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Feature: A Year in Development - Shin'en Multimedia

A Year in Development - Shin'en Multimedia

Life in the FAST lane

In our third Year in Development feature we have a guest article from Shin'en Multimedia's Manfred Linzner. The eShop developer has, over a number of years, forged a reputation for developing high-quality, polished games on Nintendo's download platforms. In this article Linzner summarises the studio's 2013, including surprise...

E3 2013: Live Reaction From The Nintendo Life Team

Live Reaction From The Nintendo Life Team

Join us at 5:00PM UK time (12:00 EST) as we chew over today's announcements

The dust has barely settled on today's E3-themed Nintendo Direct, but here at Nintendo Life we're far from idle. Join us as Damien McFerran, Thomas Whitehead, Andy Green and Mike Mason digest the announcements, new footage and other news revealed in the broadcast...

Feature: The Nintendo Easter Egg Hunt

The Nintendo Easter Egg Hunt

We'll get you started with a few

It's Easter Sunday, and however you treat the day there's a good chance that you will, at the very least, eat a little more chocolate than you would on a typical day. However you spend the day, we should also celebrate the fact that the occasion lends its name to one of gaming's coolest features — in-game Easter...

Talking Point: What Games Are You Playing This Weekend? - Issue Five

What Games Are You Playing This Weekend? - Issue Five

We've had enough of sport

The last time we ran this feature, hype and excitement about the London 2012 Olympics was reaching fever pitch. Now that the Games are finishing for another four years, we've got over how much fun it is to watch athletes do everything we can't and got back to some serious gaming. It's another giddy mix of titles being...

Guide: Mario Kart 7 Top Tips

Mario Kart 7 Top Tips

Be magnificent in MK7

By now you'll probably have pumped a stack of hours into Mario Kart 7, but if you're still finding yourself more loser than leader we've got Mario Kart medallist James Newton to put together a few short tips to help you shave seconds off your performances. If you want to put your

Feature: Nintendo Life 3DS FAQ

Nintendo Life 3DS FAQ

Everything you want to know about Nintendo's new 3DS console

With an absolute barrage of information swarming around as we approach the upcoming release of the Nintendo 3DS system, we thought now might be a good time to sit down and sift through the mess and try to add some answers to the many questions that have been floating around. Rather than...