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  • Video Relive The Hype With This Japanese Smash 4 DLC Trailer

    Are you out (C)orrin?

    Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS & Wii U is a game that keeps on giving, but as we all know all good things come to an end eventually. As most of you are aware, we were presented with newcomer Cloud from the Nintendo Direct in November, and then with Corrin and Bayonetta from December's final Super Smash Bros. Direct...

  • News Minecraft Has Become the Ninth Best-Selling Game on the Japanese eShop

    A meteoric rise

    Rumours of Minecraft: Wii U Edition - and its subsequent release - happened rather quickly, but it was something that wasn't entirely surprising. The eShop already had its fair share of Minecraft clones and they'd proven that there was demand for that particular type of game on the console. While it's maybe a bit of a stretch to say...

  • News Circle Entertainment Claims That Nintendo of America Only Allows Up to Four Themes Per 3DS Game

    Maybe an attempt to promote variety?

    Though most updates to the 3DS just make the device even more stable than before, there have been rare occasions where new, major features were added, such as the introduction of Miiverse to the platform. Another major improvement was the addition of home screen themes, providing gamers with a way to customize...

  • News Monster Hunter X Has Outsold Monster Hunter 4G on the Japanese 3DS eShop

    In just three days

    As some of you may be aware, Monster Hunter X just launched in Japan only a few days ago. The follow up to last year's Monster Hunter 4G boasts a much more dynamic and fast paced combat system that should make most fights even more exciting and spectacular. While it's still not confirmed for the West, it's practically bound to...

  • News Nintendo Badge Arcade is Out Now in North America

    Get ready to start that collection

    If you're anything like this writer, you probably have heard about Nintendo Badge Arcade, but have no idea what it really is. Nintendo Badge Arcade is basically a free to play, virtual arcade game that's centered around the concept of collecting "badges". For $1 you get five shots at controlling a claw machine that...

  • News 3DS Added as Stretch Goal on Ghost Police Kickstarter

    Potential soundtrack to be composed by Shovel Knight Composer

    Many promising and interesting projects have been made possible only because of Kickstarter. The crowdfunding startup has help give shape to games such as Shovel Knight, Mighty No. 9, Yooka-Laylee, and many more. While it has become a popular spot for displaced industry veterans to raise...

  • Download 'Photos with Animal Crossing' for Nintendo 3DS (UK Only)

    We've got 5,000 download codes to give away...

    With Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer being one of the major 3DS retail releases of the year, Nintendo has been keen to get the franchise back onto the agenda. In the UK the company has been heavily promoting free 3DS app Photos with Animal Crossing, distributing it at Hyper Japan in London, on its...

  • News 3D Streets Of Rage 2 Arrives In North America July 16

    Take to the streets!

    Widely regarded as one of the best side-scrolling fighters ever created, the 1992 hit – Streets of Rage 2 – is set to be released locally in both North America and Europe as a part of the SEGA 3D Classics line this July. A new listing on the North American 3DS eShop has now revealed 3D Streets of Rage 2 will be arriving in...

  • News Keiji Inafune Would Still Be Interested in Making Mega Man Legends 3

    Just when you thought you'd forgotten!

    Keiji Inafune and his studio - Comcept - showed at this E3 that they've been quite busy as of late. With development of Mega Ma-, er, Mighty No. 9 wrapping up, it was revealed that the studio's now working on a brand new game called ReCore for Xbox One, with Armature studios co-developing. ReCore will be a...

  • News Never Alone Will Start Keeping North Americans Company on 25th June

    Snow kidding!

    Never Alone is a unique puzzle platformer with a rather fascinating development background. After collaborating with about forty members of a native Alaskan tribe, Upper One Games crafted a folklore inspired game about the journey of a girl and an arctic fox as they travel to find the source of an eternal blizzard. Playable in either...

  • News Surprise eShop Sale Discounts Up To 30% Off Dozens of Wii U and 3DS Titles 

    A treat for North Americans

    As part of their E3 celebration, Nintendo is rolling out a beefy selection of discounts available across the Wii U and 3DS eShop, encompassing a very strong collection of titles indeed. North Americans can save up to 30% off select games, which are based off some of Nintendo's biggest franchises as well as a decent...

  • News NES Sports Title Tecmo Bowl Rated By The Australian Classification Board

    Marks the title's Virtual Console debut in PAL regions

    The NFL arcade game originally developed by Tecmo in 1987 and ported to the NES in 1989 is expected to arrive soon on the Virtual Console in PAL regions after it was recently rated by the Australian Classification Board. This will be the first time Tecmo Bowl has been released in this region as...

  • News ​The Prices of the Remaining Physical Goods on Club Nintendo in North America Have Been Reduced

    Some are as much as 50% off!

