makeover

Metroid's Metal Makeover

How five guys blasted the series' haunting soundtrack into a whole different genre - without sucking

The trouble with covering beloved music is that it’s so easy to lose something in the translation. Successfully capturing the original work’s intent and mood is atypical; what most often happens when things go south is the heart and soul of the piece are mangled with good intentions. It’s not..

News: Miyamoto: GameCube Made Me Sad

Miyamoto: GameCube Made Me Sad

You’re not the only one, Shigsy

He may have created some of the most influential videogames of all time, but even Shigeru Miyamoto gets down in the dumps sometimes. Speaking to Famitsu magazine the legendary developer revealed that during the GameCube era he was at a pretty low ebb: This is a job where you have a plan and you polish it endlessly while getting help from others. If Nintendo's..

News: White GameCube Pad Coming To Japan

White GameCube Pad Coming To Japan

Nintendo keeps the memory of the Cube alive

Although many Nintendo fans will have relegated their once-treasured GameCube consoles to the great console heaven in the sky, the trusty Cube pad is proving to be a near-essential piece of hardware for Wii owners. We dread to think about how many Cube consoles have been offloaded at carboot sales or charity shops minus their controllers. Nintendo is..

News: Wii To Surpass GameCube’s Life Sales

Wii To Surpass GameCube’s Life Sales

More encouraging news for Nintendo

It may not have been Nintendo’s greatest console but the GameCube still managed to shift modest 21.72 million units over its lifespan. However, to put the recent success of the Wii in sharp perspective, the console is about to surpass the GameCube’s lifetime sales despite only having been on the market for just over a year. Nintendo’s figures state that as..

News: Oh Noes! Wavebird Discontinued

Oh Noes! Wavebird Discontinued

Wave goodbye to the Wavebird

The Gamecube may be old news now but for many of us the memory of this much-maligned machine lives on through the excellent Wavebird controller, which comes in very handy when indulging in Virtual Console gaming. The controller is also an excellent alternative for Wii games that are difficult to play using the Wiimote. Unfortunately Nintendo has now announced that no..