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  • News Remember, Wii Fit U's Free Trial Offer Expires On January 31st

    It's not too late to get fit

    The Nintendo Wii did a lot for the video game industry. It brought a breath of fresh air by allowing players to play games with motion controls, it had an approachable attitude and it allowed developers an opportunity to get creative with their games. Yes, the Wii was quite a step forward, and one of its messages to...

  • News Square-Enix Registers Curtain Call Trademark In Europe

    Stylus' at the ready, Theatrhythm fans!

    It looks like European Theatrhythm fans can start to get cautiously excited, as it turns out Square-Enix filed a European trademark for "Curtain Call" on Christmas Eve last year. There's always a chance that this just another bit of boring legal legwork done to keep less scrupulous developers from pinching...

  • Nintendo Download 30th January (Europe)

    Wii Fit U, hamsters that are brilliant and plenty of discounts

    As is now the regular routine, European Nintendo Download fans can kick off the week with an early look at what's to come in Thursday's update. The upcoming week does only feature one new game, rounding off a quiet January for the eShop platforms, but does include a series of tempting...

  • News Senran Kagura Burst Pre-Order Bonuses Announced For Europe

    Throwing stars, unfortunately, are not included

    School can be boring sometimes. Let’s face it, it’s not the greatest thing in the world, but if Japanese Anime and Manga is anything to go off, school is the best place to be. You get to learn how to become a samurai that hunts down evil spirits, or a magician who tracks down spells to undo an...

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