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Podcast: Episode 18 - 3DS Report and Gaijin Games!

Episode 18 - 3DS Report and Gaijin Games!

Take another journey into sound

Another month, another Monday: that can only mean a brand new episode of the Nintendo Life podcast. James Newton will be talking more about the 3DS following his 3DS First Impressions, as well as waxing lyrical about promising party title Wii Party and more. Zach Kaplan returns with a leaner version of This Nintendo Life and Sean Aaron interviews Chris Osborn from..

First Impressions: GoldenEye 007 Multiplayer

GoldenEye 007 Multiplayer

We've been expecting you

Surely few words cause such excitement and rampant nostalgia in the Nintendo community as “GoldenEye multiplayer”, so it was with great anticipation we sat down to play Activision’s new Bond outing in a split-screen four-player deathmatch. With only one game mode, one map and four characters available – not including Mr Bond, bizarrely – this was an admittedly..

First Impressions: Golden Sun: Dark Dawn

Golden Sun: Dark Dawn

Glory be to Camelot!

This truly is a rich time for DS RPGs: Dragon Quest IX, Final Fantasy the 4 Heroes of Light and of course Golden Sun: Dark Dawn should ensure we remember 2010 as the Year of the RPG, and Golden Sun could emerge as the best of the bunch. The demo offered two available modes: adventure and battle, and we had time to try both. The...

First Impressions: NBA Jam


It’s on fire!

This is truly a golden age fans of remakes of classic gaming titles: Kirby, Donkey Kong, Mario and Sonic are all still rocking 2D like it’s 1994, and EA’s keen to get a piece of the two-dimensional pie with NBA Jam. A throwback to the classic basketball title of old, NBA Jam features the same two-on-two action as its predecessor,...

First Impressions: Kirby's Epic Yarn Co-Operative Play

Kirby's Epic Yarn Co-Operative Play

Cast on for a two-player pearl

Kirby’s Epic Yarn emerged from E3 as a highlight for many people, even winning the much sought-after Nintendo Life Best Overall Game of E3 Award. Whilst Corbie raved about the game’s single-player pursuit, Darren and James got chance to team up in tackling several levels from the game, and like many things in life, this one’s far more fun with two people..

First Impressions: Disney Epic Mickey

Disney Epic Mickey

How's the rodent romp shaping up?

Disney Epic Mickey was a big hit at E3 2010, atoning for its earlier disappointing screenshots with a more refined graphical style and a gameplay system described as "playstyle matters" by Warren Spector. We got the chance to give the rodent a run-out at a recent event, and came away with admittedly mixed feelings. Taking on one of the 3D action-adventure..

First Impressions: Wii and DS Round-Up from London

Wii and DS Round-Up from London

Get the lowdown on Okamiden, Super Scribblenauts and more!

Ace Nintendo Life reporters James and Darren were recently invited to attend a special preview event in London to get hands-on with the 3DS as well as Nintendo's upcoming Wii and DS line-up. We've already posted our impressions of the 3DS and its games, so let's cast our eye to the wider Nintendo landscape. Again, as with the 3DS, there..

First Impressions: Heavy Fire: Special Operations

Heavy Fire: Special Operations

We enlist for Teyon's war shooter

We've been bringing you regular field updates on Teyon's WiiWare lightgun shooter Heavy Fire: Special Operations since its announcement in April, and we recently got the chance to sit down and blast through two missions from the completed game. Played out entirely on-rails, Heavy Fire is immediately reminiscent of arcade light gun shooters such as Operation Wolf..

First Impressions: G.G. Series Z・ONE 2

G.G. Series Z・ONE 2

More budget side-scrolling shooting for your Japanese DSi

You might think with the release of the G.G. Series Collection+, Genterprise and Suzak would be done releasing budget games for the DSi. After all, the collection includes all the G.G. Series DSiWare releases to-date, plus another 15 games never released to the DSi Shop, but apparently it's time for sequels as one of the first games,..

E3 2010: First Impressions: Donkey Kong Country Returns

First Impressions: Donkey Kong Country Returns

Nintendo's famous ape is back and better than ever!

