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  • News Family Gamer: Controlling your eMotions

    What can we learn from the success of Wii?

    Family games live or die by their controls, and motion controls even more so. Why is it that games like Boom Blox are so instinctive and intuitive, when others like SSX Blur are so forced and laboured? For me it's that one-to-one freeform movement that brings the magic and makes the games come to life...


  • News Family Gamer: Dad Edition

    Tis week Paul looks at what games Dad likes to play and when

    Dads are a tricky subject. Some are loving and inspiring whilst others absent and off hand. Some are communicative and open, whilst others are as hard to fathom as the depths of loch Ness. Some are in touch with their creativity and at ease with their feminine side, whilst others are...

  • News Family Gamer: Gaming Habits

    Paul, The Family Gamer, Govan takes us through his recent Gaming Habits.

    As we discover in family life, times and technology may change but people stay the same. Although protested in younger years, most discover that turning into their parents is somewhat unavoidable. It's not surprising then that through history people have always liked to play games. The form and function has changed over the..


  • News Family Gamer: Miniature Mobile iPod Games

    This week with a chance to nab yourself a copy of Metroid Prime 3

    First a little Family Gamer business; while clearing the office out, ready for its transformation into Ollie's room, I discovered some Nintendo games to give away. If you fancy winning Metroid Prime on Wii (PAL) just post a 'family gaming moment' on my Facebook wall before the end of...

  • News Family Gamer: Wii-Fit and GTA for a Healthier Life


    Grand Theft Auto (GTA) IV and Wii-Fit, two of the biggest games of the year, were released to critical acclaim and not a little media circus. Although these two share top billing they couldn't be more different. One game is marketed squarely at the twenty something hardcore gamer whilst the other sets its sights on the family gaming market...

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