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Review: Air Battle Hockey 3D (3DS eShop)

Air Battle Hockey 3D (3DS eShop)

Balls to the wall

Ever since Pong invaded homes 40 years ago, simple ball and paddle games have had a home in gaming. Air Battle Hockey 3D doesn't manage to stand out among the four-decade pedigree, but it is at least a competent entry on its own merits. The game is so simple that there's really not much to say about it. You use your stylus to...

News: Renegade Kid Confirms Mutant Mudds 2

Renegade Kid Confirms Mutant Mudds 2

Even more Mudds

3DS eShop title Mutant Mudds has proven to be extremely popular with Nintendo gamers, so much so that Renegade Kid, the game's developer, is bringing the game to the Wii U eShop in what is known as Mutant Mudds Deluxe. Yesterday we learnt that the new content in Mutant Mudds Deluxe would be exclusive to Wii U, and now even more...

News: Mega Man Legends 3 Lives On In Fan-Made Browser Game

Mega Man Legends 3 Lives On In Fan-Made Browser Game

The legend will never die

Capcom broke a few hearts when it cancelled Mega Man Legends 3, but lovers of the Blue Bomber don't take setbacks like this sitting down. Fans Blyka and fAB have created a browser-based version of the Servbot mission in the Mega Man Legends 3: Prototype Version. Servbot Roundup allows you to: Ride around as Barrett, as...

Review: Johnny Impossible (3DS eShop)

Johnny Impossible (3DS eShop)

Mission: Intolerable

Johnny Impossible is a bad game. We'd be perfectly happy to leave the review at that sentence, as it does actually tell you everything you need to know, but Johnny Impossible is so interestingly bad that we need to say a lot more about it, if only to achieve some sort of closure. Having made his eShop debut in Johnny Kung Fu,...

News: ATV Wild Ride 3D Racing To 3DS eShop

ATV Wild Ride 3D Racing To 3DS eShop

North American and European releases confirmed

Co-founder of Renegade Kid Jools Watsham has revealed via Twitter that ATV Wild Ride 3D will be coming to the 3DS eShop in both North America and Europe. No official release date has been given for the stunt-pulling title. You can read our First Impressions on the game here. This isn't the only news...

Review: Mahjong 3D - Warriors of the Emperor (3DS eShop)

Mahjong 3D - Warriors of the Emperor (3DS eShop)

Not your 奶奶’s Mahjong

If you’ve ever played any iteration of Mahjong before, then there’s a good chance that you know how the tile-matching gameplay works. While the core experience remains unchanged, it’s what Mahjong 3D - Warriors of the Emperor does with the system that makes this one stand out. Rather than simply finding all of the...

News: Gunman Clive Will Have Glitches Fixed In The New Year

Gunman Clive Will Have Glitches Fixed In The New Year

Second boss crash woes to be addressed

3DS eShop title Gunman Clive has been discovered to have a few glitches that can cause it to crash. Fortunately though, developer Bertil Hörberg has responded to it and is working on a fix. In a post on NeoGAF, the developer wrote: As I suspected, the train boss bug is a command buffer overflow, which...

Review: 3D Game Collection (3DS eShop)

3D Game Collection (3DS eShop)

Win, lose, or draw?

Casual appeal and touch-screen controls have made Nintendo's recent handheld systems a perfect fit for digital collections of traditional games and puzzles, and that's the niche in which the rather generically named 3D Game Collection sits comfortably. With 25 games from Backgammon to Battleship, Solitaire to slide puzzles,...

Review: Gunman Clive (3DS eShop)

Gunman Clive (3DS eShop)

Mega Clive

When Gunman Clive was announced for the 3DS eShop, some smartphone gamers may have had their heads turned; one of the few complaints of the original release was controlling the gun-slinging hero with a virtual joystick and buttons. Here was an indie-game with a smart visual style and loving references to some of the classic platforming...

Review: escapeVektor (3DS eShop)

escapeVektor (3DS eShop)

Traces of greatness

Looking back to the release of escapeVektor: Chapter 1 just over a year ago, we're filled with conflicting emotions. We're glad, of course, because the game was fantastic, inexpensive, and thoroughly addictive. However we can't remember that game without being reminded of the fact that WiiWare never saw the rest of the series...

Developer Interview: Tomorrow Corporation on the First Days of the Wii U eShop

Tomorrow Corporation on the First Days of the Wii U eShop

It's Little Inferno just for Wii (U, and PC)

So, Little Inferno, what can be said about it? Our own review stated that "it's as much a sandbox or digital toy as it is a game", with the simple fact that the experience can basically be summarised as burning stuff. There's money to earn and collect, as well as puzzle combos to figure out, but it's a...

Developer Interview: WayForward Technologies on the First Days of the Wii U eShop

WayForward Technologies on the First Days of the Wii U eShop

High and Mighty

Californian developer WayForward Technologies is a long-time supporter of Nintendo and its hardware. Often noted for its proficiency with 2D, the company has worked on all manner of titles on several Nintendo platforms, from licenced games to its own original properties such as Shantae and the Mighty series. For the launch of the...

Review: Hydroventure: Spin Cycle (3DS eShop)

Hydroventure: Spin Cycle (3DS eShop)

Water way to go

2010 WiiWare title Hydroventure (or Fluidity as it was known in North America) was a fine example of how to harness the unique properties of a console’s hardware to deliver a refreshingly original experience. The water-based gameplay was accentuated by clever puzzles and hidden collectables, making it one of WiiWare’s undisputed...

Review: Gardenscapes (3DS eShop)

Gardenscapes (3DS eShop)

Hidden Horticulture

Who hasn't dreamed of leaving it all behind, of quitting the city and hopping a train to the glorious green of the countryside? Gardenscapes plays off of this desire, casting you as the young inheritor of your grandfather's country home and garden, now both sadly in disrepair. Restoring the once-beautiful garden will require some...

News: Mega Man 1 to 6 Blasting Onto 3DS Virtual Console

Mega Man 1 to 6 Blasting Onto 3DS Virtual Console

No need to be blue

In early November we reported that Capcom was aiming to bring the NES Mega Man games to the 3DS Virtual Console, and it's now been confirmed that this will be a reality. With all of the NES titles already released in Japan and the original Mega Man available on the European eShop, the time for North America to join in has now...

Review: Murder on the Titanic (3DS eShop)

Murder on the Titanic (3DS eShop)

Lost at Sea

Imagine, if you will, a tale of two young lovers aboard the infamous ship known as Titanic. The woman, young and from an affluent family, in love with a poor man working as a stoker deep within the bowels of the ship. Sound vaguely like a blockbuster film you’ve seen at least a dozen times? Now add a murder into the mix and a whole lot...