    As most of you are aware, Club Nintendo's days are numbered. About a month ago, Nintendo announced that a new loyalty program would be replacing it later this year, with Club Nintendo set to shut down for good on 30th June. Shortly after the announcement was made, Nintendo made a plethora of new downloadable games and...

  • Video Here's Our Own Animal Crossing x Mario Kart 8 Showcase

    The Return of Baby Park

    Ladies and gentlemen, start your engines....again! The second DLC pack for Mario Kart 8 is here and it is a must-buy piece of downloadable content if ever there were one. Even if Animal Crossing isn't your cup of tea, there are plenty of reasons to be excited about this pack. How about another F-Zero track? Is Dry Bowser...

  • News Two Tribes’ Toki Tori Remake is Coming to the 3DS eShop

    How eggsciting

    A brief history on the development of Toki Tori. Toki Tori was a puzzle platformer originally launched on the Game Boy Color back in 2002 as a pseudo-remake of an MSX title called Eggbert, but it didn't sell too well due to being released late in the console's life. In 2008, Toki Tori was ported to Wiiware and was one of the first...

  • News Elliot Quest Developer Talks About a 3DS Port

    No plans yet, but the desire is there

    Several of you have already played Elliot Quest, the new side scrolling adventure game from Ansimuz Games that takes several design and gameplay cues from the likes of Zelda II and Kid Icarus. We awarded it an 8/10 in our review, citing minor performance issues and frustrating pacing as main issues. Whatever way...

  • News Gunman Clive 2 Developer Talks About a Possible Wii U Port and a Potential Third Entry

    “I think I will shake up the formula a bit more”

    Gunman Clive was one of those fun little games that had all the right ingredients of a success. A creative and interesting art style, tight gameplay inspired by classic side scroller games such as Mega Man, plenty of replayability, and a cheap price point helped it to stand out from the pack and...

  • News More Details Emerge on Mutant Mudds Super Challenge

    For super players only

    As we just recently reported, there's an incoming expansion to the 2012 eShop hit, Mutant Mudds. Mutant Mudds was a critically and commercially successful “12-bit" platformer that won the hearts of many with its inspired visuals, chiptune music and smart level design. Talented players that successfully managed to complete...

  • Video You NEED To Play Metroid Prime Trilogy

    Yes, you really do

    Metroid Prime Trilogy is finally here - no longer will you need to trawl eBay for highly priced retail copies, because now you can play three amazing games, in one package, for a much more affordable price. Until 5th February the price is downright outrageous, a promotional cost of $9.99 / €9.99 / £8.99; that's for one of the...

  • News Indie Title Holobunnies Fails to Make The Hop To Consoles

    But hey, there'll be a board game!

    Kickstarter can be a rather fickle beast. With a veritable sea of pending projects at any one time, making a particular endeavour stand out from the pack can be difficult; especially given the limited budgets and expertise that many aspiring developers have to work with. While there are many great success stories,...

  • Nintendo Download 6th November (Europe)

    Ultimate NES Remix, Mega Man, The Swapper and loads more

    It's time to brighten our Mondays with the European Nintendo Download Update, once again, and this week serves up a lot of options across the Wii U and 3DS. There are some new releases on both eShop platforms along with Virtual Console entries and plenty of discounts. There's a lot to get...

  • Nintendo Download 30th October (North America)

    Stealth Inc 2 and lots of spooktacular download goodies

    It's Nintendo Download news time, North America, and this week has some seriously tempting options on both Wii U and 3DS to test your eShop funds to the limit. Let's find out more! Missed the European Nintendo Download update earlier in the week? You must be crazy! Still, don't worry, the full...

  • News You Can Now Purchase Select Digital Titles on Nintendo's Official Site

    North America only at the moment

    Nintendo is moving with the times, and now it seems you can buy a selection of Nintendo-published titles straight from their official website. Games such as Hyrule Warriors, Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS, and Mario Kart 8 are among those that you can choose to purchase throug

  • Nintendo Download 9th October (North America)

    Bayonetta 2 demo, Pac-Man, Castlevania and lots of Petz gamez!

    It's that time again, North American gamers, with details of this week's Nintendo Download Update treats now here; no, we're not sure why there was a delay. Particularly pleasing is a high profile Wii U retail demo, while a bit of a GBA gem also lands on the home console. Let's get on...

  • Nintendo Download 18th September (North America)

    Smash Bros. demo, Theatrhythm Final Fantasy, Cooking Mama and SPIKEY WALLS!

    It's time once again for the Nintendo Download Update, North American gamers, and this week brings a variety of treats to the Wii U and 3DS. Let's get to it! Missed the Nintendo Download Update for Europe earlier in the week? No problem, all of the details are right here...

