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News: Golden Globes Get Golden Gameboy Goodies

Golden Globes Get Golden Gameboy Goodies

Nintendo give those elite members of Hollywood a free golden Gameboy Micro.

Movie award season is back, the Golden Globes have already come to pass. We've found out via 4colorrebellion that those lucky award presenters managed to snag themselves a free gold edition Gameboy Micro in an excessively expensive swag bag. The press release lists all the items in the goodie bag that total over $62,000..

News: Uwe Boll Set To Direct Metal Gear Movie?

Uwe Boll Set To Direct Metal Gear Movie?

He's done it again, that legendary director claims hes all set to flop a Metal Gear movie.

Only a few days after the onslaught of criticism on the BloodRayne movie, it seems Metal Gear fans need to be locked and loaded to shoot down the prospect of Uwe Boll directing a Metal Gear movie. "1UP confirmed with the director today that Boll has been reading a Metal Gear Solid script commissioned by..

News: BloodRayne Movie Gets Slammed

BloodRayne Movie Gets Slammed

Uwe Bolls latest game adaptation project hits the big screen with a barrage of criticism.

Uwe Boll is some what of a legend when it comes to film making, he's right up there with Paul WS Anderson of Resident Evil fame. For those of you poor souls that are unfamiliar with his work, watch his masterpiece "House Of The Dead" - yes, its based on the Sega video game. Oh, and if you liked that, check out..

News: Wolfenstein Movie On The Way?

Wolfenstein Movie On The Way?

Yet another game-to-movie transformation is apparently in the works, this time id Software's Wolfenstein will be coming to the big(er) screen.

With game-to-movie conversions becoming more common place, its not surprising that we have another series attempting to take the long journey to the silver screen. id Software's Todd Hollenshead has recently said that the Wolfenstein brand could be turned..

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