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Fashion: This Fetching Range Of Zelda-Themed Clothing Hy-Rules

This Fetching Range Of Zelda-Themed Clothing Hy-Rules

Strut your stuff in style

Gaming-themed clothing is a pretty big business these days, with plenty of clothing companies waking up to the fact that - hey - gamers like spending lots of cash on items emblazoned with images from their favourite titles. Jamie Koala is one such designer who is well aware that clothing with game art on can be pretty...

Review: Girls' Fashion Shoot (3DS)

Girls' Fashion Shoot (3DS)

Fashionably fun

It's apparently every young girl's dream to become a model - wearing the latest clothing trend, looking fabulous walking down the catwalk with photographers on the sidewalk capturing the moment. Girls' Fashion Shoot provides just that, but substituting the catwalk for magazine photo shoots while sitting comfortably at home. As the...

Review: Fashion Tycoon (DSiWare)

Fashion Tycoon (DSiWare)

Fashion disaster

If there's one thing that Fashion Tycoon truly achieves, it's the way in which it makes you appreciate just how hard retail workers have it at times. Much like in real life, demanding customers, stock shortages and a lack of staff are just some of the problems you find yourself up against in this game — it's a nightmarish...