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Nintendo Download: 6th February (Europe)

6th February (Europe)

Golf, farming, an expedition and a load of discounts

It's Nintendo Download update time, Europe, and this week's Thursday offerings are perhaps more attractive for the discounts than the new downloads. We do have the arrival of a DSiWare / 3DS eShop series on the Wii U, along with some classic 8-bit sport and a new DSiWare game, but Rising Star...

News: Square-Enix Registers Curtain Call Trademark In Europe

Square-Enix Registers Curtain Call Trademark In Europe

Stylus' at the ready, Theatrhythm fans!

It looks like European Theatrhythm fans can start to get cautiously excited, as it turns out Square-Enix filed a European trademark for "Curtain Call" on Christmas Eve last year. There's always a chance that this just another bit of boring legal legwork done to keep less scrupulous developers from pinching...

Nintendo Download: 30th January (Europe)

30th January (Europe)

Wii Fit U, hamsters that are brilliant and plenty of discounts

As is now the regular routine, European Nintendo Download fans can kick off the week with an early look at what's to come in Thursday's update. The upcoming week does only feature one new game, rounding off a quiet January for the eShop platforms, but does include a series of tempting...

Nintendo Download: 23rd January (Europe)

23rd January (Europe)

Unepic, old-school Mario and Ninja Gaiden challenge, loads of discounts

European Nintendo fans once again have the download update to bring some cheer to a dreary Monday morning. This time around we have a new Wii U eShop title that's already earned an 8 in our review, along with some retro goodies and a lengthy list of 3DS eShop discounts. Let's...

News: Ninja Gaiden III Is Slashing Its Way To The European 3DS eShop Next Week

Ninja Gaiden III Is Slashing Its Way To The European 3DS eShop Next Week

Jumping the ship of doom

Nintendo UK has confirmed that Ninja Gaiden III: The Ancient Ship of Doom is coming to the European 3DS eShop next week — the 23rd of January, to be precise. The third game in the NES-based trilogy from Tecmo, Ninja Gaiden III is seen by many fans as the best of the three. "Ninja Gaiden III does a great job of being true...

News: Senran Kagura Is Bursting Onto European Store Shelves In February

Senran Kagura Is Bursting Onto European Store Shelves In February

Digital release coming a day earlier

If you're a fan of fighting games which feature buxom girls who lose their clothes during combat, then you'll want to sit up and take note of this news. MarvelousAQL has confirmed that Senran Kagura Burst will be coming to Europe this February in both physical and digital formats. A compilation of the first two...

Nintendo Download: 16th January (Europe)

16th January (Europe)

Luigi gets his PhD, F1 gets powered up, a mystical ninja and more

Monday means one thing, European gamers, Nintendo Download update time. News of what to expect on Thursday has arrived promptly this week and delivers a first-party puzzle game, a mini-game extravaganza on 3DS and a variety of racing, retro and discounted treats elsewhere. Let's get...

Nintendo Download: 9th January (Europe)

9th January (Europe)

Contra goes to war, Mario's début, Korg creativity and more

Over a day later than expected, we now have this week's Nintendo Download details for Europe. This week brings us one game each on the Virtual Console platforms, some cooking and musical creativity as well as a few discounts. Let's get to it. Wii U Virtual Console: Contra III: The Alien...

Nintendo Download: 26th December and 2nd January (Europe)

26th December and 2nd January (Europe)

Storming castles, classic Mario, Pokémon banking, EDGE and much more

Update: Nintendo of Europe issued details for two full weeks of downloads previously, so a fresh update isn't expected. Please note that Pokémon Bank has been delayed due to the Nintendo Network server issues encountered during the festive season. Original Article: With this...

News: Professor Layton Vs. Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Bringing Courtroom Drama To Europe On 28th March 2014

Professor Layton Vs. Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Bringing Courtroom Drama To Europe On 28th March 2014

We won't object to this news

It's not that long since Nintendo confirmed that Professor Layton vs. Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney was getting localised for release in North America and Europe in "early 2014". During today's action-packed Nintendo Direct presentation, Satoru Iwata brought European 3DS owners the good news that the game's arrival date...

News: New Teaser Trailer For Yoshi's New Island Emerges During Today's Nintendo Direct

New Teaser Trailer For Yoshi's New Island Emerges During Today's Nintendo Direct

It's oh so beautiful

A brand new teaser trailer for Yoshi's New Island was shown during today's Nintendo Direct broadcast, along with Nintendo president Satoru Iwata announcing the game would arrive on 2DS and 3DS consoles in Spring 2014 in North America and Europe. The game is being directed by Nintendo’s Takashi Tezuka, who previously worked on...

Nintendo Download: 19th December (Europe)

19th December (Europe)

Knytt Underground, more 3D Sega goodness, discounts galore and more

It's the start of another week as 2013 draws to a close, dear readers, and it seems that various download publishers have decided to get into the festive spirit with a lot of discounts available on both the Wii U and 3DS stores. We have new games, too, with Knytt Underground on Wii...

Nintendo Download: 12th December (Europe)

12th December (Europe)

Classic SNES Zelda, 3D Sega, RUSH, Level-5 discounts and much more

The European Nintendo Download update makes its usual Monday appearance and, this week, has plenty to offer. Another Super NES classic finally hits the Wii U eShop, we have new Wii U eShop software and 3D re-releases gracing the 3DS, along with a lot of very tempting discounts. This...

Nintendo Download: 5th December (Europe)

5th December (Europe)

Bravely Default, more retro SEGA goodness, Scribblenauts and more

Another week begins as we creep towards the Holidays, and Nintendo of Europe once again sends us on our way with a fresh download update. This week has some promising offerings, including more 3D SEGA goodies, a long awaited 3DS RPG and a much overdue Wii U and 3DS retail release;...

Nintendo Download: 28th November (Europe)

28th November (Europe)

Mario's 3D adventure arrives, 3D SEGA Classics and a lot more

It's Monday, which means that the European Nintendo Download will give us a pleasing start to the week. On the way, most notably, is Mario's critically acclaimed 3D début on the Wii U, while the 3D classics from SEGA finally arrive in the West for the first time; in addition we also...