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News: WiiWare & DSiWare London Event - DSiWare Coverage

WiiWare & DSiWare London Event - DSiWare Coverage

We get to grips with the DSiWare games at Nintendo's media summit held in London, 16th September

Well, as if the landslide of WiiWare information from Wednesday’s media summit wasn’t enough, we now have summaries of the DSiWare titles on show. And while the selection on Nintendo's portable machine may not have been as high profile as its console counterpart, the DSi still had a lot to shout..

News: WiiWare & DSiWare London Event - WiiWare Coverage

WiiWare & DSiWare London Event - WiiWare Coverage

London, 16th September: Nintendo hold their WiiWare and DSiWare media summit, and we’re lucky enough to have been invited…

Well, those of you who scan our site on a regular basis will know that today - in London - Nintendo made a few announcements regarding the WiiWare and DSiWare service: first of all, they gave us the release schedule for a lot of upcoming games and then dropped a great piece..

News: First Bands Announced For MAGFest 8

First Bands Announced For MAGFest 8

Metroid Metal and Arm Cannon to play New Years music and game festival

The annual New Year's Music and Gaming Festival, a four-day blast of gaming and concerts, has announced the first bands lined up for it's eighth time round the block. Metroid Metal, the band with the most self-explanatory name in music who we caught up with a little while ago, played their first gig at MAGFest 7 and will return..

News: Muramasa: The Demon Blade Exclusive Release Party

Muramasa: The Demon Blade Exclusive Release Party

A little reminder about the upcoming event!

Ignition Entertainment has just announced that they'll be hosting a release party in conjunction with the Nintendo World Store for their highly-anticipated Wii 2D action title Muramasa: The Demon Blade. If you're looking to get your hands on the game a few days early, not to mention some absolutely killer...

News: Wii Sports Resort Tropical Escape

Wii Sports Resort Tropical Escape

Play Nintendo's newest Wii release in a tropical setting.

Nintendo of America is kicking off a series of events across the US to celebrate the release of their brand new Wii release Wii Sports Resort. You can check out all of the details along with a complete schedule of the various events below. Sounds like a lot of fun for those who reside in these areas. On July 26, Nintendo invites everyone to..

News: Wii Sports: Resort launch event

Wii Sports: Resort launch event

Head over to NYC and don't forget your bucket & spade!

Nintendo will be transforming New York’s famed Military Island in Times Square into an urban island getaway to celebrate the launch of Wii Sports Resort for the popular Wii video game console. On July 23, anyone who visits this Manhattan landmark will be able to take a mini “vacation” courtesy of Nintendo, complete with a sandy beach,..

E3 2009: Nintendo's Announcements

Nintendo's Announcements

New games announced for Wii include Wii Fit Plus, New Super Mario Bros, Metroid, and Super Mario Galaxy 2, for DS we'll be seeing the new Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story and WarioWare DIY.

Reggie and co took the stage earlier today to announce the latest games and gizmos that we'll be yearning over for the coming twelve months. Wii Fit Plus...

News: UK Retro Computer Museum Open Day

UK Retro Computer Museum Open Day

We paid this commendable UK-based event a visit. Our thoughts lie within...

While it's not directly related to Nintendo, the Retro Computer Museum open day recently took place and we decided it was our duty to pay the event a visit. If you've not heard of these guys before then listen up: they aim to create a permanent display of retro gaming...

News: Speed Gamers Blasting Through Mother Series For Charity

Speed Gamers Blasting Through Mother Series For Charity

Money raised will go to breast cancer foundation

Between Child's Play and The Speed Gamers, gamers have raised quite a bit of money for charities. This weekend, that trend continues with one of Nintendo's most acclaimed (and desired) series' at the center. Starting at 6 p.m. CST on May 15th and going for 72 hours, The Speed Gamers will play through Mother, Earthbound and Mother 3 over a live webcam..

News: More Details on Nintendo's Punch-Out!! Challenge

More Details on Nintendo's Punch-Out!! Challenge

Nintendo wants Wii fans to get ready to rumble!

You might remember that we reported on this Punch-Out!! Challenge earlier this week, but Nintendo has issued a press release that contains a wealth of new information regarding the event. You can check out the full press release below for more details on the event, complete with time, date, and...

First Impressions: The Conduit Multiplayer Madness

The Conduit Multiplayer Madness

Tom ventures to Sega’s London HQ to play the game that is on the tip of everyone’s tongue.