  • News Pokémon Art Academy to School North America on 24th October

    Now you can go Warhol with Wartortle

    Those of you in North America waiting to get your hands on Pokémon Art Academy finally have a date to put on your calendars, as Nintendo has dated the Pokémon-themed art instruction and sketching program for 24 October. Our own devastatingly handsome Conor McMahon gave the title an 8/10 in his review on its...

  • Interview Dan Adelman on the Indie Scene, the Nintendo Years and His New Venture

    Still in the indie's corner

    Dan Adelman's official job title at Nintendo of America used to be Head of Digital Content and Development, but in practice he was regarded by many as Nintendo's most recognisable ambassador for download and 'indie' games. Well known and liked among developers, he's widely attributed as helping to drive Nintendo towards...

  • Site News Check Out Nintendo Life's eShop Picks On Your Wii U And 3DS

    Recommended viewing

    Those of you with especially good memories will recall that Nintendo Life has been featured on the eShop twice in the past few years — back in 2011, we were asked by Nintendo of Europe to contribute a list of our favourite eShop titles, and a year later we supplied our red-hot summer picks for the North American eShop. We're...

  • News The Nintendo eShop Is Like Paradise, Says Image & Form's Brjann Sigurgeirsson

    "The gamers are REAL gamers who pay for quality"

    As we're all well aware, the Nintendo eShop isn't the only digital marketplace out there right now. Sony and Microsoft have their own storefronts for downloadable titles, and the iOS App Store and Google Play market offer developers to chance to reach millions of potential customers. However, for...

  • Competition Are You Fast Enough to Enter the SteamWorld Dig Perfect Run Contest?

    Be the best digger

    In the months following the release of the excellent SteamWorld Dig on the 3DS eShop, our friends at Image & Form have had varying reports from fans about how quickly were able to complete the game. Some of these were so impressive that they have even caused CEO Brjann Sigurgeirsson to question his own skill at playing the...

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    3DS eShop

    Review 101 Penguin Pets 3D

    These penguins might leave you cold

    When was the last time you met someone who distinctly disliked nature’s own best-dressed Antarctic fowl, the penguin? The answer is probably “never”, and Teyon is here to capitalize on that fact with its newest virtual pet product — 101 Penguin Pets 3D. Aimed directly at unsuspecting children and designed...

  • Video Let's Play DuckTales: Remastered - Episode II: The Amazon

    Let's try this again, shall we?

    If you've been keeping up with our Let's Play videos on YouTube, then you'd have seen that a certain Damien McFerran had recently pitted me against the trials and tribulations of DuckTales: Remastered on the Wii U eShop. With a decent amount of retro experience to my name, I felt fairly confident as I stepped up to t

  • Video Let's Play DuckTales: Remastered - Episode I: The Moon

    Getting to grips with the updated classic

    DuckTales: Remastered — WayForward's HD reimagining of the NES classic — is, according to Nintendo Life Editorial Director Damien McFerran, a very challenging game. Rory Cocker — a 20-year-old, nappy-clad baby of a gamer — is, according to Damien, relatively inexperienced and naive. You may have...

  • 10

    3DS eShop

    Review Wakedas

    Easy to learn, difficult to pronounce

    What if the Rubik’s Cube only had one side? It seems this question has kept the ironically named developers at CIRCLE Entertainment up all night, and those sleepless hours have resulted in a quality puzzle game that relaxes and taxes simultaneously. Wakedas is a straightforward affair that slowly ramps up the...

  • 13

    3DS eShop

    Review Tangram Style

    Lots of tangram, not much style

    The game of tangram has made the long journey from ancient China to your 21st century 3DS, and despite roughly one thousand years of technological improvement it’s still pretty much the same thing. Seven pieces of varying sizes and shapes must be crammed into a crude silhouette that may resemble a bird, a sailboat,...

  • News Don't Worry, Those Early Pikmin 3 Downloads Are Eligible For The Wonderful 101 Promotion

    Nintendo confirms details, pricing and Nintendo Network Points

    Last week we shared the happy news that eager European gamers could download Pikmin 3 early with GAME code purchases, which was great news for those planning to go the eShop retail route. Unfortunately, concern started to spread around the web when some Wii U Premium Pack system owners...

  • Soapbox Retail Games Cost Too Much To Download From The eShop

    Dazza lets off Steam about the cost to download

    Nintendo has to be applauded for fully embracing the digital age with the launch of the Wii U eShop. Most retail games are available for download from day one (well at least the ones I would consider buying anyway!) and for some, it’s a pretty convenient way to get the latest game. The 3DS has been...

