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  • News The Game Boy Was Nearly a Cheap, Short-Term Project

    You can thank Satoru Okada for what it turned out to be

    The Game Boy was a pivotal moment in Nintendo's history, establishing near-complete dominance over the portable gaming market that still persists to this day somewhat. Part of the appeal of the Game Boy was offering a largely console-esque game experience on the go, and its usually attributed...

  • Video Let's Learn More About The Super Game Boy

    The Gaming Historian has you covered Typical. You wait years for someone to do a decent, in-depth video guide to the Super Game Boy and two come along at once. A few weeks ago we reported on Pug Hoof Gaming's excellent three-part series on the popular peripheral, and now our old chum Norm "The Gaming...

  • Book Review 8-Bit Art Book

    A minimalist trip down memory lane

    We've seen lots of attractive coffee table art books aimed at retro gaming fans in recent times, which is no bad thing. Joining the ranks is a publication simply titled 8-Bit Art Book - by Ear Books - which pays homage to the visual quality of classic games spanning from 1975 to the early '90s. The author...

  • News Footage Of Unreleased Akira Game Boy Title Hits The Web

    Plus Heavy Weight Hockey on NES and Mall Rats on Mega Drive Remember back in October when someone found four prototype copies of Akira for the Game Boy? Well that someone - Patrick Scott Patterson - has recently released gameplay video of one of the prototype Akira carts being played on the Super Game...

  • Video Get The Most Out Of Your Game Boy With This Exhaustive Guide

    The chaps at My Life in Gaming strike again While the brand name has been put out to pasture these days, the Game Boy line of consoles is legendary with gamers of a certain age. From the bulky monochrome original to the super-sleek Game Boy Micro, this line of portables defined mobile gaming for an entire...

  • Video Everything You Wanted To Know About The Super Game Boy, But Were Afraid To Ask

    Don't matter if you're black or white The Super Game Boy accessory might seem a little pointless to modern gamers who are used to playing retro titles in a wide range of ways on various systems, but back in the early '90s it was a wise investment for the typical Nintendo fan. On the surface, the selling...

  • Video Learn How to Make a Tiny and Functional Game Boy for Your Keychain

    And play The Witcher 3 on it, sure

    We've often shared our admiration for the technical wizardry that's often applied to console mods and creations, as talented gamers see how far they can push readily available tools for unique results. Now there's what is possibly the smallest Game Boy in the world doing the rounds, and it works. A keynote from...



  • News Get Some Nostalgia Feels From These Super Game Boy Borders

    Bordering on the amazing

    It might seem cute now, but back in the '90s the Super Game Boy was a big deal. It allowed you to play your beloved Game Boy and Game Boy Color games on your TV via your SNES, and offered a wide range of bonuses - such as adding minimal colour to certain titles as well as an attractive border around the edge of the screen...

  • News Someone Has Found Prototypes Of The Game Boy Version Of THQ's Akira

    Four copies, to be exact

    Akira is recognised as one of the breakthrough hits which really pushed anime in the west during the early '90s, and it perhaps surprising that it didn't get more video game adaptations at the time. That's not to say there weren't any planned, of course; a Famicom version never saw the light of day outside of Japan, and...

  • News Tetris World Record Holder Talks About His Experiences with the Game

    Striving for perfection

    Tetris is one of those games that feels like it's always been there, but that's likely because it's been ported to virtually every electronic device over the last thirty years and has sold close to half a billion copies over its total run. One would think that by this point, somebody would've come along that's managed to max...

  • Random Game Boy Compatibility Warning Screens Are The Best

    Because forwards compatibility isn't always a thing

    When the Game Boy Color launched you could practically hear the sighs of relief emanating from parents worldwide when they realised that all of the monochrome Game Boy games they had slaved to purchase for their offspring would still work with the shiny new handheld. Backwards compatibility was...


