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First Impressions: Sora o Kakeru Shōjyo Shooting

Sora o Kakeru Shōjyo Shooting

Pretty girls and shooting action: a recipe for success

If you weren't already jealous of the number of old-fashioned shooting games available in the Japanese DSi Shop thanks to the G.G. Series, now you have another one courtesy of I.T.L. Roughly translated as Shooting Space Girls, this is a side-scroller with a difference, though what that difference is won't be immediately apparent. You have an..

First Impressions: G.G. Series Drilling Attack

G.G. Series Drilling Attack

Not a mad dentist, just more arcade fun!

It's not hard to see why we keep on downloading G.G. Series games to preview because as many as there are, they all seem to have been made by people who care about delivering a quality slice of simple gaming fun. That they're only 200 Points each is just icing on the electron cake of arcade goodness. Drilling Attack features a robot (or person in chunky..

First Impressions: G.G Series: D-Tank

G.G Series: D-Tank

Tank-tastic arcade fun!

Tanks feature in some of the earliest arcade games, from vector graphics classics like Battle Zone and Armor Attack to "newer" sprite-based games like Vindicators and Tank Force. As with the latter D-Tank sees players controlling a tank and trying to defend a base from attack by incoming waves of enemy tanks: a fairly simple premise, but as with other G.G. Series..

First Impressions: G.G. Series Assault Buster

G.G. Series Assault Buster

Arcade action the G.G. Series way

The G.G. Series of games in the Japanese DSi Shop really are a little slice of arcade heaven. Not just because they offer some good old-fashioned fun, but because they're such well-crafted titles generally. Assault Buster is certainly one to put into the "pretty good" column, offering an interesting combination of run-and-gun and shooting action. Players..

News: 3D Motion Gaming Debuts on the DSi

3D Motion Gaming Debuts on the DSi

Breaking new ground with the DSi camera

Although rumours abound of a motion-enabled successor to the DS being readied for unveiling in the near future, it seems some developers just couldn't wait and decided to attempt the same kind of game mechanics afforded by accelerometers utilising the second camera present on the DSi. The system is known as...

First Impressions: Uchimakure! Touchpen Wars

Uchimakure! Touchpen Wars

A touching game of combat

Tom Create's follow-up to the cheap-and-cheerful space-based take on Dig Dug II is Touchpen Wars, an arcade-style shooter that's also offered at the budget price of 200 Points. Don't be fooled by the title – it's not a game laden with sentiment, but uses flicks and taps of the stylus to launch projectiles from gun emplacements at the bottom of the lower screen towards..

First Impressions: G.G. Series Vertex

G.G. Series Vertex

More budget puzzling fun from Suzak

Vertex is another take on the puzzle genre in the G.G. Series and like Energy Chain it's a competent and fairly original concept, but not necessarily an addictive one. Players move a small glowing green dot at the bottom which is projecting a guide line to the top of the screen. The object is to press buttons to light up the correct number of darkened vertices..

First Impressions: Are? DS ga Sakasa Desu Kedo. Sakasa Drops

Are?  DS ga Sakasa Desu Kedo.  Sakasa Drops

A refreshing spin on the classic Tetris concept

Sakasa Drops is the second DSiWare effort from Tecmo and like Gyaku Shooting is played holding your DSi upside down with the touchscreen up top. It's a novel gimmick that literally conveys the fact that the tables are being turned on some familiar gameplay. This game most strongly echoes the classic puzzle game Tetris with a couple of twists: players..

First Impressions: Are? DS ga Sakasa Desu Kedo. Gyaku Shooting

Are?  DS ga Sakasa Desu Kedo.  Gyaku Shooting

It's Star Force in a world gone mad!

Tecmo have finally dipped their toes in the DSiWare water with a couple of games that have the novel feature of being played holding your DSi upside-down with the touchscreen at the top. This first one is based upon the classic Tekhan vertical shooter Star Force, which was one of the Virtual Console Arcade launch titles on the Wii. In both graphics and sound..