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    3DS eShop / GG

    Review Columns

    Supporting a good time

    Way back in the days when video games in general were often referred to as 'Nintendo' games, a little gem called Tetris was packaged-in with the Game Boy, and it helped catapult the handheld to dominating heights. A couple of years later SEGA released the Game Gear, and in what can only be seen as an attempt to capitalize on...

  • News Nintendo Has Plans to Deliver "New Offers" In Download Stores

    Free-to-play and subscription-based services are on the agenda

    Following last week's annual financial results and the President's Presentation, Satoru Iwata faced the music in an investor Q&A to address important issues for Nintendo's prospective return to substantial profits. This was published promptly in Japanese, but we now have the official...

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    Review Puzzler World 2013

    Worldly goodness

    There’s a good chance that you already know whether or not you're going to purchase Puzzler World 2013. Whether it's because you’ve played a previous game in the series, you’ve read our review of the DS version – which is, for all intents and purposes, the same game – that released in Europe late last year, or if it’s...

  • 7


    Review Puzzler Brain Games

    Brain candy

    Like Nintendo’s Brain Age series, Puzzler Brain Games is a collection of daily brain training activities designed to stimulate the mind and keep you mentally alert. Though instead of feeling like a curriculum of exercises you’d learn in school, Brain Games is presented in a game show-like format and is a more light-hearted affair...

  • 24

    3DS eShop

    Review Crazy Construction

    More like Crazy FUN-struction

    On the surface, Crazy Construction sounds like the epitome of shovelware; a generic puzzle game that slaps together tired ideas and a dash of zany alliteration to garner enough sales to crank out the next one. Take a closer look, however, and you’ll discover a cleverly designed arcade-style title that boasts a fun,...

  • Interview Marc Franklin - Nintendo of America

    We chat with Nintendo's head PR honcho about 3DS, Earthbound and Zelda

    Between test drives of a selection of Nintendo's 2013 line-up, including The Legend of Zelda 3DS, Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D and Animal Crossing: New Leaf, we had the chance to catch up with Nintendo of America's PR wizard Marc Franklin to talk about w

  • 15

    3DS eShop

    Review Soccer Up 3D

    Own goal

    These days, soccer games tend to fall on one of two ends of a spectrum: there's the relatively realistic sports simulation found in annual FIFA and Pro Evolution Soccer instalments, and then there's the zany over-the-top action of the Super Mario Strikers and FIFA Street series. In the golden days of the Amiga, however, there were other...

  • Competition Winners Nintendo eShop Credit

    Are you one of the lucky few?

    If you're a Nintendo Life regular you'll know we ran a couple of Nintendo eShop Credit competitions over the past few weeks; all the votes have been counted and we've greased up our supercomputer to randomly select the winners, and they are: Competition 1) Win £100 of Nintendo eShop Credit! Winner of £100:...

  • Talking Point The Download or Disc Dilemma

    Do you download?

    In moving from the Wii Shop and DSi Shop to the Wii U eShop and 3DS eShop, Nintendo has shown a desire to compete head on with the Xbox, PlayStation and Steam online marketplaces and offer full retail downloads. It's amazing to think that downloads from the Wii Shop were limited to a meagre maximum of 40MB, yet now we can download...

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    3DS eShop

    Review Lola's Math Train

    I choo-choo-choose you!

    Lola’s Math Train, the follow-up to the pleasantly surprising Lola’s Alphabet Train, isn’t quite a game as much as it’s a learning application. In this instalment Lola, the jubilant panda, is here to help kids learn about math, numbers and logical problem solving through various interactive challenges. This is a...

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    Wii U eShop / NES

    Review Punch-Out!! Featuring Mr. Dream

    Heavy Hitter

    Boxing is a fascinating sport. Two human beings enter the ring, then skilfully and tactfully beat the tar out of one another using nothing but their own gloved fists. It’s the perfect fodder for a video game, and that’s exactly why the Punch-Out!! series is such a classic. Originally released in North America as Mike Tyson's...

  • News Australian 3DS eShop Gets New Region Specific Section

    Great news for homegrown indie developers

    Australian gamers have a new way to find and support indie developers from their home country, as the 3DS eShop Down Under — and throughout Europe as the "Developed in Australia" shelf — has been given a region-specific section listing all aussie-made games. There are currently 14 titles available in...

  • Rumour eShop Developers No Longer Required To Have A Physical Office

    Dan Adelman drops a hint on Twitter

    One of the early rules put in place by Nintendo for developers on its digital platforms was the need for a physical office - a move which was no doubt intended to ensure a certain "quality" of developer. However, since the days of WiiWare the playing field has shifted - the number of professional coders...