  • Random You Can Now Fly A Drone Using Your Game Boy, If You So Wish

    Pocket power Not so long ago we reported that one industrious individual had turned the Nintendo Power Glove into a device which could control a drone. Now, Gautier Hattenberger has gone one better by turning his dusty old Game Boy into a remote control for his Parrot AR.Drone 2.0. Hattenberger - who is...

  • Video These Five Mario Games Were Never Really Mario Games

    A Link to the Farce Companies will often use a mascot to sell a mostly unrelated product, whether it be a tin of SpaghettiOs or otherwise, it's an expected move by big brands. Video games are no exception to the rule, and more times than we'd like we've been tantalised by the Mario name only for the...







  • Video It's Fun To Learn About The Game Boy's CPU

    '70s tech powering '90s dreams

    The Nintendo Game Boy is without a doubt one of the most iconic gaming systems of all time, having shifted millions of units and turned countless individuals into Tetris addicts and prolific portable players. However, the console itself was actually seen as something of a weakling, even by the standards of the late...

















  • Video More Interesting Game Boy Facts To Wrap Your Head Around

    Popular YouTubers Did You Know Gaming and Vsauce3 unite once again

    Earlier this week we featured a video made as a collaboration between popular YouTube channels Did You Know Gaming and Vsauce3 that highlights an assortment of facts and oddities about the original Game Boy system, which

  • Video Here are Some Fun Game Boy Facts and Awesome Footage

    Do You Know Gaming and Vsauce3 team up

    Not so long ago the Game Boy celebrated its 25th anniversary, an important landmark for one of the most important pieces of gaming hardware ever produced. We already gushed over it accordingly, but hugely popular YouTube channels Did You Know Gaming and Vsauce3 have collaborated on two videos to highlight some...

  • Feature Celebrating 25 Years Of A Legendary Final Fantasy Title

    When is a Final Fantasy not a Final Fantasy? When it’s a SaGa!

    Way back in the mists of 1989; when we were all wondering how Nintendo’s Game Boy could possibly stand up to the mighty full colour Atari Lynx and whether it was really worth handing over $200USD/£190 for Sega’s new console, Squaresoft (as it was then known) decided to release...

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    3DS eShop / GB

    Review Mega Man IV

    Great things in small packages

    With one exception, which is also making its way to the 3DS Virtual Console, all of the Game Boy Mega Man games take two of the NES titles and rework them a bit. Some old faces in new places, so to speak. A sprinkling of unique bosses and weapons help to carve out identities for these portable experiences but, by and...

  • News Gaze at This Pokémon Game Boy and Know That You Want It

    Design celebrates Red & Blue, and maybe a bit of Yellow

    Pokémon is a powerful force, a franchise that continues to shift millions of units and draw gamers in not just to the core games, but spin-offs, animations and trading card games, too. Pokémon X & Y on 3DS have continued the success, bringing the franchise to Nintendo's current generation...







  • Video CNET Pays Homage To The Nintendo Game Boy

    The legendary monochrome system gets some welcome recognition

    Portable video gaming would be very different were it not for the Nintendo Game Boy. Although it was technologically outdated by the time it launched — rival systems like the Sega Game Gear and Atari Lynx offered better displays and superior processing power — it nevertheless became...

  • Video Experts Believed Nintendo Was In Trouble Back In 1990, Too

    Some things never change

    When you're one of the world's most recognisable brands then it's only natural for people to predict your downfall. That has happened to Nintendo many times in the past, and history is repeating itself as a new console war begins in earnest. Sony's PS4 and Microsoft's Xbox One launch this Christmas, and these hardware...



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    3DS eShop / GB

    Review Pinball: Revenge of the 'Gator

    A snappy pinball title

    HAL's Pinball: Revenge of the 'Gator is a game which really needs to be approached with context in mind; back when it launched in 1990, real pinball games were still popular in arcades and digital representations were only just starting to offer the same level of enjoyment. Naxat's seminal Crush series — which includes Alien...

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