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Review: Mega Man (3DS eShop / NES)

Mega Man (3DS eShop / NES)

The NES experience, now on 3DS

A while back, the 3DS Virtual Console got Mega Man: Dr. Wily's Revenge, the Blue Bomber's first Game Boy outing. It's a decent conversion of the console game, but many would agree that the handheld Mega Man games didn't really begin to shine until later in the series. Curiously, instead of working their way closer to...

News: Don't Worry Europe, You'll Be Getting NightSky Soon

Don't Worry Europe, You'll Be Getting NightSky Soon

November to be exact

To everyone's surprise, Nicalis announced over Twitter earlier today that NightSky will be coming to the EU eShop 'sometime in November'. The indie developer revealed that the game has already been approved by Nintendo of Europe. The game releases stateside this coming Thursday (25th October). The full tweet reads: Hey EU,...

News: Chasing Aurora 'Freeze Tag' Mode Gameplay Footage

Chasing Aurora 'Freeze Tag' Mode Gameplay Footage

Tag, you're it!

Back towards the start of the summer, Broken Rules announced Chasing Aurora, a beautiful physics based flight game for the Wii U eShop this year. Broken Rules is aiming for a November release; it's hoping to have it ready for Wii U's launch day. Below is a gameplay trailer for one of the multiplayer modes, 'Freeze Tag', where the...

News: This Denpa Men Promotional Video Is Tight

This Denpa Men Promotional Video Is Tight

Skin tight, we mean

As you'll no doubt be aware from our The Denpa Men: They Came By Wave review, it's a fantastic game that every North American 3DS owner should download right away. So fantastic in fact, developer Genius Sonority has decided that it's worthy of a trailer starring men in skin-tight bodysuits. In this video - which is being dubbed...

Review: Nurikabe by Nikoli (3DS eShop)

Nurikabe by Nikoli (3DS eShop)

Blocked and loaded

The Nikoli puzzle factory is filled with evil geniuses. There really is no way else to explain their signature puzzle types sudoku, kakuro, hitori and the plethora of others that have hit the eShop by way of developer Hamster — the puzzles are simple in premise, seem easy enough to complete but then dropkick your brain when...

Nintendo Download: 18th October 2012 (North America)

18th October 2012 (North America)

Time to get stylish, pose for the camera, go fishing, fly a spaceship and more

North America has enjoyed some busy Nintendo Download updates of late, with plenty of variety to choose from. This week is no exception with something for everyone, and the odd surprise, so let's get on with it. 3DS Download: Sparkle Snapshots 3D (Nintendo, $5.99) —...

News: Monster Hunter 3 G Traps an eShop Discount in Japan

Monster Hunter 3 G Traps an eShop Discount in Japan

Re-packaged "Best Price" offer also on the way

Fans of the Monster Hunter series that live outside of Japan have been a little hard done by, casting envious glances to gamers in Japan who are looking forward to Monster Hunter 4, while the rest of us wait for the expanded version of Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate. While Ultimate is also coming to Wii U...

Nintendo Download: 18th October 2012 (Europe)

18th October 2012 (Europe)

Mega Man goes portable, Mad Dogs, free Mutant Mudds DLC and more

While last week brought Pokémon dreaming and long-awaited samurai action to Europe, this week's update aims for the surprise factor. The upcoming 25th Anniversary of a certain Blue Bomber is celebrated, sort of, a retro light-gun game get's a second chance on the 3DS eShop, while the...

Developer Interview: Nnooo Talks About Working With Nintendo and Moving to the 3DS eShop

Nnooo Talks About Working With Nintendo and Moving to the 3DS eShop

Stepping into a new generation

As the 3DS eShop continues to evolve and expand its library, Nintendo is currently preparing to introduce the Wii U eShop — it's assumed that'll be its name — and continue to expand its download gaming options. It's been a rocky road, of course, with the DSi and Wii online stores both being flawed in terms of...

Review: Samurai G (3DS eShop)

Samurai G (3DS eShop)

The "G" is for "garbage"

UFO Interactive's eShop releases seemed to be on a slow but steady progression towards quality, with Johnny Kung Fu almost breaking through this underwhelming barrier. But then along comes Samurai G to pee in everyone's cereal. Samurai G is like being presented with a spoon and a bowl full of live bees: just one look is...

News: Ikachan Confirmed For Both DSiWare And 3DS eShop

Ikachan Confirmed For Both DSiWare And 3DS eShop

Two platforms, same game

Yesterday, we teased a picture that showed Ikachan running on a 3DS. For those who don't know, Ikachan is a 2D retro style platformer from Daisuke "Pixel" Amaya, the man behind Cave Story. While developer Nicalis was originally intending to release Ikachan as a DSiWare title, they decided to produce two versions of the...

News: Want to Know How to Play Spirit Hunters?

Want to Know How to Play Spirit Hunters?

Developer videos explain forthcoming DSiWare AR title

Each week up until the release of Spirit Hunters on DSiWare on November 22nd, developer Nnooo will be releasing videos which give a little more detail on the inner workings of this interesting augmented reality title. Using your 3DS or DSi's camera, Spirit Hunters lets you do battle with ghosts...

Review: Liberation Maiden (3DS eShop)

Liberation Maiden (3DS eShop)

Maiden voyage

A few months ago, Japan received the 3DS game Guild01, essentially a compilation of four specially developed games, each created by different well-known designers. Instead of simply releasing the collection in the west, Level 5 has chosen to instead publish the individual games as eShop titles — though it seems that only three of the...

Rumour: Super C Coming to 3DS Virtual Console in The West

Super C Coming to 3DS Virtual Console in The West

Third party NES classics make it out of Japan?

Up until now, Nintendo retro lovers have only had first-party NES titles to play on the 3DS Virtual Console. Although Japan has seen a steady stream of non-Nintendo games - including the awesome Mega Man 3 - those games haven't shown any sign of coming to the west - until now, that is. Konami has just...