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  • Poll Would You Buy Grand Theft Auto V On Wii U?

    Would Rockstar's latest epic have you reaching for your wallet?

    Oh boy. When I published our latest "Soapbox" piece about Grand Theft Auto V and how it may not be entirely suited to everybody's tastes (it takes all sorts to make the world go around, folks), I wasn't expecting a topic with over 500 comments. It's been fascinating to see how...

  • Soapbox Why Grand Theft Auto V Isn't For Me

    Damien McFerran reminds us that other games are available

    This week sees the release of Grand Theft Auto V on PS3 and 360 — but, alas, not the Wii U. But of course, you already knew that, because unless you've recently taken up residence beneath an exceptionally large rock, you'll have found it absolutely impossible to avoid hearing about...


  • News Rockstar Has "Nothing New" To Report On Grand Theft Auto V Wii U

    Rumours still persist

    Recently Rockstar announced that it would unfortunately be delaying its hotly anticipated title Grand Theft Auto V from a spring release to fall. This led people to believe that the studio had possibly done so to accommodate the development of a Wii U and PC version of the game. According to a tweet from GameSpot, Rockstar has...