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  • News Bobby Carrot Forever Finally Ready for Release Next Week

    Something to chew on

    Bobby Carrot Forever has been in development a long, long time: our news coverage dates back to December 2008, but after years of toiling FDG Entertainment's leporine hero is finally ready for action. On 21st July the game will hit the Wii Shop Channel for 800 Points, a pretty reasonable asking price for a 15 hour game with 72 levels. You'll also be able to download extra level..



  • News First Bobby Carrot Forever WiiWare Trailer Sprouts Up

    Don't soil yourself

    WiiWare's Bobby Carrot Forever must be in a Gro-Bag these days: we went for over two years without hearing anything, then this month the exclusive Bobby Carrot WiiWare screenshots and first gameplay trailer have appeared within the space of a few weeks. The video has everything you'd want in a trailer: a cheesy American voice over, golden carrots and a rabbit on a hang-glider..

  • Exclusive First Bobby Carrot Forever WiiWare Screenshots

    WiiWare title returns

    It's been a long time since we heard anything about Bobby Carrot Forever. In fact, you'd have to go back to our WiiWare World days to read the game's announcement from December 2008, but the game is still very much under way at FDG Entertainment. In fact, we have some exclusive new screenshots of the rabbit's new outing to share with you. The game itself has been rated by..


  • News Bobby Carrot Forever Confirmed For WiiWare

    At it like...

    If you’ve owned a Samsung mobile phone in the past few years then the name Bobby Carrot will probably ring a bell. German developer FDG Entertainment has so far produced five games featuring this insanely popular buck-toothed character, and the company has recently contacted WiiWare World exclusively to confirm that a version of...

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