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E3 2010: Editorial: Nintendo's Competition

Editorial: Nintendo's Competition

What does Nintendo have to beat to be crowned King of LA?

Before we launch into our live coverage of Nintendo's E3 Media Presentation, let's take a look at the competition, particularly Microsoft's opening presentation focusing on the accessory formerly known as Project Natal, the newly-rechristened Kinect. Unveiling the fifteen titles that will launch alongside the peripheral this November, Wii..

E3 2008: Nintendo Media Briefing Predictions

Nintendo Media Briefing Predictions

Tomorrow will see Nintendo announce their latest upcoming products at the annual E3 Media Briefing, but what do we think is in store?

Traditionally E3 is the place to reveal any new "killer app" in the gaming world, gamers and fans around the world will be waiting to hear Reggie spill the beans on the latest games that we'll all be playing come 08/09. In recent years Nintendo have been..