First Impressions: G.G. Series Energy Chain

G.G. Series Energy Chain

Budget puzzling from the budget DSiWare machine

We have to figure that Suzak is porting games they originally developed for mobile phones for the G.G. Series, because it just doesn't seem possible that they could have made so many games in so short a span of time and actually had this many of them turn out to be worthwhile. Energy Chain is a puzzle game and whilst we wouldn't necessarily call it..

First Impressions: Sakura Wars: So Long, My Love

Sakura Wars: So Long, My Love

"You're a shining star, no matter who you are..."

Sakura Wars is a rather interesting series of games and one of Sega's biggest franchises in Japan, though oddly only the spin-off anime has been seen elsewhere – until now. The fifth Sakura Taisen game (as the series is known in Japan), So Long, My Love is the first to get localised for Western markets and as such is a rare treat. We were lucky..

First Impressions: G.G. Series Chō Hero Ōga

G.G. Series Chō Hero Ōga

"There's a super-man coming, there's a super-man coming..."

This entry in the G.G. Series is a nice little brawler with a superhero theme. As with other games in the series, there's no menu options to worry about, game modes or story: instead you just use the D-Pad and a couple of buttons to pound on some costumed freaks until they get the better of you. Stages have static backgrounds and are a few..

First Impressions: Astro Bugz Revenge

Astro Bugz Revenge

Buggle Bobble

Please note that these impressions are based upon playing an alpha version of the game code. Changes are certain to be made prior to the final game release. If a developer is going to make a puzzle game that uses a well-established mechanic – such as matching three objects of the same colour – it's important to put a new spin on things, and thankfully that's what Sudden Games has..

First Impressions: Cave Story

Cave Story

The seminal indie game finally comes to Nintendo

Cave Story is like a Cinderella tale of indie game development, arriving at a time when the conventional wisdom was that the days of a lone programmer creating a complex and compelling game were behind us; it proved that the old spirit of the 8-bit era is still alive and well in the 21st century. Independent studio Nicalis has been fortunate enough..

First Impressions: Bit.Trip RUNNER


8-bit run amok!

RUNNER is the fourth and next entry in Gaijin Games' six-part Bit.Trip series and we've been fortunate enough to spend some time with the latest build, which has just been sent off to Nintendo for final approval. Though this preview is based on the "final" version of RUNNER, we want to emphasise that changes are still...

First Impressions: G.G. Series Wonder Land

G.G. Series Wonder Land

Alice in bullet-hell land

Genterprise has published a steady string of G.G. Series games for DSiWare, delivering some much needed arcade-style gaming at a budget price with the majority of games coming from development studio Suzak. Wonder Land is a bullet hell shooter based upon Alice in Wonderland – not exactly a logical pairing, but certainly an amusing one. The sprite-based graphics are sharp..

First Impressions: Kappa Michi

Kappa Michi

My little water demon

In case you don't know what a kappa is (and we certainly didn't until we first heard of this game), know that it is a mischievous water sprite from Japanese mythology prone to eating small children (and cucumbers – hence the "kappa maki" found in Japanese sushi restaurants); now residing on the DSi. A product of internal Nintendo studio Brownie Brown, Inc., Kappa..

First Impressions: Kai Illust Puzzle Guru Guru Logic

Kai Illust Puzzle Guru Guru Logic

Picross meets ... Quarth?

Nintendo seems to have single-handedly popularised picross on home and console game systems, with only Hudson daring to dabble in the same space. Continuing the tradition they've partnered with D4 Enterprise to bring a new faster-paced game to the DSi which combines traditional Picross with elements of Konami's old puzzle/shooter, Quarth. Instead of creating an image..

First Impressions: Aa Mujō Setsuna

Aa Mujō Setsuna

Lots of flash; not much substance

Nintendo isn't exactly known for publishing shooters, much less shooters of the "bullet hell" variety, but that's exactly what we have here. Developed by Arika and recently shown at the Nintendo Media event in North America as Metal Torrent, Aa Mujō Setsuna is certainly one of the most graphically impressive DSiWare games we've seen, but the gameplay is..