When Rare developed the original Donkey Kong Country title for the Super Nintendo console, many were in awe of the impressively-rendered graphics they had managed to syphon out of the Super Nintendo's 16-bit hardware. Now with Rare a part of Microsoft, Nintendo needed someone to reignite the series and decided to look up an old friend for the job..

E3 2010: First Impressions: Kirby's Epic Yarn

First Impressions: Kirby's Epic Yarn

We take Nintendo's newest Kirby title for a spin

In the weeks leading up to the E3 show, we all heard the rumours of a new Kirby game being possibly in development so it should come as no real shock that one actually materialised during Nintendo's Press Conference. What is surprising is that Kirby's Epic Yarn is not only a 2D side-scroller for the Wii, but it also sports one of the most unique..

E3 2010: First Impressions: Nintendo 3DS

First Impressions: Nintendo 3DS

Hands on with Nintendo's amazing 3D portable

Any time there's an announcement of new video game hardware, a certain buzz is created. In all truth, you couldn't walk five feet on the streets of Los Angeles on the way to the Convention Center without hearing someone talking about Nintendo's upcoming 3DS system. Even the line for the Nintendo keynote...

E3 2010: First Impressions: The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword

First Impressions: The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword

We got hands on with Nintendo's flagship E3 title.

If there's one first-party game that's getting most of the attention at Nintendo's E3 booth, it's got to be Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword with the line to play it snaking around the entire Nintendo booth several times. So you can imagine the dirty looks I received when I was whisked up to the VIP area of the booth to sit and play the Nintendo..

First Impressions: Jett Rocket

Jett Rocket

Shiny 3D platforming comes to WiiWare

Everyone was impressed by the initial videos of Jett Rocket when they first came out, but they don't prepare you for the experience of playing the game itself. We were lucky enough to play a preview build consisting of the first area and it's probably safe to say that based upon our experience this could be the definitive 3D platformer for WiiWare. The..

First Impressions: Liight


Put those backstage lighting skills to work!

Although some may argue that there are too many puzzle games on the Wii's download service, it's always nice when a developer shows us a fresh concept in the genre. Studio Walljump recently treated us to a near-release version of its upcoming WiiWare title Liight and after a bit of time exploring what it has to offer we're happy to report that it looks..

First Impressions: Bejeweled 2

Bejeweled 2

Crack cocaine comes to Wii

Popcap Games is a modern internet success story. At a time when it was deemed impossible to make money from selling downloadable content on the web, John Vechey, Brien Fiete and Jason Kapalka managed to build a gaming juggernaut on the back of simple, but addictive games like Zuma and Peggle that have gone on to become the bane of office managers everywhere. Bejeweled was..

First Impressions: Dive - The Medes Island Secret

Dive - The Medes Island Secret

Diving for retro pearls

After Cosmonaut Games' "spot the difference" WiiWare debut, 5 Spots Party, you might not have expected anything exciting to come from them. But after some hands-on time with their latest effort, Dive: The Medes Island Secret, we think that opinion may change. We were lucky enough to get to play a pre-release build of the game which, despite a rather slick..

First Impressions: Illust Logic

Illust Logic

Downloadable picross? Yes, please!

Although video game versions of nonograms (better known to Nintendo gamers as Picross) were originally controlled with a D-Pad and buttons like any other game, it's clearly a genre that benefits massively from the touchscreen interface of Nintendo's DS family of handhelds. No surprise then that Hudson has seen fit to release a version of their own picross game,..

First Impressions: 10 Second Run

10 Second Run

Running on the run

Whilst the Japanese DSi Shop features some fairly robust gaming experiences it has to be said that there's a place for quick games that can be played in a few seconds. G-Mode's 10 Second Run is a perfect example, essentially a collection of dozens of short platforming levels for when you need a quick bit of running and jumping on the go. There are 50 levels to be played in three..

First Impressions: Fall in the Dark

Fall in the Dark

Fail in the Dark

Fall in the Dark looks pretty good on paper: take an adventurer and guide him through a series of levels in six different worlds with gameplay that's a mix of Toki Tori and Montezuma's Revenge: difficult puzzling combined with 8-bit visuals and gameplay could be good, right? Well it would be except for some rather bizarre level design and worse game mechanics. Your Indiana..