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News: 3D Movies Coming to the 3DS Netflix Service

3D Movies Coming to the 3DS Netflix Service

Another feather in the 3DS's cap

While free video content have started being rolled out to Japanese and European 3DS users, the subscription-based Netflix streaming service has launched on the North American Nintendo eShop, allowing existing Netflix members on the $7.99 price plan and upwards to stream content onto their 3DS consoles. In Nintendo's press release, an interesting nugget of..

News: Scott Pilgrim Movie Features Zelda Music, Gets Miyamoto's Thumbs-Up

Scott Pilgrim Movie Features Zelda Music, Gets Miyamoto's Thumbs-Up

Upcoming film to include iconic tune

Bryan Lee O'Malley's Scott Pilgrim comic book series is receiving the cinematic treatment and is due to launch in the next few months. Full of video game references – here's a complete list just for fun – it looks as though that gaming spirit will transfer over to the big screen adaptation, as an interview with director Edgar Wright shows. Speaking with..

News: Manga to Release Professor Layton Film in the UK

Manga to Release Professor Layton Film in the UK

Perhaps the Professor can crack the code for a good game movie

The only thing worse than a video game based on a movie is a movie based on a video game, right? Sure, some are so bad they're good, but in our opinion, there really hasn't been a true high-quality game-to-film adaptation to date. Perhaps, though, just perhaps, someone may have solved the cinematic adaptation puzzle. Professor Layton,..

Feature: The Making of The Wizard

The Making of The Wizard

We go behind the scenes of one of Hollywood’s most misunderstood classics

The Wizard is very much a guilty pleasure. When the film was released it was panned by critics and flopped at the box office, yet many people still talk about it in hushed, almost reverent tones over fifteen years after its release. Although many critics will gladly tell you...

News: Harold Ramis Glad He Turned Down Mario Movie

Harold Ramis Glad He Turned Down Mario Movie

Ghostbusters star almost ruined his career with unwanted live-action film

Hollywood writer-director (and sometimes actor) Harold Ramis has enjoyed a particularly successful career; not only did he land the role of paranormal investigator Dr. Egon Spengler in the hit '80s flick Ghostbusters (which he also co-wrote), he has directed such classics as...

News: Sonic: Night Of The Werehog

Sonic: Night Of The Werehog

Sonic goes to Hollywood - well not quite. SEGA's little blue ball to star in a short movie tied to Sonic Unleashed coming next month, trailer inside.

Happy Hallowe'en! Coming in November Sonic is to star in his first 3D animated short "Sonic: Night Of The Werehog". As you can gather, this ties in with the events of Sonic Unleased. Here's the trailer to tease you:

News: Street Fighter Returns To The Big Screen

Street Fighter Returns To The Big Screen

Rumour has it that the Street Fighter franchise is set to return to the silver screen, 14 years after the original flop.

Film site Empire has the lead, claiming that the movie already has a script and should reach cinemas by 2008! "Street Fighter is returning to make another assault on our senses, but instead of planning a follow-up to the frankly pants 1994 Jean-Claude Van Damme action..

News: Another Tomb Raider Movie?

Another Tomb Raider Movie?

Ian Livingstone suggests that a third Lara Croft movie is on the cards with Paramount Pictures.

In an interview with, Eidos big boss man Livingstone has suggested that they are currently in talks with movie makers about a third Tomb Raider movie. "Nothing's been signed yet and we still need to hire a script writer. The film's not been green lit yet, so for me it'd be ideal to tie..

News: Resident Evil: Extinction

Resident Evil: Extinction

Paul W.S. Anderson talks about the upcoming third installment of Resident Evil on the big screen.

Speaking at last weeks Hollywood and Games Summit Paul W.S. Anderson discussed his latest project, Resident Evil 3 aka Extinction. This time we're outside Raccoon City, primarily in the deserts of Nevada and around Las Vegas. Oh, and its the end of the world. "Umbrella Corporation has failed to..

News: Resident Evil Director Addresses Hollywood

Resident Evil Director Addresses Hollywood

British movie director Paul W.S. Anderson has given his keynote speech at Hollywood and Games Summit in the US.

Movie director bloke Paul W.S. Anderson (Mortal Kombat, Event Horizon, Resident Evil, Alien vs Predator) has been speaking this week at the "Hollywood and Games Summit" held in the US. His keynote speech concluded that "its no easy task to put games on the big screen - since gamers are a..

News: DS To Feature In Stormbreaker Movie

DS To Feature In Stormbreaker Movie

Nintendo's portable wonder to appear in upcoming teen spy thriller movie "Stormbreaker".

Nintendo has today announced its agreement with movie producers which will enable the DS to have an appearance as "the ultimate spy gadget" in the new "Stormbreaker" movie based on the first book in the popular Alex Rider series by Anthony Horowitz. "After the murder of his uncle and guardian, the MI6..

News: House Of The Dead 3: The Movie

House Of The Dead 3: The Movie

Game Films, don't you just love them? Yet another HotD movie is on the way according to a Mindfire's Mark A. Altman.

Wondering what happened to the first and second House of the Dead movies? Don't worry, your not missing much... the first movie was directed by the legendary Uwe Boll and the second, well, went straight to video. House of the Dead 3 isn't a sequel to the previous movies, nor is it..

News: Uwe Boll Wants A Fight

Uwe Boll Wants A Fight

The notorious film director is fed up with the games press and offers the chance for five critics to fight him!

Dr Boll has had enough, he's totally fed up with Internet critics slamming his movies over and over again, so much so he actually wants to fight them. Yes, really. "I'm fed up with people slamming my films on the Internet without see them. Many journalists make value judgments on my..

News: Uwe Boll Rants

Uwe Boll Rants

Cult Hero film maker snaps back at the gaming press, also talks about his fantasic movies.

Useless Uwe Boll today sat down and talked to EuroGamer, he had quite a lot to say about the press, his movies and everything in-between. Apparently our fault, the gaming press, as to why his movies get such a bad reputation. Lets remember that his recent movies, such as BloodRayne, got totally slammed by the..

News: House Of The Dead 2: Straight To TV

House Of The Dead 2: Straight To TV

EuroGamer reveal the fate for yet another woeful game-to-movie project, get your sick bag ready.

I know you were all looking forward to catching "House Of The Dead 2: Dead Aim" at your local picture house, but sorry, its not going to happen, EuroGamer have ruined your day. "House of the Dead 2: Dead Aim is the sequel to Uwe Boll's 2003 adaptation of the SEGA classic, and was originally down..

News: Uwe Boll Razzie Recognition

Uwe Boll Razzie Recognition

The legendary Uwe Boll accepts his Razzie nomination saying "I take every prize I get".

Cult hero Uwe Boll makes movies, bad movies, of games. Usually this kinda of thing comes down to personal taste or style, however in Uwe's case, its fact. The legendary director has been nominated for Worst Director at the 2006 Razzies, the awards that is the polar opposite of the oscars. The movie? Alone In The..

News: Nintendo Of America Goto The Movies

Nintendo Of America Goto The Movies

Nintendo setup shop at the Sundance film festival, apparently trying to attract new customers.

Perhaps the Nintendo of America staff were getting abit bored, not a lot of new games to kick around the office. With this, they decided to go to the Sundance film festival which screens some of the movies we'll be watching this year. Why were Nintendo at this bash? Good question. I have no idea..