To say that The Conduit is eagerly anticipated would be a serious understatement – this is potentially the title that could be the next best thing since sliced Goldeneye. Imagine then the excitement I felt at the opportunity to visit Sega’s London offices to not only give the Conduit’s multiplayer..

News: Nintendo UK Set To Attend GameOn! London

Nintendo UK Set To Attend GameOn! London

More than 20,000 gamers expected to visit the UK-based 'eSport' event

Nintendo UK has confirmed it will be joining the lineup at this year's GameOn! event in London. The two-day show takes place at London’s Olympia National hall and will be attended by more than 20,000 people. As well as witnessing various 'eSport' events such as UKeSA (United Kingdom eSports Association) Season One Grand Finals..

News: Nintendo Throws Rhythm Heaven Events

Nintendo Throws Rhythm Heaven Events

If you're a fan of Rhythm Heaven, we've got the events for you.

For all of you Rhythm Heaven fans out there, Nintendo is throwing a few Rhythm Heaven events today and tomorrow. They'll be setting up these Rhythm Heaven 'lounges' at various major hubs across the US. You can check out the specific dates and locations below as well as a short snippet from the official press release promoting the..

News: Nintendo Backs Edinburgh Interactive Festival

Nintendo Backs Edinburgh Interactive Festival

2009 event shaping up to be one of the highlights of the year

Nintendo has confirmed that it will be the supporting this year’s Edinburgh Interactive Festival, which takes place in the UK (Scotland, to be exact) in August. The event is part of the Edinburgh Festival, which is the biggest gathering of its kind in the world. Here’s the press release for you to digest with your hungry, hungry..

News: New York Holds Host To Rhythm Heaven

New York Holds Host To Rhythm Heaven

On April 9th (Rhythm) Heaven will be at Scratch Academy as part of a high-profile invitation-only event.

Nintendo's recent release, Rhythm Heaven, went down a treat at Nintendo Life, and it appears that the beat-bopping rampage is not going to relent for a while yet – Nintendo have just announced an invitation-only event that will be showcasing the game at New York's Scratch Academy. The event..

Event: Guns 'n' Gore II

Guns 'n' Gore II

Last week SEGA invited us down to Nintendo's Wii Flat in London to play some with some guns and some gore, here's the juicy details.

One of the perks of running a games website is when you get invited to events, SEGA put on the fantastic Guns N Gore II event to showcase House of the Dead: Overkill, MadWorld and The Conduit. Upon arriving at the Wii Flat just off Oxford St we were treated to a..

News: Nintendo Conference 2008 Fall

Nintendo Conference 2008 Fall

Thursday saw Nintendo president address the media in Japan for Nintendo's Conference 2008 fall, announcing alot of new games and importantly a new DS model, the DSi.

Satori Iwata took to the stage amoungst flashing lights infront of an eagally awaiting audience, he was about to reveal what Nintendo had in store for the next 6 months. There was quite alot of information to get through, so we're..

News: The Conduit going on show at PAX 2008

The Conduit going on show at PAX 2008

Hot property The Conduit will be featured by Nintendo at this years Penny Arcade Expo taking place in Seattle on August 29th through 31st

High Voltage Software (HVS) has announced that The Conduit, a fast paced action-shooter game currently in development for the Wii™ console, will be featured by Nintendo at this year’s PAX convention. The Conduit is a First Person Shooter (FPS) where players..

News: Ubisoft Stomping UK Summer Festivals

Ubisoft Stomping UK Summer Festivals

Sick and tired of the usual office grind, Ubisoft decide to mix things up this summer and head off on a tour of some festivals.

The Ubisoft Summer Festival Tour 2008 has been confirmed to attend high-profile festivals such as Hard Rock Calling (Hyde Park, 28th – 29th June) The O2 Wireless Festival (Hyde Park, 3rd – 6th July) Ripcurl Boardmasters (Newquay, 4th - 11th August) and Reading Festival..

News: Brawlin' At Gamestation

Brawlin' At Gamestation

To celebrate the launch of Super Smash Bros. Brawl, Nintendo UK haved teamed up with Gamestation to let fans battle and brawl to the death, all to win a HD home entertainment centre.

Battle it out to prove you are the biggest and best brawler of them all at Gamestation Stores nationwide in the Super Smash Bros. Brawl Showdown Pick your favourite character, choose your controller and get ready to..