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Nintendo Download: 8th January (Europe)

8th January (Europe)

Chariot, Crunchyroll, Underground, Turtles, discounts and more

After a quiet start to 2015 in terms of new download releases, we see things ramp up in the most recent European Nintendo Download Update details. The Wii U is the main beneficiary with some promising arrivals, while on 3DS one of our favourite HOME themes previously released in Japan...

Nintendo Download: 1st January (Europe)

1st January (Europe)

Captain Toad, Fire Emblem, an F-Zero first and more

The timings of Nintendo's Download Updates have certainly been festive this year, with the next batch of download treats set to arrive on New Year's Day to give us a perfect start to 2015. The European update confirms the arrival of Captain Toad's starring début, in addition to some Game Boy...

Nintendo Download: 25th December (Europe)

25th December (Europe)

Duck Hunting, Kuru Kuru Kururining and lots more festive fun

Christmas is nearly upon us. What better way to celebrate than vegetate on the sofa after all the festivities and play some Nintendo games with your loved ones? There are lots of new goodies for you to download on this week, not least a Wii Remote-enabled Duck Hunt on the Wii U Virtual...

News: UK Retailer GAME Is Selling Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker This Side Of Christmas

UK Retailer GAME Is Selling Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker This Side Of Christmas

Blowing their Toad early, physical stores to have stock on Monday

UPDATE #2: It would seem that copies have arrived today: UPDATE: We've since heard from another source that GAME is indeed shipping online orders for Captain Toad today, and that their high street stores will have stock for sale from Monday. ORIGINAL STORY: While lucky North...

Nintendo Download: 18th December (Europe)

18th December (Europe)

99Moves, retro fighting, 3DS battles, puzzling sums and more

It's the final download update before a Christmas Day line-up, and it may be best to consider it a calm before a storm. There are some relatively promising new downloads on both Wii U and 3DS, along with discounts and demos, so there may be some games to part you from some cash before the...

Nintendo Download: 11th December (Europe)

11th December (Europe)

Ace Attorney trilogy, Rune Factory 4, Pokémon Pinball, discounts and more

It's the start of another week, and Nintendo of Europe has served up what must be one of the lengthiest download updates we've seen to date. There are some new titles, including a couple of big hitters on the 3DS, while there's plenty of pinball of various types gracing the...

Nintendo Download: 4th December (Europe)

4th December (Europe)

Legend of Dark Witch, S.C.A.T., Mindfeud, loads of discounts and more

It's the first download update of December in Europe, and it brings a host of new games, decent Virtual Console options and plenty of discounts. There are also a couple of seasonal arrivals that need to improve a lot over previous entries, but overall there's a fair amount of...

Out Today: Pokémon Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire (Europe)

Pokémon Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire (Europe)

Catch a Special Demo Version download code inside

We hope you're ready to catch 'em all, because today marks the launch of Pokémon Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire in Europe. It's a fantastic game — as you'll know if you've already checked out our review — and will ensure that the 3DS ends 2014 on a high. To mark this momentous occasion we're...

Nintendo Download: 20th November (Europe)

20th November (Europe)

Watch Dogs + DLC, Sonic Boom x2, Natsume retro goodies and more

Another week begins, but at least those of us in Europe have the Nintendo Download news to cheer up our day. This week's line-up includes some major retail releases, new download-only options across the board (even DSiWare makes an appearance) and a range of DLC, HOME themes and more...

Nintendo Download: 13th November (Europe)

13th November (Europe)

Mario Kart 8 DLC, Golden Sun, Tengami, LEGO, Castlevania and more

It's another Monday morning, which means we have Nintendo Download news for European gamers. It's a packed week with a major retail release, eagerly anticipated DLC, some high-profile Virtual Console games and enticing download-only titles to consider. There's a lot to get through, so...

Nintendo Download: 6th November (Europe)

6th November (Europe)

Ultimate NES Remix, Mega Man, The Swapper and loads more

It's time to brighten our Mondays with the European Nintendo Download Update, once again, and this week serves up a lot of options across the Wii U and 3DS. There are some new releases on both eShop platforms along with Virtual Console entries and plenty of discounts. There's a lot to get...

Nintendo Download: 30th October (Europe)

30th October (Europe)

Stealth Inc 2, Shin Megami Tensei IV, Rare DK treats and much more

With this coming weekend being the spookiest of the year, the latest Nintendo Download Update details for Europe show us that the big N's keen to keep us all entertained in the safety of our own homes, avoiding the ghouls outside. This week is packed with new titles on Wii U and 3DS,...

Nintendo Download: 23rd October (Europe)

23rd October (Europe)

A Bayonetta double discount, Disney magic, more Rare DK, Themes and more

It's time to brighten up our Monday with the European Nintendo Download Update, and this week's line-up is full of fantastic titles. We have a double-helping of Platinum Games action on Wii U, some Disney magic on 3DS, some classic retro games across both systems, a new 3DS...

News: Shin Megami Tensei IV Dated for 30th October in Europe

Shin Megami Tensei IV Dated for 30th October in Europe

Dogs and cats living together, mass hysteria!

The long wait for a definite Shin Megami Tensei IV release date in Europe has come to an end. Originally announced by Atlus for Europe in Q3 2014, after an unexpected hiatus in the title's development a subsequently revised release window of September, pricing, and DLC details were announced this past...

News: Atlus Finalises Persona Q Premium and Limited Standard Editions

Atlus Finalises Persona Q Premium and Limited Standard Editions

Who doesn't want tarot cards?

Atlus has finalised the contents of its upcoming brooding teenage dungeon crawler Persona Q: Shadow of the Labyrinth's retail special editions, set to release in North America on 25th November and in Europe on 28th November. Pictured below and serving the most angst per dollar/pound/euro, Persona Q's The Wild Cards...

News: Shovel Knight For Wii U & 3DS Launches In Europe And Australia This November

Shovel Knight For Wii U & 3DS Launches In Europe And Australia This November


Whilst North American Nintendo fans have been enjoying Shovel Knight for what feels like an eternity now, Wii U and 3DS owners in other parts of the world are still yet to experience the joys of this medieval side-scroller. Thankfully, the wait is nearly finally over for these remaining locations, with developer Yacht Club Games today...

Nintendo Download: 16th October (Europe)

16th October (Europe)

DK delights and discounts, Lone Survivor, themes, PAC-MAN and more

The start of a fresh week can be a happy occasion for European Nintendo gamers, as it means Nintendo Download Update news. While it doesn't always provide thrills and spills, this week's selection certainly has some tempting options, including a new title on Wii U, some retro...

News: Rising Star Games' New Online Shop Now Open

Rising Star Games' New Online Shop Now Open

No oddly numbered watches available at time of writing

As part of Rising Star Games' tenth anniversary celebration, the company's own online shop is now open, offering a selection of Rising Star's games and some new merchandise including company logo pins, T-shirts, and mugs. This current selection of products is available as a thank-you to early...

Video: Rei And Aigis Persona Q Character Trailers Released By Atlus

Rei And Aigis Persona Q Character Trailers Released By Atlus

The girl with the cast iron stomach and the android

This week's Persona Q trailers from Atlus feature two young women of the Persona Q dungeon-crawling team: both blonde, one synthetic and all entertaining. Atlus has also released the second part of USA PR manager John Hardin's behind the scenes interviews with several of Persona Q's voice actors...